Sendgrid Review, Pricing, Support, and Expert Services

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Email marketing remains one of the most important tools in digital promotion. Email solutions can help you reach your target audience at the right time during the buying process. Email can keep your brand top-of-mind amongst a sea of competitors.

Problem is? The problem? There are many companies that offer email marketing solutions to businesses. We’ll be focusing on SendGrid, which is one of the most popular products.

SendGrid helps marketers and developers create email marketing campaigns. This solution can be used for email delivery, transactional email, campaign management and audience engagement. You’ll quickly be able to build better customer relationships thanks to A/B testing and list management.

SendGrid offers many ways to get involved, including accessing the SMTP API if your are a developer or using the all-in one email marketing platform.

Let’s take an in-depth look at the possibilities with SendGrid.

What is SendGrid?

SendGrid’s 2009 launch has seen a huge growth. This email marketing platform aims to help all types of people get better email experiences. SendGrid is the perfect tool for you, whether you are a marketer, a developer, or the CEO, to help you achieve your goals.

SendGrid offers a unique choice for business leaders today, because it has more features than other platforms. SendGrid excels at sending automated transactional email, and it offers expert guidance and support. The API allows you to create custom solutions.

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SendGrid has some outstanding features, including:

  • You can customize APIs with power
  • Emails that are responsive and work everywhere
  • Reports to gain insight into performance and deliverability
  • Access to high-volume email marketing campaigns
  • SMS marketing is also available
  • Automated transactional email
  • There are more support engineers and experts than any other person

SendGrid Pros

SendGrid is a leading provider of email marketing solutions and has received a lot positive attention from satisfied customers. Many customers have written glowing reviews about the SendGrid platform and API. These benefits include:

  • SendGrid, which supports customers such as Pinterest and Spotify in transactional email marketing, is the dominant competitor.
  • Both beginners and seasoned email marketers will find great support. You will find tons of videos, guides and chat support to help you get started.
  • SendGrid offers amazing analytics and report functionality. It allows you to see who marked messages as spam and which emails were delivered. You can also view what data is available.
  • You can experiment with many different email types, including transactional emails and newsletters that are tailored to your customer’s buying path.
  • You can send as many as 6,000 emails per month to up to 2,000 contacts with no cost. You can also get an API option for a free tier.
  • SendGrid provides an API that makes it easy to create custom experiences for email marketing.
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SendGrid Cons

SendGrid is a great product for some customers but it will not appeal to all. This product has some drawbacks that could cause you to look elsewhere for email marketing functionality. Take this example:

  • SendGrid has experienced issues with delivery in the past. Some companies were unable to obtain the best rates.
  • It might be more difficult for someone without technical skills to customize or enhance SendGrid.
  • SendGrid does not have a testing or sandbox so that you can try out integrations, if you use the API functionality.

SendGrid Pricing

SendGrid has many features and functionality that you should consider before making a decision on whether or not to use the platform. Let’s first take a look at the cost of SendGrid.

First, you need to know that SendGrid has two pricing strategies. The first is for developers and the second is for marketers. Let’s take a look at each option.

Marketing Campaigns

SendGrid’s biggest advantage is the fact that you can get started with a completely free plan. You can send up to 6000 emails per month and support up to 2000 contacts. However, you won’t have dedicated IP access and certain features are not available.

Upgrade to the Basic plan to get more functionality and features. This starts at $15 per monthly. The price of each premium plan will vary depending on how many contacts you store and how many emails you send each month.

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Let’s take a closer look at each option:

  • Free: 2,000 contact and 6,000 emails per Month: Design and code editing; A/B testing; 1 signup form, access one teammate; segmentation, ticket support, automation and 3 email testing credits.
  • Basic: Starts from $15 per Month: All the features of a free account, including 5 signup forms and actionable insights. You also get 10 email testing credits and ticket and chat support.
  • Advanced: Starts from $60 per month: All features of Basic plus 1,000 teammates, dedicated IP addresses, 60 email credits, automated for your emails, chat tickets, and phone support.

The API plans for SendGrid are on the other side. These plans are for developers who wish to integrate email functionality in existing tools and solutions. There’s also a free plan that will get you started, with lots of features but no email validation, sub-user management or dedicated IPs.

Each API plan starts at a fixed price. However, the cost will increase based on the number of emails you send each month.

There are several options for the API plan:

  • No cost: The email marketing plan costs $0 per month and includes APIs, SMTP Relay and webhooks. It also includes ticket support, ticket editing, delivery optimization and analytics.
  • Essentials$14.95/month up to 50,000 emails or $29.95/month between 50,000- 100,000 emails. All features included in the free plan.
  • Pro: $85.95/month up to 200,000 email, $249/month from 250,000 to 600,000. emails, $449/month up to 1,300,000. emails or $749/month from 1,300,000. to 1.5 million emails Essential includes all the features, plus a dedicated IP and ticket system, as well as phone and chat support.
  • Premier:Custom pricing that includes all the features of Pro as well as 5,000 email validation and priority support.
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SendGrid will add a small fee to your bill if you send more emails than your plan allows or exceed the amount you have paid.

SendGrid Features

We now have a better idea of the pricing for SendGrid. SendGrid’s unique feedback loop, custom API integration and email template engine are some of the key features that make it stand out among other email marketing solutions.

SendGrid allows you to manage your email reputation and set DKIM capabilities. You can also use the SMTP relay, suppression lists management and unsubscribe tracking. Some users have 24/7 chat and phone support. Let’s take a look at some of the available features.

SendGrid Email Marketing Features

SendGrid’s email marketing section is here to help you with all your email marketing needs. Either you can use a library of responsive templates to build your campaigns or create your own. You can choose between HTML or drag and drop email design. This is great for all types of businesses. You can even use both options at once.

SendGrid allows you to easily create automation flows with a complete design system that delivers some of the most impressive results on the market. Automate repetitive emails and create high-impact automation strategies. Some of the features include:

  • SendGrid makes it easy to automate your emails. SendGrid gives you a central view of all messages received and allows you to create drip series that are time-based. You can also measure and optimize the results.
  • Deliveryability: SendGrid allows you to optimize your deliverability results by using dedicated IP addresses and custom domains. Get deliverability support from many experts and benefit from partnerships with top Inbox service providers.
  • Team Management: If you need to manage all of your team members from one place, you can. You can manage the design of marketing and transactional emails from one location, as well as reporting visibility to the entire email experience.
  • Email activity history You can easily check what is happening with your email campaigns by having 30 day of email activity history.
  • Additional dedicated IP Address: Traffic can be distributed across dedicated IP addresses in order to build a stronger sender reputation, and improve deliverability.
  • Email marketing automation Get a variety of automated recurring email campaigns or create your own drip series in just a few seconds.
  • Signup forms You can create forms to collect customer information and then add it to your marketing campaigns. Double opt-in is possible.
  • Email testing Verify that your email is working correctly with inbox rendering previews and link validation.
  • List Management: Send the right messages to people with segmented customer lists.
  • Email statistics With analytics that allow for more data-driven decisions, you can track the performance of each email.
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SendGrid offers a powerful level in deliverability optimization, expertise and scalability to companies looking to quickly enhance and grow their email marketing strategies.

You can create your email from scratch using the built-in templates or use existing designs already in SendGrid. You can choose the intended audience for your campaign and run A/B tests to determine if there are any performance issues.

SendGrid Email Platform Features

The SendGrid platform promises a better customer experience if you go all out. The Platform allows you to centralize all your email communications and gives you a better understanding of your customer journey.

It is easy to use the intuitive interface to coordinate communications via promotional and transactional emails. To delight your audience, you can create custom templates that reflect your brand. With extensive analytics and insight, you can also monitor how your campaigns perform.

This platform gives companies more control. They can track their entire email program and collaborate with other team members to develop sales and marketing strategies.

These features include:

  • Team collaboration It’s easier for customers to have amazing experiences when all members of your team are able to work together. SendGrid is a complete email program that allows cross-team collaboration. SendGrid allows you to manage your templates for marketing and transactional emails from one place, and collaborate on troubleshooting strategies.
  • Get complete insights: Monitor the ROI of all your email campaigns, organize and manage customer categories, and collaborate with teams to develop strategies that lead to more profitable results.
  • Inbox delivery: SendGrid guarantees industry-leading inbox delivery rates. You have access to experts who can assist with compliance and delivery optimization. You can also access ISP monitoring and outreach, dedicated IP assistance, and best practices guidance.
  • Scalability Send thousands of emails with no need to manage your email infrastructure. SendGrid’s distributed cloud-based email platform is reliable and meets all SOC 2 type 2 certification requirements.
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SendGrid API Features

SendGrid’s unique feature is its access to an email API. This allows developers to build a customized communication strategy that fits the business’s needs.

Users can do much more with the API solution than they can with standard SaaS email providers like MailChimp. You can send billions of emails each month to targeted customers through the API. Twilio API allows you to connect your email marketing with SMS advertising, allowing for a wider reach.

The SendGrid API solutions were designed by developers for developers. They allow small businesses to achieve more with their campaigns. The SendGrid API features include quick troubleshooting and an intuitive interface for data analysis. You have the flexibility to design the way you want with the RESTful APIs available and a variety of programming languages. If you have any questions, there is plenty of support available.

SendGrid explains that you can send excellent email campaigns using custom DKIMs, SPF records and dedicated IP addresses through the API. You can also get consultation from delivery experts and partnerships with providers such as Microsoft and Gmail.

Developers working together get one platform that allows them to interact simultaneously. SendGrid’s email API offers the following:

  • Dynamic Templates : Email templates that include conditional formatting and HTML rendering. API calls are available to access these templates.
  • Email validation API – Get real-time information to identify issues with addresses and reduce bounces.
  • SMTP – Send emails using a top cloud-based SMTP provider for easy integration and flexible email environments.
  • Email Testing: Send your emails with inbox rendering and link validity. This will improve performance against spam filters.
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What else is available?

SendGrid is committed to providing effective experiences for all businesses. This could be the right email service provider for you if you are looking for a reliable and fast delivery system, as well as support for your subscribers. SendGrid allows you to create contact lists and segment your subscribers in order to increase your credit card transaction chances.

You can still rely on your email delivery to reach as many customers as possible, even if you send bulk emails. SendGrid makes it easy to send email and gives you the tools necessary for monitoring key metrics like open rates and engagement. SendGrid is more than just a tool for creating great emails using Mailgun and Mandrill.

Additional features include:

  • Integrated Email Test:User-friendly email test means that you can send as many email as Uber without any problems and check for spammy content as you like.
  • Dedicated IP You don’t need to use your own mail server in order to appear professional. To avoid being accused of spammers in a network, you get your own IP address.
  • Email validation API: You can check your email list for invalid, inactive or mistyped messages. This reduces your bounce rate.

The SendGrid system comes with powerful reporting, as you would expect from any top email marketing platform. This allows you to see how your emails are performing. You can view information such as the number of delivered emails. It is possible to check historical and real-time metrics, view unique open rates, clicks, as well as check unsubscribes.

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You can easily see how your email features are affecting your audience with the help of comprehensive reporting. Logging into your SendGrid account is all you have to do to send spam reports to other collaborators.

SendGrid makes it easy to share metrics with colleagues without having to take a picture. All users have access to information and can reset passwords from the same platform. You can use your analytics to compare mailbox providers and see the advantages of using a shared IP. You can also analyse prospects using detailed audience information.

Sharing information with shareholders can be made easy by using custom reports and data export support.

SendGrid Customer Support and Services

SendGrid offers Expert services. It is one of very few email providers that offer expert services.

This means that you can receive support from experts who can help improve your impact on customers. Expert Service gives you access to a vast data set of over 70 billion emails per month. Experts who have supported some of the most recognizable brands in the world will provide guidance, while the SendGrid team boasts over 130 years combined experience.

SendGrid provides guidance and support for all aspects of your email marketing strategy. You can select the assistance that is most appropriate for you. A startup looking to start email marketing can receive setup help, while an experienced user can get assistance with their email program analysis and potential problems. SendGrid can help with:

  • So you can build your email strategy correctly the first time
  • Deliverability problems solved and you get to the inbox
  • Email analytics and the presentation of information in an easily digestible format
  • Consultation with experts who have more than 130 years experience
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SendGrid also offers support through various resources. You can access a comprehensive knowledge centre to find the answers to your most common questions. You can check your email provider’s status at any time by visiting the status page. There are also tons of guides and blogs available.

Videos, podcasts and webcasts offer a wealth of information for those who want to get more assistance.


SendGrid is an excellent product that anyone can use to benefit from email marketing. SendGrid is a powerful tool for anyone who wants to use email marketing.

SendGrid support has unparalleled quality. Expert guidance is available for any questions you may have. To expand the capabilities of the platform, you can also access plugin integrations such as Twilio and Zapier.

SendGrid is a great addition to your social media marketing strategy and content marketing plan. It helps you get powerful results from your SMS and email messaging campaigns. Your strategy can be connected to LinkedIn or other channels.

You can also have your own support team, which works in the same platform, and tools that help you avoid spam when you contact your customers. SendGrid is a very popular platform.