Shopify Debut Theme Review, Examples, and Customization

Do you know the Shopify Launch theme? This article will provide you with a lot of information to help you choose the right theme for your shop.

The theme is often considered to be the website’s face. If you want your website attract more visitors, then it must have a pleasant face. If everything is too cluttered or flashy, customers will quickly overlook your website.

The Debut theme is a wonderful choice. Although it is simple, it looks stunning and captivating. Below Shopify Debut Template Review: Is this the right theme? to find out more.

About the Shopify Debut theme

What is Shopify Debut?

The name Debut is a great choice for businesses and stores who have just launched online, particularly , the excellent e-commerce platform Shopify.

This theme is free, and that’s what makes it so appealing. The Debut theme is a lot more than you would expect, especially when compared to other free themes. The Debut theme stands out amongst the many themes on Shopify. It has a simple appearance. The design is simple but makes visitors feel professional and unique. Customers will be able to feel at ease browsing your site with this theme’s clean design.

My personal opinion is that the Debut theme is completely free and a great deal for new stores. It may not have been fully invested in technology because it is a completely free theme. The grid system cannot support certain classes unless they are added by you. The responsive theme is still not fully updated and there are some problems. Some users of the Debut theme reported that the slideshow photo could sometimes not be displayed correctly.

The Debut theme comes with two layouts, the Default and Light. You can use them both for your store. These layouts will give your website a professional look. The Default layout is the most appealing for the first time.

The Light layout works well with all stores to create a gentle and graceful appearance. These layouts will make your product stand out and more appealing. You can show your customers the best products with debut themes.

Shopify’s Debut Theme Styles

The Debut theme comes in two styles, the Default and Light. This section will discuss each type in greater detail.

The default theme style

The default theme style does not have a banner at the top. Your brand name can be placed in the upper left. You can also place links to your website in the middle of your screen.

Below the slider, you can add item images and prices. You can also replace the slider with normal photos to enhance your brand.

To extend the screen’s width, you can add more images. To help customers track similar products, be sure to include specific collections. This will increase your sales.

The Light Theme Style

This style is different from the default style. It allows you to place a notice or a small banner at the top of your page. This allows you to inform customers about a special offer, such as a discount or free shipping. Your customers will quickly notice the promotional information and will be motivated to shop on your site.

This is where you can create a section that showcases products from specific collections or products you wish customers to see. This allows you to promote products on trend or resolve inventory problems.

A new set of sliders could be used to show products with attractive and eye-catching images. An embedded video is also a smart choice. It will be available on your website whenever someone visits it. It will help customers if it is a video tutorial. It could be an inspiring video for your customers.

You will display your beautiful collections in the last spot.

Shopify Debut theme features

Predictive Search

Search predictions allow customers to locate the products and information they are looking for. Customers are shown a prediction based on several factors, such as their search history, connection activity or popularity of the search term. These links are quick and help customers to quickly search for the product page.


This unique feature allows users to create slideshows using their images. It also offers professional motion effects. This feature allows you to create a stunning slideshow for your home page.

Testimonials from customers

Customer testimonials help marketers “fix any unsupported marketing requirements” that might appear on their site. A testimonial serves to back up all claims that we make about our products and services. Customer testimonials can be used to market your products effectively and increase customer trust in them.

Filtering of products

How can you manage hundreds of products on your website? Each product has different sizes, colors, and prices . This makes it very difficult for you and your salespeople, as well as a nuisance to customers. Customers will soon become dissatisfied if they are unable to filter and find the exact same product or manufacturer. This feature is vital for your store. Customers can filter products easily by type. Customers can filter products by price or bestseller on the collection page.

Video homepage

An engaging video can be created to tell your story. This helps you communicate your brand and draws more people to your site. This can be done by using Youtube or Vimeo videos. These videos could be promotional videos, which can also be used as TVC commercials or short films. The brand you wish to reach customers the best depends on its content and purpose.

Product suggestions

This theme lets you showcase your amazing products on product pages and encourage customers to buy. These products could be popular, top-selling, or promoted products. These products can be displayed to increase sales and profit. It can also help customers save time when choosing products. These products must have attractive images that are clear and easy to see in order to draw your customers.

Made for small catalogs

This feature is one of the many benefits that debut stores have. This feature is very important for debut stores because they often only have a few products when they launch.

Banner promotion

This feature can be used to display banners advertising or promotions . This feature is widely used to attract customers. These banners can be of various sizes and include images, videos, or animations. They convey the message and essence of a business to the viewers. This has a huge impact on the growth of the business. This allows you to build your brand, reach customers, and increase sales. It gives you a flexible, long-term and effective way to market your store.

The Shopify Debut theme is a great choice for Shopify stores.

Are you concerned that customers won’t buy your product or that the products available are not appealing to them? This is where a useful theme such as the Debut theme can help. Even if you have only a few products, your store will still look amazing. It will look great even if you have a lot of products. You will also find a few reasons why Shopify Stores love Debut themes.

Magnifying glass

This feature is crucial in customers’ purchase decisions. These customers are very meticulous and want to be able to see the product images clearly when they shop. This feature is especially useful for customers who can tell if the product’s material is good or bad. You can also sell small items or products with many details, such as crafts and art. Although it may seem simple, this feature is extremely beneficial for both the customer and you.

An example of a non-zoomed product can be seen below. It will look confusing to customers. A magnifier’s location is typically on the homepage, where you can add details or prices.

This is where the customer can zoom in on the product by hovering over it. You would prefer to view the product in greater detail.


We all know that every store must have a mobile-friendly theme. This will allow you to reach more customers and avoid being penalized by Google. Google will rank stores higher if they are mobile-friendly and responsive. Google could impose fines for stores that are not responsive and mobile-friendly. This smart feature is available to you.

Debut themes are able to detect when a customer uses a mobile phone and switch to mobile mode automatically. Your customers will no longer have to worry about being redirected directly to the browser with the Debut theme.

Icons of social media

A social network icon can help people follow you quicker and is the most convenient and fast way to do this. It doesn’t take up much space so you can place it wherever you want without having to alter your website layout. This feature is easy to use and takes very little time. It is an easy way to increase brand recognition and engagement by adding social media icons to your site.


You can add standout blog entries to the homepage or up to 3 unique stories to provide guidance to your customers or share tips and inspiring stories. Your marketing efforts will be greatly enhanced by blogs. Engaging content will make your store more popular and increase the number of customers who visit it. The maximum number of entries that you can display on your homepage is three.


If you have a physical store, this feature lets you upload a map. Customers who are able to locate your physical store from the map will find it useful. This map feature will be a hit with customers who are meticulous and enjoy the authentic shopping experience. This feature not only improves customer experience but also increases customer trust.

Shopify Debut Theme Customization

Shopify’s Debut theme is sleek and simple. It’s beautiful and easy to use. Debut’s topic, as the title implies, is a great choice for entrepreneurs and stores that are just starting out in the eCommerce industry.

Debut Shopify Theme allows you to showcase your products in a grid-like masonry style that highlights specific products when you hover over them.

Debut was a great choice for your Shopify store theme. You’ve made amazing progress in creating your store!

Are you looking for a Shopify professional to customize the Debut Shopify theme

Why should you opt-in to customize the Debut theme?

  • Shopify’s design specialists will redesign the theme to generate more leads
  • Mobile theme
  • No hidden charges
  • Complete fresh design
  • Expedient check-ups

Shopify Debut Theme Examples

Through detailed content, we have gained insight into the Debut theme. You can’t wait for the Debut theme to be used. These are some examples of stores that used the Debut theme as the face of their store.

Cutie Patootie Custom Co

Shopify sells a wonderful range of children’s clothes, accessories, and gifts. Visit Cutie Patootie Custom Co now.

Flow Hive US

The honey products manufactured by this Shopify store are made of high-quality materials. The store also sells brood boxesers, bee suits, spare parts and smokers. Visit Flow Hive Us today.

Newton Supply Co.

The bags manufactured by this Shopify store are made with durable, high-quality materials. This keeps the fashion trend alive. Visit Newton Supply Co. right now.

Bullie and Co.

These high-quality dog chains are perfect for pit bulls and can be purchased at this Shopify store. Check Bullie and Co. right now.

Rustic Furniture Depot

Shopify sells furniture such as bedroom furniture, living room furniture and dining room furniture. Visit Rustic Furniture Depot today.

Final thoughts

These reviews are for Shopify’s Debut theme by Avada. This topic is 47% rated in Shopify’s online store. This theme is elegant and beautiful, but it has limitations, especially in the technical section. Sometimes, the image may not be displayed as the customer and you expected. Customers may find this frustrating. We all know that the Debut theme costs money, so it is not a problem. This theme is great for new stores that don’t have much capital.