Shopify Dropshipping in Saudi Arabia with Top Companies

What is Shopify’s role in Saudi Arabia?

In essence, Shopify is a subscription-based eCommerce development platform that allows you to set up your online store and sell your products to virtually anyone in the world from Saudi Arabia. Shopify gives you the tools you need to quickly set up an online store. Shopify is the perfect platform for you as you explore the online selling market in Saudi Arabia. It allows you to create a shop, showcase your products in the most attractive ways, interact with customers, accept multiple payment options, select the best shipping carriers, and promote your products all from one place. Shopify’s platform is a facilitator that simplifies the selling of products online.

Shopify Saudi Arabia allows you to sell your products by creating an account. You can then design Shopify stores with a variety of premium and free themes. Add your business details and choose a payment plan. Select your shipping method and begin adding products to your Shopify shop. To reach the right audience, make sure to promote your products correctly!

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Shopify in Saudi Arabia will immediately process payment when a customer places an online order. After that, you can process the order to arrange shipping so that the customer receives it. You can see real-time data about your customers and their order status from the dashboard. Shopify offers a variety of eCommerce features that allow you to create your online store and gain key insights about your customers.

You can either sell products from suppliers that hold inventory and ship products for you, or, if you are a maker with handcrafted items, put them on your Shopify shop. You can also sell memberships, consultations and digital products.

How do you create an online Shopify store in Saudi Arabia?

Shopify – Sign up

You must first create an account at Shopify. Click the Shopify “Get Started” button and fill in your email address, password, store name, and personal contact details. Next, register a domain. You have the option to either keep your current “myshopify” domain, or connect a custom domain you already own.

Modify settings

You should customize the settings of your store at this point to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

You can create payment options and choose from multiple forms of payments such as credit cards, Google Pay and Shopify Pay. It is also important to customize the checkout process. Automated reminder emails can be used to reduce abandonment of shopping carts. At checkout, you can ask customers to sign up for your newsletter. You can manage shipping rates, define shipping careers, print packaging slips and integrate your store with distributors. Shopify automatically calculates taxes based upon the current sales tax rates. However, it is a good idea to research the tax requirements specific to your area and adjust the default rates accordingly. You can also integrate your shop with social media channels such as Amazon and eBay if you want to sell products on multiple channels.

Shopify theme of your choice

It is now time to create your Shopify Store. Shopify offers a wide range of premium and free themes. Drag-and-drop makes it easy to modify your store’s design without having to change any code. Any section can be edited, rearranged, hidden, or removed from any theme. You can also change the fonts, color scheme, Homepage slides and Homepage carousel slides. Add featured products and related item functionality. Add logos and branding elements.

Add Products

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shopify dropshipping store set up

An online store is nothing if it doesn’t have anything to sell. Now it is time to click on Products > Add Product and begin adding products to your online store. It is important to tailor your products using the content you create. Share the relevant information for each product page. This includes dimensions, weight, features and a catchy description that highlights benefits and highlights incentives. High-quality photos and videos are essential to show your products in their best light. Shopify’s pricing section contains three fields: price and compare at price. The cost per item field is the third. If you have a product that is currently on sale, enter the real price in the second field. The price section will contain the discounted price.

Congratulations! You just created your first Shopify eCommerce shop!

How do I hire Shopify developers in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia currently has 1,267 Shopify sites. If you are looking to hire Shopify experts in Saudi Arabia, you can contact Shopify app development Saudi Arabia companies to help you out. You can also hire Shopify developers as freelancers through sites like Fiverr and upwork. You can also search the Shopify Experts directory for registered experts in your area. Shopify Meetups are another way to meet developers face-to-face. Before you close the deal, make sure to research all available Shopify developers. You can find reviews and testimonials on industry forums as well as Reddit or Quora. After you have narrowed down your list of developers, meet with them to discuss their expertise in Shopify development. Also, you can see similar Shopify websites they have created in Saudi Arabia for other stores. You can also find out if their prices are within your budget.

Best Shopify Payment Gateway Saudi Arabia and Customer Experience?

Saudi Arabia Shopify has partnered up with many international payment providers in order to help each vendor’s sales efforts. Your customers can pay in their native currency with their preferred payment method. 2Checkout, 2Checkout Plus, Atome and Amazon Payment Services are some of the most popular Shopify payment gateways in Saudi Arabia.

Shopify Customer Service Support in Saudi Arabia?

Shopify Help Center is available 24/7 to assist you if you have any questions or are having trouble using Shopify in Saudi Arabia. Shopify’s support team is available by phone, email, live chat, Facebook support and live chat. They are available 7 days a year, 24 hours a days. Shopify also offers a community forum that provides answers to most user problems and issues. For a faster response, you can also call them at 1 (855) 816 3857

What is the cost of Shopify in Saudi Arabia?

Shopify Basic is $29 per month (and 2.9% + 30C/per transaction). Shopify’s main plan is $79 per month (and 2.6% + $30C/per transaction). Advanced Shopify costs $299 per month and 2.4% + 30C/per transaction. Shopify Lite is $9 per month and the fully hosted Shopify Plus platform, which is designed for large merchants and high-volume businesses, starts at $2,000 per monthly. You can save 10% and 20% if you select 1-year or 2-year plans.

What is Dropshipping in Saudi Arabia

Dropshipping is a way to sell products online. Dropshipping is a great way for entrepreneurs to get started with their store. Dropshipping in Saudi Arabia basically means that you sell products from third party suppliers. They manage the inventory and ship products for you. Dropshipping in Saudi Arabia means that you pay wholesale prices to suppliers and control the price your customers see on your Shopify store. Dropshipping offers beginners an opportunity to try out new products without the need to purchase and pay upfront.

What is a Trade License in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia requires all businesses to be registered in order to operate a business. All businesses must have a plan and vision. This registration is required to form companies for business. Before you can open an online business in Saudi Arabia, you must obtain an online business license from the Saudi Arabian general investor authority.

Do Shopify Dropshipping and Saudi Arabia require Trade Licensing?

Yes. To be able dropship products in Saudi Arabia, dropshipping companies must obtain a trade licence. Drop Shipping products to Saudi Arabia by businesses that do not have a license could be subject to a heavy fine.

How do I acquire a trade license for Shopify dropshipping in Saudi Arabia

You will need to apply for a Trade License in Saudi Arabia for Shopify Dropshipping. The articles of association and notarization must be submitted to the appropriate authorities for authorization. This can take up to three working days. Open a bank account and obtain a Business Location License (from the municipality) and register it at the post office. You will receive your certificate of registration after paying the registration fee. Pay the required chamber of commerce membership fee and register with Ministry of Labor.

Shopify vs. Saudi Arabia Stripe: Which one is better?

Both Shopify and Stripe are both popular eCommerce platforms in Saudi Arabia. However, it is up to you to decide which platform suits your needs. Stripe is best for entrepreneurs looking for a flexible and customizable payment solution. Stripe allows you to bill customers, accept ACH payments, and take online payments via invoice. Shopify Payments is currently only available in 15 countries, while Stripe works in 36.


Is it legal in Saudi Arabia to sell online?

Saudi Arabia makes it illegal for expatriates in Saudi Arabia to run a home-based online business. This type of business should be avoided by expatriates unless they have registered the business with the ministry and obtained the appropriate trade license.

Do I need to have a license for Shopify Saudi Arabia?

Shopify doesn’t require you to hold a business license to sell on Shopify. However, Shopify requires you to get a Trade License for Shopify Dropshipping in Saudi Arabia to start your Dropshipping Shopify Business.

To sell on Shopify Saudi Arabia, do I need a tax ID?

You will need to input your tax details when you set up Shopify Payments and create Shopify stores. You will need to submit a tax ID regardless of the nature or business. You can also enter your Social Insurance Number (SIN) if you are sole proprietor but don’t have a tax identification.

Saudi Arabia: Is Shopify Dropshipper Business a success?

Dropshipping is still profitable in Saudi Arabia, despite what many believe. Dropshipping is a low-risk venture that allows entrepreneurs to start their own business. Dropshipping can also be scaled with an average profit margin of 15% to 20%. Dropshippers can make up to $100,000 a year by running a successful dropshipping business.

Are there regulations for dropshipping in Saudi Arabia?

No. Dropshipping in Saudi Arabia is a great way to avoid corporate compliance issues and the same laws that are common for physical businesses. Dropshipping branded products can lead to legal problems depending on the supplier.

Do I need to register as a business license holder for drop shipping in Saudi Arabia

Yes. You will need a trade license to engage in trading activities in KSA. An e-commerce licence is required for dropshipping businesses.

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shopify dropshipping store set up