Best Supplement Companies that Dropship from USA & UK

Best Supplement Dropshipping Suppliers in the US/UK

In this post, I will share with you the best supplement supplier’s dropshipping in China, USA and UK. The tips and tricks will also be found in the dropshipping supplement dropshipping industry.

In the first part, you will see a dropship complement to certain advantages.

In the second part, I ‘m going to include a list of dropshipper products in the USA and UK.

In the final part, there are some tips and tricks for choosing the right dropshipping supplement vendors, selling the supplement online and Q&As in the dropship supplement industry.

Let’s get started, then…

Why Dropship Fitness Supplement Online?

The market for supplements is booming. Currently, its market cap is close to $82 billion, and in the past few years, global online revenues have seen a decline.

While people are becoming increasingly aware of techniques for health improvement and optimization, their interest in products that can decelerate the ageing process is also on a dangerous path.

A glance at Instagram, and listening to some of the most popular podcasts in the world, shows that medicinal and dietary supplements are essential to global wellness trends.

This massive demand for nutritional and medical supplements has created a niche in the industry for a wide array of products.

Bodybuilding and weight loss supplements have become increasingly common, as have supplements for appearance, brain function and overall energy.

Supplements can be easily found to support anybody function. And that effectively means that aspiring dropshippers have plenty of opportunities to enter this space.

Despite dropshipping opportunities improving over the years, in hopes of making it big, several players have joined the industry. And indeed, many of them struck the right chords with their sales flourishing to new heights.

Let’s have a quick look at the top dropshippers in the worldwide vitamin industry.

Health Supplement to US Dropshipping Suppliers

Superior Supplement Manufacturing

U.S. Superior Supplement Manufacturing offers a wide range of tablets, capsules, soft gels, liquids, powders, and custom formulas for people at different developmental stages.

They also supply label design and custom packaging and work for both large and small orders. The primary categories developed by this company include anti-ageing products, weight loss, sports nutrition, detox, anti-oxidants, multi-vitamins, and more.

We also sell several packaging choices, including PET bottles, cups, bowls, folding cartons, packers and more.

Vita Supplement Source

Vita Supplement Source is among the most common supplement private label suppliers in the US. The company regularly introduces high-quality dietary supplements to the market and continues to diversify its product lines to include innovative formulations, creative packaging designs and select dosage types.

The company is actively following its aim of supplying both small and large orders of items ranging from scrubs, lotions, gels, creams, and medical supplies. We conduct regular cross-checking and follow the latest developments and changes to ensure the highest quality standards for all their work.

4 Organics Supplement Dropshipping Supplier

4 Organics has had nutritional and medical supplements dropshipped for over 15 years. They encourage businesses to become openly associated with them and even gain a high-profit margin of 40 per cent.

The company supplies a variety of products for different categories, such as energy and diet, health and wellness, sleep and mood, and memory and brain.

4 Organics aims to manufacture and distribute items that are of great importance to people’s lives, from tablets to powders and creams. The organization specializes in studying, developing, formulating and selling dietary products for general and particular conditions.


One of the most accessible dropshipping companies in the US, Nutrigains has a wealth of experience in the field with top-notch customer support and high-class product sourcing.

Retailers can access more than 12,000 nutritional supplements with discounts on the retail price and private shipping label using their dropship service, and monthly promotion coupons are also available. Including, sports nutrition to food and drink supplements, Nutrigains dropships products with the retailer’s shipping mark to consumers.

Supplement to UK Dropshipping Suppliers

Power Body

Power Body is one of Britain’s most significant manufacturing and distribution companies. They have over 7000 products to cater for a wide range of consumer demands.

Power Body loses everything from beauty products to drinks and shakes, to fitness products and wellbeing supplements. These operate at wholesale prices, providing more substantial profits for distributors in addition to full-time IT support, branded invoices, labelling, labels and personalized orders.

The company also offers several deals on its online portal to enable further discounts to be made available to retailers and the general public.

NutriSol Health

The nutritional products that this business sells are of high quality and are made to GMP codes of practice in the UK. Each week they add new products and provide outstanding customer service along with top value products.

NutriSol Health provides products in different categories, such as aerobic fitness, amino acids, nutrients, detoxification, pain relief, vitamins, weight loss, bones and joints, and many more.

All their orders are tracked to the retailers at no extra expense. In the UK they provide easy and secure drop shipping service.


Avena is another ordinary private label supplier to dropshipping in the UK. They sell a range of wholesale priced items and provide free delivery on all orders above $25.

Beauty and relaxation, aromatherapy, spiritual, gifts, fantasy, remedies and seasonal are among the categories they cater for. Their drop shipping program is not associated with joining fees, and there is no minimum order value.

We provide additional services such as packaging, a safe return policy, customer support and much more.

Hawthorn Health

Hawthorn Wellbeing is a big dropshipper in the UK. They offer products for mother and baby care, herbs and remedies, health foods and beverages, pet products, organic products and much more.

They provide products both by the department and by category. They sell dropshipping and wholesale accounts for their entire range, and it’s straightforward to get acquainted with them.

With over 10000 items on offer, this is one company that has built up quite a name in the dropshipping industry to itself.

Best-selling Dropshipping Supplements

Many of the products with the most significant selling include:

Bodybuilding supplements

A vast number of people around the world want bodybuilding, getting stronger and looking healthy. That’s why top-rated bodybuilding supplements like creatine, pre-workout recipes, whey protein and BCAAs market is mostly crowded, you might have a lot of success with the right products and innovative marketing.

Herbal supplements

These days, herbal supplements are attracting considerable attention as people are looking for natural alternatives to pharmaceutical products.

Most pharmacies find products such as ginger, fenugreek, ashwagandha root, turmeric etc. This reputation for the materials will not quickly go away with new products still coming onto the market.

Weight loss supplements

Weight loss is one place where people often search for add-ons. If you are interested in earning a higher profit, by selling herbal weight-loss products, you might combine two niches – herbal and weight loss.

Beauty supplements

Nowadays, both men and women are searching for attractive bodies, skin and hair, and so this industry is seeing an all-time high demand for supplements.

The market provides a range of items for customers willing to pay a little extra to look stunning. So, this is another place where you can make a nice income.

Health and Wellbeing supplements – In addition to those mentioned above, what people are looking for is good wellness and wellbeing. It involves being both physically and morally balanced and, thus, people also search in this area for goods and supplements.

What’s the best shipping service for additional supplements in the US?

While there are some big players in the dropshipping arena in the US, 4 Organics are the best as per most standards. For over 15 years, they have been in the supplement dropshipping market, enabling companies to gain a profit as high as 40%.

The company supplies a range of products for categories such as energy and nutrition, health and wellness, sleep and mood, and memory and brain.

Is there any UK retailer of dropship vitamins?

Yes. NutriSol Health is dropshipping a wide variety of UK products including vitamins, amino acids, minerals and more. All the goods the company offers are of superior quality and are produced to GMP codes of practice in the UK.

Nutritional Supplement Warehouse Dropshipping

You can not only have access to many brands as a wholesaler but also benefit from our extensive expertise in marketing, sales, and product consulting. Our basic consulting services are available to both shop and company founders, as well as long-standing market players who are seeking reliable distributors in fitness wholesaling. We also offer new sales strategies and support for existing clients. Our service can be used by any gym, personal trainer, or sports club.
Our product line includes standard sports equipment like clothing and training equipment, as well as a wide range of highly-regarded sports nutrition wholesale brands.

You will receive products from emerging companies like Biotech USA and GN Laboratories. There are over 100 brands to choose from.

Wholesale fitness service

Our business philosophy is built on service to our customers. This is the key to our success as a wholesale fitness business. We offer dropshipping affiliate programs that include all our brands and products. If you are thinking about starting your own online store for fitness nutrition and equipment, but you are worried about the cost of building a warehouse. We can help you with all of this so that your business can grow. We can also help with technical and graphic design as well as marketing your online shop. With our many years of experience in online business, we are able to provide the words and deeds necessary to make your business as profitable as possible.
Wholesale fitness with lightning delivery

You will also benefit from our extensive portfolio and dropshipping program in Germany. All products ordered through our portal are delivered in Germany within 1-2 days and in Austria and Switzerland in 3-4 days. Our dedicated staff and in-house warehouse can guarantee this delivery speed, which is unmatched in wholesale fitness products. We can handle additional requests like delivering samples, bags, promotional materials, and other accessories, unlike other wholesalers that outsource their shipping and warehousing to service providers.
Fast payments

You can pay us by bank transfer, cash, or cash on delivery. We also accept SOFORTuberweisung as our sole fitness wholesaler in Germany. You can be sure that your orders arrive on time and are delivered to us by the next day.
No minimum order quantity

Best Nutrition requires that you meet minimum order quantities in order to receive your merchandise. We don’t care if you shop by the entire pallet or just one piece; our success is completely independent of your order value.

Dropshipping your manufactured goods yourself is an economical and easy way to get your products to market. Private Label Nutrition does not have the facilities to drop-ship your goods but we work with many fulfillment warehouses that can help.

This service allows you to ship products in bulk directly to the fulfilment warehouse. The fulfilment warehouse will then manage your order details and fulfill it. This service costs approximately the following*:

There are six types of fees:

1. Storage (per cubic metre, per month)
2. Picking and packing handling fees (per order).
3. If required, packaging
4. Cost of shipping (determined by the courier service)
5. Deliveries of new stock (goods in)
6. Stock count
7. Return items

1. The storage
PS15 per cubic metre per month.

2. Picking and packing handling fees
PS2.10 for the first item and 25p each for all subsequent products.

3. The packaging
It would depend on the way your product has been packaged.

4. Shipping
Once we have an idea of the packaging requirements for your products, we can determine the weight and dimensions of the parcel and give you the current shipping costs.

5. Goods in
For delivery to the warehouse, a charge of PS3.25 per three cubic metres (up to and including), is payable

6. Stock count
Stock count (weekly/goods in stage/ad-hoc) is at PS12.00 an hour.

7. Return orders or individual products
Returns of one or more items from the same order will be charged 50p
Returns of three or more items within the same order will be charged 35p

For more information or if you feel this is something that interests you, please contact us.


So that’s my post all about the best supplement dropshipping private label suppliers in USA and UK as well as the tips and tricks in the dropshipping supplement industry.

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