Why Shopify Removed Beeketing and Its Alternatives

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You may wonder if Beeketing is still the Shopify Partner if you own an online shop on Shopify. Perhaps you are asking, “Has Beeketing stopped cooperating with Shopify?”

You may find a simple solution in this article. Please do not stop there. Let’s get to the details!


Let’s first find out what Beeketing is. It was established in 2011 and integrates with all major eCommerce platforms such as Shopify BigCommerce and Magento. It also integrates with WooCommerce, a plugin that allows you to host your own WordPress site. This makes it a stronghold in eCommerce.

It is powered by AI and offers premium and free features to help over 350,000 entrepreneurs online worldwide increase their sales, improve conversion rates and build a strong relationship.

Beeketing has offices in Vietnam as well as the USA and offers many useful services. It offers many useful features such as coupon pop-ups and exit-intent technology.

Shopify’s success with Beeketing

Shopify, one of the most popular eCommerce platforms, supports Beeketing apps. Shopify allows you to download Beeketing and then add it to your Shopify shop. You can then customize different extensions to suit your site’s needs with this marketing support.

Shopify beginners can make the most of these features by creating a website right from the start with eCommerce-friendly themes and plugins that allow for specific functions or establishing a Shopify shop. The basic Beeketing app can be installed in all Shopify-powered online shops.

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Beeketing’s free version includes extensions that allow online business owners monitor and learn about customer behavior and boost online sales. They can also communicate directly with customers via Facebook Messenger. Premium extensions can be purchased for additional features starting at USD 19 and ending at USD 30. You can try this premium’s free 15-day trial. You can also download Beeketing from the app’s homepage and sign up to access additional features.

Is Beeketing no longer cooperating with Shopify

Many of you might have heard that all Beeketing apps were unavailable from Shopify Appstore in January 2019. This was for half a calendar year. Although Beeketing tried to support over 800,000.000 customers, it was very risky due to their dependence on Shopify. They were able to create a more open eCommerce environment.

They had a bigger mission: “Creating an ecosystem of products that empower commerce in general, and cross-border commerce specifically”. They launched ShopBase which allows DropShipping and Print On-Demand businesses to run. Their company’s name was changed from Beeketing and now it is OpenCommerce Group.

Shopify ended business with Beeketing, a long-standing partner who has made a significant contribution in the eCommerce community ever since the launch Shopify AppStore.

All Beeketing apps stopped accepting installation on August 13, 2019, and Shopify stores stopped accepting Beeketing apps starting on August 27. All subscriptions to Beeketing were cancelled on August 27, 2019. The Beeketing team was shocked by the unexpected Shopify decision. They had to discontinue offering services to loyal Shopify customers who loved their products.

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The tension between Beeketing/Boostflow, Shopify and Shopify is complex. Shopify claimed Beeketing/BoostFlow was performing poorly in their Shopify app store and that they wanted to ban them. Worse, Shopify also removed all Beeketing apps currently installed in Shopify stores. Shopify took this drastic action. You can read Shopify’s statement here.

We have removed their apps from Shopify after several months of working together with Beeketing, and their secondary company, BoostFlow to resolve numerous violations of our Partner Program Agreement. This includes inadequate support for merchants, and abuse of our marketing tools. Shopify will remove the Beeketing and BoostFlow apps effective August 27, 2019. Their app functionality will also be removed.

What should you do if Beeketing ceases partnership with Shopify

Here are the apps that were removed:

  • Beeketing Sales Boom
  • Beeketing Countdown Cart
  • Beekeeping Facebook Chat
  • Beeketing offers a better coupon box
  • Beeketing Personalized Recommendation
  • Beeketing wishes you a happy email
  • Beeketing Mobile Converter
  • Beeketing Boost-Sales, Upsell, Cross-sell
  • Beeketing – Cart Pusher
  • Check out Boost by Beeketing
  • Mailbot Email Marketing by Beeketing
  • Beeketing’s Happy Messenger
  • BoostFlow – Countdown Timer & Sales Pop up
  • Email Pops-Up by Sitekit – Mailchimp Formula
  • SellMob Mobile App

You can now install other powerful apps to accomplish different goals, as shown below.

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Sales Pop

Countdown Cart

Facebook Chat

A Better Coupon Box

Personal Recommendation

Happy email

Mobile Converter

Boost Sales – Cross-sell

Cart Pusher Recover

Get Boost

Mailbot Email Marketing

Happy Messenger

BoostFlow Countdown Timer and Sales Pop-Up

Email Pop-Ups by Sitekit – MailChimp Formula

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Mobile App – SellMob


Let’s sum it all. We will be revealing the exact nature of Beeketing, Shopify’s success, and the truth behind their cease cooperation. The question is now answered: Did Beeketing cease cooperating with Shopify?

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