12 Best Wholesale Cosmetics Distributors and Suppliers

This information will help you find all the information about wholesale cosmetics in (USA/UK/China), including some established suppliers and frequently asked questions.

Cosmetics are in high demand and will not stop. Cosmetics are a necessary part of every woman’s life. You can enhance your beauty with the help of cosmetics and other splendor care products.

Wholesale beauty products can help you look amazing. You can be sure to offer high quality products because there are more options on the market.

This is because the demand for wholesale beauty products is growing every day. With the growing demand for makeup, the market is huge and has great potential to expand.

This post is for you if you are a retailer of cosmetics and looking for the best wholesale cosmetics distributors online.

Recommend a brand to wholesale cosmetics

Cosmetic makeup products are needed in every corner of the globe. There are many online wholesale cosmetics distributors. Wholesale cosmetics online at a comprehensive price is beneficial to your clients.

Comparable to the previous year, the global cosmetic market grew by approximately four percent in 2016. The Asia Pacific cosmetic market is expected to grow by nearly 14.9 billion US dollars in product sales between 2016 and 2021.

Etude House and 3CE, Korean makeup brands, are highly sought after worldwide. However, they have very few online shops.

If you want to know where to purchase the most original Korean cosmetics online, I recommend you visit Chinabrands and Alibaba. You can buy wholesale Korean cosmetics online including Korean make-up.

These platforms allow you to search for Korean makeup and find the information you need according to the latest trends in your area.

Wholesale cosmetics distributors/suppliers (USA/UK/China)

2. AliExpress

AliExpress allows you to dropship cheap wholesale cosmetics. The items are supplied by sub-suppliers mostly from China. There are many products currently available. You will need to test more to find a good one. Some suppliers are great at custom support.

AliExpress offers free sign-up

3. DHgate

DHgate also offers great deals to clients and is a low-cost platform. It is a wholesale distributor of cosmetics that sells products mostly made by small and moderately-sized Chinese suppliers. Their website has approximately 40 million products.

4. Born Pretty

Born Pretty is a wholesale supplier of cosmetics. They usually sell different types of nail polish, makeup, eye, face and lip care products.

Born Pretty offers dropshipping services to consumers at no additional cost. More information is available on the Dropshipping website.

5. Volcanic Earth

Volcanic Earth is a dropshipper and wholesale distributor of cosmetics, specializing on tamanu oils. It’s organic and can be used to moisturize the skin.

Dropshipping is available without additional demand. These items are a great choice if you’re interested in organic skin care.

6. Fragrance.net

Fragrance.net offers more than 15000 wholesale beauty products. This includes skin care, makeup and bath & body.

7. Bangalla Distribution

Bangalla Distribution is the first dropshipper of organic, natural, and healthy wholesale beauty products in the US. They also have many brands across 125 product categories.

They offer wholesale drop shipping services at a low price and direct pricing. There are no additional membership fees.

8. Beauty Joint

Beauty Joint is a global supplier and provider of cosmetics. There may be many high quality brands like L.A. Girl, Jordana Cosmetics (Maylline, L’OREAL), Milani Cosmetics and many more.

9. Dia Naturals

Dia Naturals is a wholesaler of healthy products. They offer a variety of organic and natural lip balms, masques, and facial cleanser.

10. Nordstrom

Nordstrom offers the best wholesale deals on cosmetics. Nordstrom now offers a direct dropship program. You can order cosmetics products online and Nordstrom will ship directly to your customers.

11. Wholesale Cosmetics

This site offers the best authentic cosmetics available in the UK. This site guarantees that the products purchased are authentic. This site is recommended for those who have doubts about the authenticity and quality of the products. This wholesaler website has been around since 1998.

12. Shure Cosmetics

This wholesale distributor of cosmetics in the United Kingdom is great and offers a wide range of products. The site will show you the various types of products that are available. This will make it easy for anyone to browse through the many categories of beauty products available on the site.

13. Cherry Cosmetics

This site is one of the most popular wholesale websites for cosmetic makeup in the UK. This website offers everything, from hair-care products to makeup for the eyes. This site allows you to buy bulk at low prices. This site has a reputation for offering a large selection of products to its customers.

14. Exquisite Cosmetics

This site is known for being the best place to find cosmetics in the UK. This site has almost all the beauty products you could need. They sell all types of cosmetics, which is the best part about this site.

15. Clearance Sale

Another great site where you can find all types of cosmetics at wholesale prices. This site is ideal for retailers looking to beautify their shop with a variety of products from all price ranges.

These products have unbelievable low prices. You can also find discounts and special offers on all products. It is easy to locate the details for your products on the website. This is probably the best site and wholesale cosmetics supplier that you will find in the UK.

Are there any great wholesale sites for cosmetics? Characteristics.

1 Trending Brands and Market Items: The company brand is the most important thing. There are many brands that offer affordable and high-end products. Many clients will stick with one brand, and they will always buy products made by that brand.

This is for those who don’t want to stick with one brand but might be open to trying out other brands, depending on what the market demands are. If you are looking for wholesale cosmetics from a variety of brands, then Chinabrands, Aliexpress, etc., might be the right place to look. As mentioned earlier.

2: Natural or Artificial: The next thing buyers should look at is whether the items are artificial or natural. Two types of customers exist: one for natural items and one for man-made.

All women now realize the benefits of natural cosmetics for their skin. They may be more expensive, but they will still be the right products for you. Healthy cosmetics will always be a favorite, so make sure you carefully choose the products. Chinabrands offers wholesale beauty products and cosmetics at very affordable prices.

3) Cost:The cost of beauty products is another important factor. Some people are not able to afford high-priced cosmetics. Therefore, some women (according to my personal search results) choose to go with the cheaper or community brands.

These regional brands are cheap and you can easily make a large profit margin of over 300% for these goods. Chinabrands offers a wide range of cosmetic brands to suit your needs. Visit one of the top wholesale high-end makeup distributors to purchase wholesale cosmetics makeup that suits your needs.

Tips for starting a wholesale cosmetics business

1 Follow the trend:

First, you must remember that the products you sell have to be in line with the trends in your area. To increase your sales and profits, do extensive research on the latest trends and purchase wholesale cosmetics makeup from the top wholesale suppliers.

2) Keep good relations with the Wholesale High End Makeup Distributors:

Research and find the best wholesale distributors of cosmetics that meet your needs. Then, make sure you maintain a good relationship with them to build your trust, get great offers, and increase your profits.

3 Dropshipping and other expenses:

You should verify the dropshipping charges and other fees before you choose a wholesale supplier of cosmetics. Most suppliers upload products without any charges. Before placing an order, make sure you have checked these details and calculated your profit.

4) Customer Services:

To make the ordering process and drop shipping easier, ensure that the wholesale supplier of cosmetics you choose offers after-sales support. Buyers have many questions about products and orders. It is important to answer all of your queries before you make any purchase.

How do we buy wholesale cosmetics from China

1 Understand the Market Trend in Cosmetics:

The first step is to determine the market where you intend to sell your cosmetics. Different regions have different needs. Make sure to do a thorough analysis before you make your list of cosmetic products that you would like to purchase.

2 Select the best wholesale distributor of cosmetics according to your requirements:

After analysing the market trends, you will need to find the best wholesale distributor of cosmetics. They should be able to fulfill your product needs and provide support in fulfilling orders. Verify dropshipping charges and customer reviews. Wholesalers such as Aliexpress and Chinabrands provide all the necessary facilities to make the purchase process easier.

3) Create a small test order:

Once you have chosen the wholesale cosmetics supplier that suits your needs, it is time to place a test order. This will allow you to understand the dropshipping process and test the product quality.

4) Keep in touch with the top wholesale cosmetics distributors:

After verifying and testing the wholesale supplier of cosmetics, it is important to maintain the relationship. This will ensure stability in your business and increase trust between you and the wholesaler. You will also get more products that will assist you in increasing profits.

I hope that I have been able to help you find the best wholesale suppliers of cosmetics and how to keep your retail cosmetics business running according to your needs.