8 Best WordPress eCommerce (WooCommerce) Hosting Providers

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These days, many eCommerce companies use a combination WordPress and WooCommerce to manage their online stores. It is essential that they have the best WooCommerce hosting services to ensure the success of their online shops.

It is crucial to choose the right host provider. A bad choice can have a huge impact on your business.

Poor WooCommerce hosting can:

  • Speed up your website
  • Unwanted downtime
  • Conflicts and errors can be caused
  • Lose online sales

Your revenue can be directly affected by a slow website.

Gomez.com and Akamai.com conducted research that was displayed in this Kissmetrics infographic. It showed that 40% of online shoppers abandon websites that take more than three seconds to load.

This is a huge loss in potential revenue.

Let’s now take a look at the top 10 WooCommerce hosting companies for your business.

What makes a great WooCommerce hosting provider?

Before we discuss the best WooCommerce hosting options available, it is important to understand what to watch out for.

Check first to see if the provider offers the features you require.

These are the top WooCommerce hosting options:

  • WooCommerce auto installation
  • Excellent Performance
  • Additional layers of security
  • SSL Certificate
  • Support for WooCommerce Experts
  • Test staging new WooCommerce updates
  • Backups are always a good idea in case of an emergency.
  • Supports PHP 7+ (for speed).
  • Supports HTTP/2 (speed)
  • For speed, offer datacenter locations that are closer to your audience
  • Other standard hosting features
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Let’s take a look at the top 10 WooCommerce hosting providers.

We will examine their key WooCommerce Features to see if they are user-friendly, and what it costs to get up and running.

Let’s get started.


SiteGround WordPress hosting is a great all-rounder and one of our favorites.

They are well-known for providing the best support available round the clock and they are an official WooCommerce hosting provider.

They offer outstanding in-house security and speed solutions for WordPress. However, they also have many features specifically designed for WooCommerce users.

SiteGround’s platform is faster because it uses SSD drives, PHP 7 with OPcache and Linux as reverse proxy. They also offer free CDN, caching solutions (higher plans), that can speed up a site up to several times.

SiteGround recently added dynamic caching to their hosting plans. The dynamic cache speeds up website loading between 50-500%

It is one of the most powerful cache systems that the company has ever deployed.

SiteGround also launched a new SQL system to speed up query processing, and has installed Brotli on all hosting plans.

For even more power, the company also launched Ultrafast for GrowBig plans!

SiteGround offers custom security for servers at three levels: server, application and account. It also includes 2 Firewalls, an AI-based DDoS protection and 2 Firewalls.

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What are Their Key WooCommerce Features

SiteGround’s WooCommerce features are the same as their shared options.

You’ll still have access to these WooCommerce-specific features.

  • Install WordPress and WooCommerce in one click right from the beginning
  • Dynamic caching system to speed up page loading by 50-50%
  • Brolti compression for faster page speed
  • Superfast query processing with a new SQL setup
  • New Ultrafast PHP for GrowBig plans
  • The Storefront professional theme is an official WooCommerce theme.
  • Secure your customers’ information with an SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt
  • Servers that are PCI compliant (on the highest pricing level)
  • Cloudflare Content Delivery Network to ensure fast load times
  • Hosting options that are specific to your location with data-centers located in the USA, Asia, and Europe
  • Backups available on-demand and free restoration

Is it User-Friendly?

SiteGround WooCommerce hosting makes it so easy to use.

SiteGround’s control panel provides everything you need for managing and maintaining your website. You can also access important features such as daily backups, IP addresses and disk space.

WordPress, WooCommerce, and the official Storefront theme have been set up automatically, so that you can begin populating your store immediately.

What is the cost?

SiteGround’s lowest priced WooCommerce hosting plan starts at $14.99 per Month for 1 website, 10GB web space, and 10,000 visits monthly. This plan is for stores that are just starting.

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The GrowBig plan ($24.99) is recommended if you want to host multiple sites and have better site performance. The SuperCacher plugin, which SiteGround created to speed up your site, is included in the plan.

GoGeek ($39.99) is recommended for high-end websites that require more resources. This package includes advanced priority support and 40GB of Web Space. GoGeek plans offer 4x more RAM and CPU than other hosting plans, which significantly improves site speed and performance.


Nexcess, a hosting company, has just launched its first fully managed WooCommerce hosting platform.

They include features that they believe stores will need to grow and thrive in their plans.

They have also created a fully-featured eCommerce platform through a series of partnerships. This allows you to access the source code for custom layouts and implement unique features that are specific to your business.

What are Their Key WooCommerce Features

They include these features in every Managed WooCommerce plan:

  • Smart monitoring tool (Sales Performance Monitor), that analyzes your store’s performance, and alerts you when anything appears to be slowing down the site or interfering with the customer journey. This monitor will alert you to more complex service interruptions than downtime monitoring.
  • Automated updates and security so that you don’t have to spend too much time doing it yourself
  • You can improve the performance of your store by using JavaScript and CSS management
  • WP Redis support technicians can assist with load testing, performance best practices and other issues.
  • WooCommerce optimizations. Enabling disable cart fragments and making their Custom Orders Table plugin available, reduces query volume to 85%
  • You can bundle Stripe and Paypal addons to make it easy to process payments without additional charges
  • Partner with Affiliate WordPress to host your own affiliate program
  • Jilt for recovering abandoned carts
  • Beaver Builder page builder included with every plan
  • Astra Pro comes with every plan that includes 1000’s of tried templates
  • Dokan enables marketplace store
  • ShopMaster Partnership for Drop Shipping
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Is it User-Friendly?

Nexcess’s greatest asset is their ability to help you set up your store. If you are new to eCommerce, there is no need to be too complicated.

The Control Panel is easy to use and streamlines the process of managing your store. The Control Panel is easy to use and everything is clearly labeled.

What is the cost?

Pricing is available in a number of ways. WooCommerce’s most basic hosting plan starts at $19 per month, for unlimited products and orders. You’ll need to upgrade to the next plan in order unlock unlimited possibilities for both products and orders.

Is it worth the effort? This hosting provider is great for website owners who want to have a site that’s reliable, fast, and uptime.


GreenGeeks is a secure, fast and environmentally-friendly platform for WooCommerce shops. You can feel confident knowing that you are making a positive impact by setting up your shop using the most efficient use of resources.

GreenGeeks claim that they return three times as much power to the grid through renewable energy than they consume. This is comparable to the energy they use, as well as the energy consumed by two other companies of the same size as GreenGeeks.

One Tree Planted is also a partner of theirs to plant trees all over the globe. Each hosting account that they provide on their platform is rewarded with a new tree.

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What are Their Key WooCommerce Features

All features are included, including SSD hard drives, super-optimized LiteSpeed web server and MariaDB database servers. PHP 7, HTTP/2, their custom-in-house LSCache technology, CloudFlare CDN and many other tweaks and enhancements.

These are just a few of the key features.

  • All Wildcard SSL users receive a free gift. Premium plan customers also get a Premium Wildcard SSL.
  • WooCommerce users have the option to host their store in their local area. GreenGeeks offers data centers in Europe, the United States and Canada.
  • The stability of your hosting platform is enhanced by container technology, account isolation and proactive monitoring.
  • Chat, ticket or telephone support is available 24/7 by highly trained staff.
  • Every 24 hours, stores are automatically backed up. They are also protected by custom security rules and zero-day vulnerabilities.

Is it User-Friendly?

GreenGeeks offers a variety of ways to get started (both Cpanel as well as Softaculous, if necessary). ).

The easiest way to get started is to use their Quick Launch Wizard. Click “Start New Website”, then “WordPress + WooCommerce”. GreenGeeks will guide you through the rest and your WooCommerce store will be ready for you in no time.

GreenGeeks runs on LiteSpeed servers so you can also take advantage of the LiteSpeed Cache website accelerator plugin. Once WordPress and WooCommerce are up and running, it is automatically installed and activated.

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Users of all levels will find it easy to install the Premium, Pro, and Lite plans.

What is the cost?

The GreenGeeks Pro, Premium and Lite plans offer many WooCommerce hosting options depending on your online store’s needs.

The Lite plan starts at $2.49 per monthly and is ideal for small businesses just starting out.

The Pro plan, which costs $4.95 per monthly, is great for those who need extra growing space.

The Premium plan is $8.95 per Month if you have a busy WooCommerce store that requires maximum performance and resources.

WP Engine

WPEngine is a premium WordPress web hosting provider. It specializes in providing a fully managed WordPress website hosting service.

It is a great choice to host your WooCommerce store.

This infrastructure can accommodate most traffic demands.

StudioPress, creators of the Genesis Framework, has been purchased by you. You get unlimited access to Genesis and all the child themes.

What are Their Key WooCommerce Features

WP Engine includes the following WooCommerce features as part of their standard features, which are included with all plans:

  • Secure your data with a free SSL certificate
  • Before launching, ensure everything is perfect in the development, staging and production environments
  • CDN integrated for faster performance
  • Automated backups to make sure your store’s data never gets lost
  • Access to the Genesis Framework free with 35+ StudioPress themes
  • Geotargeting for Growth Plans and Above
  • WPEngine eCommerce Toolkit Plugin optimizes your store’s performance, and gives you access to Key Performance Indicators.
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Is it User-Friendly?

WP Engine makes it easy to create a WordPress website. You can get started with their custom hosting dashboard in just a few clicks

You can activate your SSL certificate, create SFTP user accounts, and enable your CDN from your user portal.

A monthly report that shows visits to your sites over a specific time period can be viewed as well.

This control panel, which was purposely built to be user-friendly, is much better than low-cost hosting plans.

What is the cost?

WooCommerce hosting starts at $35 per month, which includes 25,000 monthly visits. This includes 10GB local storage, 50GB bandwidth per month, and 1 website.

Larger stores will be able to benefit from pricier plans that offer more storage and bandwidth.

You can also purchase add-ons to your hosting, such as customer success management, smart plugin manager, and global edge security.


Kinsta has over 10 years experience in WordPress and can offer premium WordPress hosting to any type of business, large or small.

They use their speed-obsessed architecture and Powered By Google Cloud to help you increase your ROI, user experience, and revenue.

Kinsta is equipped with the infrastructure specifically optimized for WooCommerce. It can handle large traffic spikes.

What are Their Key WooCommerce Features

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Kinsta’s speed-focused architecture and features make it an excellent choice for WooCommerce hosting.

  • WooCommerce installation is quick and easy with their auto-installer
  • Automated scaling with isolated software container technology
  • 6 backup methods, including environment backups and auto and manual backups.
  • SSL Support with HTTP/2 Free
  • WooCommerce rules allow server level caching
  • Constantly running malware scanners and GeoIP blocking
  • 20 global data centers to ensure your store is located near your customers

Is it User-Friendly?

Kinsta’s dashboard for site management (also known as MyKinsta), is customizable and easy to use.

WooCommerce’s auto-installer helps you launch your site in just seconds.

MyKinsta Dashboard provides an easy-to-read overview of all your websites. It’s easy to lose track of important information such as billing, analytics, migrations and analytics.

You’ll be ready to sell in no time if you add the fact that Kinsta offers free white-glove migrations.

What is the cost?

Kinsta offers many price plans, starting with their basic Starter Plan and ending with comprehensive Enterprise Plans.

For $30 per month, you get 1 WordPress install, 20,000 monthly visitors, and 10GB SSD storage.

Kinsta also offers optional addons such as Elasticsearch and Redis, which each cost $100 per month per site.


Cloudways is also one of the most popular managed WooCommerce hosting companies. It is a great choice for beginners in website building.

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Cloudways offers managed cloud hosting services for many other PHP-based platforms than WordPress.

Cloudways managed WooCommnerce hosting gives you the option to choose the provider to which your site files will be hosted. You can choose to host your site files via DigitalOcean or AWS, Line, VULTR, or Google Cloud Platform.

Cloudways takes care of security and performance so you don’t need to. Cloudways’ one-click vertical scaling makes it easy to expand.

What are Their Key WooCommerce Features

Cloudways offers the following features as part of every Managed WooCommerce Plan:

  • There are many cloud infrastructures to choose from.
  • SSD-based web hosting for fast response times
  • Advanced caching technology, and a -free WordPress Caching Plugin. Breeze.
  • CloudwaysCDN provides top-notch performance wherever you are in the world
  • Platform-level security is ensured by dedicated firewalls
  • 1-Click SSL installation
  • IP Whitelisting to Geo-Restrictions
  • Automated backups
  • Multiple PHP versions are supported, so you can easily switch between them.
  • You can easily scale your website with ease.
  • Expert and highly rated support

Is it User-Friendly?

Cloudways is not far behind other providers when it comes down to user-friendliness. Cloudways’ interface is simple and clean. It even features a breadcrumb-style layout at the top that makes it easy to access certain settings.

These managed hosting services offer many of the same settings as other providers, but with the additional benefit of Cloudways CDN.

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What is the cost?

Cloudways pricing is not straightforward.

It’s easy to register and create an account. You can choose from multiple cloud providers and you will pay for the resources you use.

Digital Ocean’s starter plan costs $10 per month and includes 1GB RAM, single-core CPU, 25GB storage, 1TB bandwidth, 1TB of storage, 1TB of bandwidth, and 1GB RAM. You can scale up to $80 per monthly with 8GB RAM, 4 cores and 160GB storage.

Linode starts at $12 per month for 1GB RAM, a single core, 25GB storage and 1TB bandwidth. You can also scale up to $90 per month for 8GB RAM, 4 cores and 160GB storage.


Pagely offers WooCommerce Hosting that’s reliable and fast to help you scale your store. They have a unique architecture that other hosts don’t offer.

Pagely, for example, doesn’t use shared or containerized hosting. Instead, it uses dedicated Amazon Web Services Elastic Compute Cloud 2 instances (AWS EC2) instances and a separate database server with Amazon Web Services Rational Data Service (AWS RDS).

This allows them to scale WordPress in a way that matches additional resources with the most urgent needs.

What are Their Key WooCommerce Features

AWS Pagely offers many key WooCommerce features in addition to the flexibility it affords:

  • 1-Day automated setup with white-glove guidance to launch
  • Redistribute custom cache engine
  • Visitors volume and pageviews are always free
  • To further speed up your store, use the Global CDN for WordPress
  • DNS: Route 53 latency decreased DNS
  • Press Armour provides advanced platform security
  • Optimize product images dynamically by optimizing their performance
  • Automated WordPress updates
  • Automatic backups with 14 day retention
  • Let’s Encrypt SSL
  • Staging environment
  • HTTP/2 is a faster SSL
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Is it User-Friendly?

Pagely, as I have already mentioned, is not like other web hosts.

They don’t provide an app installer, so they can set up WordPress on your account without you having to do it.

You can view your hosting dashboard to see your admin links as well as SSH/SFTP information. You can also access your apps, CDN and disk usage information, as well as your bandwidth.

Your dashboard and hosting environment provide a great overview.

What is the cost?

Pagely’s VPS plans start at $199 per Month for up to 5 sites on one node with a shared database. This includes ticket support and 30GB SSD storage. There is also a global CDN, 150GB bandwidth, and all other features.


Pantheon offers WooCommerce hosting that is fast and secure for eCommerce websites.

They used Rackspace once as their primary provider of infrastructure, but now they use the Google Cloud Platform.

This means site owners will see a faster store performance, greater uptimes, and more potential innovation from Google.

What are Their Key WooCommerce Features

Pantheon offers these key features for WooCommerce sites in addition to their solid GCP infrastructure:

  • The Pantheon team renewed HTTPS and managed it
  • With Global CDN powered By Fastly, page loads are quick
  • Automated nightly backups with one click restoration and 1-month retention
  • Version control can be achieved in dev, test, and live environments
  • Load balancing allows you to scale your site and improve its uptime.
  • Varnish allows you to edge cache your pages and content faster
  • Sites that use a lot of Redis database will be able to cache the Redis application cache.
  • Performance monitoring for New Relic
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Is it User-Friendly?

Like Pagely, Pantheon doesn’t use CPanel. It instead provides its own control panel that allows you to install WordPress and WooCommerce in a single click.

All of your site environments can be clearly identified at the top right hand corner of your site dashboard. This includes live, test, development and test modes.

You’ll also find useful links on the left side of the dashboard that will provide information about your site’s security, status, and database.

Clicking on “Live Environment” will bring up a link to the Metrics section of your site. This provides valuable insight into how your traffic has been performing over time.

It’s an elegant, simple way to access the information you need whenever you need it.

What is the cost?

Pantheon’s pricing policy is not for the faint-hearted. The basic plan is $29 per month and can be prepaid annually. This plan includes 25,000 visits per month, 125,000 pages served and 20GB SSD storage. It also allows you to host up to 5 domains.

If you store is growing quickly, the basic plan may not be sufficient. You will need to upgrade to one of Pantheon’s performance plans, which start at $114 per monthly.

Scale Dynamix

Scale dynamic offers WooCommerce hosting and aims to increase your return on investment (ROI), as well as conversions, for your eCommerce business.

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Scale Dynamix runs WooCommerce using docker container technology, an open-source software-development platform. This allows you to instantly scale your store across hundreds or servers without the need for manual configuration.

What are Their Key WooCommerce Features

Here are some key WooCommerce features that will allow you to scale your store and move it.

  • Website speed optimization and cloud hosting with AWS, Google Cloud and Azure
  • Backend optimization for WooCommerce stores
  • High availability and automatic scaling for busy stores
  • Audits of code, security and compliance
  • Elasticsearch
  • WooCommerce serverless infrastructure to scale infinitely
  • Consulting for the holiday season and flash sales
  • Always-on HTTPS
  • Backups automatically
  • Global CDN
  • Staging and development environments

Is it User-Friendly?

Scale Dynamix’s user dashboard is easy to use and understand. Scale Dynamix allows you to add, manage and deploy new sites quickly.

These instructions will help you connect to your cloud provider. Additionally, they provide details on how to create an IAM role manually for AWS.

Your website will be given an extensive code and performance analysis during your Scale Dynamix customer onboarding experience. Then, a fully customized server optimization will follow.

Cloud Specialists is always available to help with any issues that may arise in your business. This includes security and performance concerns as well as unexpected traffic spikes.

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What is the cost?

Scale Dynamix is the most expensive option on this list with prices starting at $499 per monthly.

It’s still reasonable when you consider that it allows unlimited site visits, unlimited pageviews, and enterprise-level technology.

This platform is enterprise-level and highly scalable. It can also be adapted to the needs of larger companies.

[Bonus] Additional Infrastructure Your WooCommerce Website Should Have:

This might seem like a lot of information to take in. While we are still discussing WooCommerce, it is important to have the following infrastructure in your store:

  1. Image optimization to keep your website lightweight. We recommend using Optimole.
  2. CDN to ensure your website loads quickly across the globe BunnyCDN makes a great choice.
  3. Astra is a lightweight theme that will display your products beautifully.

Which WooCommerce Hosting Provider is Best for Your Store?

Your store’s needs will determine the best WooCommerce Hosting platform. There is no one web host that fits all.

SiteGround can be a great choice for small businesses on a tight budget. It provides all the essential WooCommerce hosting features that you need to have a successful online store, at a very affordable price.

WPEngine and Kinsta are great for site owners with moderate budgets or who require expert WordPress knowledge. WP Engine’s eCommerce Toolkit can be a great addition to your website management.

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Finally, Pagely and Nexcess are great options for sites growing that require additional functionality for WooCommerce. You’ll be able to get your money’s worth with Nexcess, which includes hundreds of dollars of plugins and software such as Jilt and IconicWP.