Can You Make Money With Shopify and Oberlo?

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Dropshipping sounds simple, but it can be difficult to find affordable prices, update your website, and contact suppliers. You end up with very small margins and frustrating situations. We’ll find out in this Oberlo review that they are trying to change this.

Oberlo doesn’t provide a complete ecommerce platform. It is an extension that you can install on Shopify sites and other places.

Oberlo was created to make it easier for people to access the eCommerce space as cost-effectively and quickly as possible. Dropshipping is a way to remove the fulfillment and warehousing concerns from your sales process.

Instead of purchasing items and storing them in a warehouse, then shipping them to customers after they have made a purchase, you place an order only when a customer orders a product from your website. Oberlo allows you to export products from AliExpress and other similar sites directly to your Shopify shop.

Oberlo was established in 2015 but has seen a great deal of popularity over the past few years. It’s today one of the most used applications on Shopify.

Oberlo will package and ship your products to you while you import them quickly.

Shopify customers have an advantage because Oberlo is pre-installed so merchants can quickly search for and add products right away.

Oberlo is accessible worldwide but it only works with Shopify stores. You will need to find a different app if you are looking to start a dropshipping company with a WordPress website or another application.

Oberlo’s limited Shopify experience is not going to cause too many problems for most shoppers. Shopify is a popular platform that offers many features for shoppers today. It is far more popular than many of its competitors and quite affordable.

It takes just a few moments to create a Shopify store and then add Oberlo.

After creating an account with Shopify, Oberlo can be searched for on the app store. Then you can click a button to install it. Oberlo makes it easy to manage all your orders without having to do so manually. Oberlo syncs all of your Shopify sales immediately. Once you have found the product that you wish to sell, you can publish it to your shop. Then all you need is to check your Oberlo orders with the order button.

Oberlo will open AliExpress when you click the order button. It displays your purchase history and adds the products to your shopping cart. You can then fill out the shipping details and be a happy customer.

Oberlo updates your online store status and notifies buyers after the order has been shipped. Because it is so easy to use, it’s one the best dropshipping apps around!

It sounds pretty great, right? Let’s find out if it is worth the money.

Both the pros and cons

Oberlo is no different. Every product has its positives and minuses. This tool is a great way to sell online. Oberlo has its downsides.

Oberlo Pros

  • Shopify integration simultaneously
  • AliExpress allows you to import products quickly and securely.
  • Friendly interface and an easy-to-use interface
  • Automated fulfillment of product orders
  • Daily product sync
  • Automated inventory and pricing
  • Growing businesses will benefit from greater scalability
  • Chrome Extension Free
  • Tracking options for sales and shipment
  • You can change suppliers at any time
  • Pricing options with markup
  • ePacket filter integrated

Oberlo Cons

  • Shopify is the only way to go
  • There is no way to operate as a separate service.
  • Oberlo does not edit any of these products
  • AliExpress is the only supported platform


Oberlo aims to connect your online shop with thousands of suppliers. You can choose products to sync with your online store. You don’t need to search for the right suppliers, as most of the content creation is done automatically.

You don’t have to store, package or ship your products. Although you lose some control of your product , Oberlo features make it easy for merchant. The integration is easy and doesn’t require a lot of capital.

Let’s now discuss some Oberlo specific features.

Impressive Supplier Imports

Oberlo’s primary feature is AliExpress importing. It’s amazing that AliExpress has not been available sooner, as dropshippers rely on AliExpress to find products and sell them. AliExpress allows you to access thousands of suppliers and also provides product images, details, prices, and pricing information.

AliExpress is easy to use. You can search for keywords and find products that may work well in your store. The Oberlo system makes this process even easier. You can browse as usual, but now you will receive an Oberlo button which automatically imports the product to your online shop. It’s that simple.

There are many other options

Oberlo was originally only able to provide a link to AliExpress. Unfortunately, most of the suppliers were from China. Companies from other countries would be stuck with long shipping times. Oberlo now offers two types of suppliers, Oberlo Verified Suppliers as well as Oberlo Suppliers. Oberlo has added two types of suppliers to its marketplace: Oberlo Verified Suppliers and Oberlo Suppliers. These are companies that have been verified and monitored by Oberlo. Many of them can ship faster than AliExpress and are spread around the globe. Oberlo Verified suppliers represent the top performers, who have been selected by Oberlo to be the best.

Beautiful Interface for Product Management

The Oberlo dashboard is similar to WordPress. It has a simple menu on the left side that allows you to complete a variety of tasks. You can search for products and set your featured products. You can also import lists or view your products. Your store’s items are organized in an orderly fashion. You can also see information about sales and earnings.

You can edit a product on Shopify in just one click. This means you basically have two dashboards. Oberlo does not manage product details. Instead, you’d go to Shopify and complete the product details.

Automated Order Fulfillment

This is my favorite feature of the Oberlo platform. It makes dropshipping super easy. All you need to do once an order has been placed through your online store is to locate the product and click on the Order Product button. Even if you have different suppliers, you can add several products to your cart.

Oberlo handles everything else automatically. Oberlo packages and ships the products so your customers don’t know that you’re dropshipping. You don’t even have to worry about how to store, package, or ship your products.

Auto-Updates for Inventory and Price

You must ensure that inventory is always managed to avoid selling items that are out of stock. Pricing is also managed in the same way. If the price of the product drops at the supplier’s end you will be notified.

Quick Supplier Changes

Oberlo gives you access to millions AliExpress products and Oberlo Verified items. They are currently testing many certified suppliers. These suppliers are easy to find and you can view ratings to see the types of products they provide. It is not necessary to stick with one supplier. You can click the button to switch suppliers if you find a cheaper price.


Oberlo has millions of products for you to choose. You can browse through different categories such as beauty, home, jewelry, or search from the search bar.

Oberlo will ensure that there is no shortage of products. This is the most comprehensive dropshipping solution in terms of the number and quality of the products. You can also view each product to see details such as pricing, quantity and shipping.

Oberlo Pricing Review

Oberlo offers a 30-day trial to give you an idea of what you can expect when you pay. Your order can be cancelled at any time. You can also go over your plan limits. You should remember that if you exceed your plan limits, dropshipping will be removed from the service. This means that orders must be processed manually.

It’s quite reasonable in terms of pricing and you can choose from three plans depending on the size your store.

  • Starter You get a setup for 500 products and 50 orders per month. Also, you will receive an extension for Chrome that allows you to access sales reports.
  • Basic: For $29.90 a month, you get a setup for 10,000 products and 500 orders per month. You also have shipment tracking and order fulfillment monitoring.
  • Pro: For $79.90 a month, you get a setup for unlimited orders per month and 30,000 products.

Overall, the Starter Plan is my favorite, especially considering that it supports 500 products. Basic Plan is the most sought-after, as many businesses will require shipment tracking and order fulfillment monitoring.

Oberlo’s free starter plan is sure to be appealing to many people who don’t have a lot to spend on dropshipping. Only pay more if your business grows and requires new features.

Oberlo’s Starter plan is a great way to get started with dropshipping. You don’t need much capital. Your supplier only purchases when your customer orders from you. This allows you to keep your cash flow flowing smoothly.

Oberlo allows you to make your first sale at any time. As your business grows, Oberlo will allow you to continue taking orders as normal. If you exceed your plan limits, however, auto-fulfillment will stop working. You will need to pay shipping costs or upgrade to a better plan.

Oberlo’s other advantage is that you don’t have to stay with your plan if it doesn’t suit you. You can cancel your plan at any time and uninstall the application from the Shopify shop. You don’t have to accept any commitments in order to try something new.


The Oberlo company isn’t an ecommerce platform but it does take its support very seriously. A blog is a place where you can find information about updates, strategies and inspiration. For news and updates, you can sign up for the email newsletter or visit the social media sites. It is often possible to get quick support by sending a message to a company on Facebook.

Oberlo provides support and a forum for people to interact with each other. Oberlo manages the forum well and provides helpful responses. Topics include how much income to expect and how to start your dropshipping business.

A complete knowledge base is available for anyone who wants to search for answers about Oberlo. A ticket submission button is also available if you are unable to locate an issue from the past. Oberlo appears to have everything covered in terms of support.

What’s Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is an easy and quick way to make money online. Dropshipping is a business where you do not own the products you sell. You don’t purchase items and then store them in a warehouse for your customers to pick up. You choose the products you want to add in your store from AliExpress.

Dropshipping is where the manufacturer makes the goods, manages inventory and ships the products to customers around the world. As a retailer, your responsibility is to market your products and build a strong brand. It is also important to ensure that orders reach your dropshipping suppliers.

Dropshipping is a great business model because it takes out a lot of stress from the fulfillment process. Dropshipping allows you to create your own eCommerce store without having to use Amazon and eBay. You can also choose your Oberlo pricing guide with markups you control to increase your profit chances.

You are responsible for the Shopify app with Dropshipping and for making sure your business is found on Google. However, you won’t need to worry about shipping and order fulfillment.

Oberlo is not the only way to dropship, but it is the most preferred choice for eCommerce businesses. This is especially true for companies that have a Shopify store.

Dropshipping may mean that you will be responsible for customer support. It’s important that you have a contact person to inquire about delays in shipping if this is the case.

What is AliExpress Dropshipping and how does it work?

Oberlo dropshipping can sometimes be called AliExpress Dropshipping because you can choose AliExpress items to add to your shop using the Oberlo app. You can add new products to Shopify in seconds using tools such as the Oberlo Chrome extension.

Oberlo isn’t the only option for dropshipping via AliExpress. You can also purchase bulk products directly from AliExpress to send to your customers. Oberlo allows you to get AliExpress dropshipping. This means that you don’t need to worry about storing the products or fulfilling orders.

You can add products to your dropshipping shop in seconds using the AliExpress plugin and Oberlo. can be a great way to start in eCommerce. Oberlo even offers a free plan to help you get started.

Once you have mastered Oberlo, it’s time to move on to other aspects of optimizing your eCommerce business. You could upgrade to Shopify’s pro plan for more features or simply improve your SEO strategy. No matter what you do, Oberlo’s supply marketplace will ensure that you have enough dropshipping products.

Shopify’s Step-by-Step Guide for Setting Up Oberlo

Oberlo and Shopify are a perfect match for beginners who want to sell online as soon as possible. Shopify gives small business owners all they need to stand out online. Shopify’s website-building technology is easy to use, and there’s also a marketplace that allows you to access additional tools and plugins.

Oberlo is available on Shopify Marketplace. Oberlo is the best tool to dropship with Shopify. Oberlo is the best app to help you build Shopify stores where you are not responsible for order fulfillment.

How do you connect Oberlo and Shopify?

Step 1: Register for your Shopify account

First, create your Shopify Account. If you’re interested in a free trial of Shopify, click the “Start Free Trial” button. After your 14-day free trial, you will need to decide which Shopify pricing plan is best for you.

Shopify Basic starts at $29 per Month. You can choose to upgrade to Advanced Shopify at $299 or the standard Shopify tier at $79 per month. Shopify Plus is available for businesses, but it is only worth looking into if your company is growing rapidly.

Step 2: Sign up with Oberlo

After you have created your Shopify account, you will need to create an Oberlo account. This will let you explore the many products you can sell on your website. After you have explored Oberlo, go to Shopify’s App Store and link your Oberlo and Shopify accounts.

You can’t link Oberlo accounts to Shopify profiles. However, you can unlink them and still connect the same Oberlo store to another Oberlo profile. To do this you would need to create a new Shopify account. For assistance, contact the Shopify team if you have any questions.

Visit the Oberlo page on Shopify and click Add App to link your Oberlo account and Shopify accounts. To do this, you will need to sign into Shopify.

Oberlo will request permission to use your order, data, and products information. Click Install App to accept Oberlo’s request to perform all these functions.

Step 3: Connect Oberlo with Your Store

After Oberlo is installed, you can connect the app with your store. To sign up, visit the website and click Add Oberlo to Shopify. Select Connect to a Store. At this point, if Shopify is not installed, you will need to log in.

Oberlo will ask you to grant permission for Oberlo to manage your orders, products, and other data. Click on the install app to grant Oberlo access to all functions. To open the service, click Apps in your Shopify admin section.

You will need to choose the shipping settings that Shopify should use to complete your setup. Click on Settings in the Shopify admin section. Then click onthen Delivery and Shipping. Here, you only need to pay attention to the Shipping section. This section contains both the standard and custom shipping options you have for your customers.

Step 4: Complete your Shipping Profile

Oberlo’s shipping profiles allow you to customize your shipping settings to meet your business’ needs, whether you are fulfilling orders, dropshipping with Oberlo or shipping products from your home. Shipping rates to certain locations can be accessed at different rates.

You can determine which shipping profile is best for your business based on your needs. You can use the general shipping rates profile if you wish to have the same shipping rules for all your products. This profile is automatically created on every Shopify website that you connect to Oberlo. This general shipping rate option has the advantage of including all your products immediately, so you don’t need to assign each one separately.

To create custom shipping profiles, you can use the custom Shipping Ratesfunction if you want to set shipping rules that are different for different products or locations. These profiles must be manually created. You can have up to 100 of these profiles, so you have a lot of flexibility to choose from for different products.

After you have completed managing your shipping profiles, it’s time to sell products with Oberlo. It’s that simple!

Oberlo should be used for their online store

This is a simple question because dropshipping can be implemented by any store. Dropshipping is easy and takes only a few minutes. It is possible to find reliable suppliers at affordable prices. Dropshipping should be simple.

Anyone can create an Oberlo account and add products to their store. Many store owners have shared their successes stories over the years. Oberlo cannot do everything. While it might be easier to avoid having your products warehoused, it will not work with all stores like WooCommerce.

You may also need to research suppliers in order to get the best quality products, engaging product descriptions, and fast shipping options. Some AliExpress suppliers may not be the fastest in delivering products to customers.