Cheap Dropshipping Products and Niches to Make Money

Best Dropshipping Niches

I’m going to talk about cheap dropshipping niches that you can start selling in 2021 in today’s post. If you’re new to dropshipping, a niche is similar to a store category, and if you dropship with Shopify, Spocket, or Oberlo, you get to pick what to sell and hence which category you want to sell in. However, just because you have the option to choose does not mean it is easy.

We did the legwork for you when it came to selecting the right niche. So, if you’re looking for anything to sell in 2021 but aren’t sure what niche to sell in, we’ve compiled a list of dropshipping niches that will be hot in 2021.

We’ve got dropshipping niches to go over today, so I’m not going to waste any time with an introduction. Instead, I’d like to show you how we arranged this post. We’ll go through a few big dropshipping niches, such as Men’s clothing and accessories and Home & Garden. Then I’ll go over some sub-niches within those. These niches are more specialized than general categories like men’s clothing and accessories, which is why I recommend them. It’s easier to identify and sell to your target audience in these dropshipping niches because they’re narrower.

Clothing & Accessories Dropshipping Niches

Tech-Friendly Fitness Clothes

Tech-friendly fitness clothing is the first niche I suggest you sell in in 2021. Fitness apps have exploded in popularity recently, and they’ve become increasingly sophisticated. As a result, several people are taking their phones to their workouts to follow the workout plans of their favorite fitness influencers, monitor their calories burned, and other similar activities. Finding apparel that makes working out with your phone next to you easier is one way to target this market.

These gym shorts with a secret mobile phone pocket are a good example of what to sell in this niche. These kinds of cheap products are beneficial because they enable people who enjoy working out and using exercise apps on their phones to do both at the same time without the apps or the phone interfering with the workout.

This cheap niche is in the clothing and accessories category, but it may also be considered health and fitness. You will also find clothing for men that make it easier for them to take their phones into the gym. If you want this to be a men’s apparel and accessories store or a fitness store is entirely up to you.

If you’re new to Shopify and Spocket and are concerned that you’ll miss out on any Black Friday deals because your store isn’t up and running, there’s no reason to wait. Begin by establishing a fitness and wellness shop and ramp up your ads in January, February, and March.

Shield Sunglasses

Shield sunglasses are the next cheap product I suggest selling. It’s not often that I recommend selling sunglasses in your dropshipping store because customers can easily find sunglasses in any men’s clothing and accessory store in the mall.

There are two reasons why I recommend these.

This style of sunglasses is famous, so you know you’re getting in on a trend that you can promote with Instagram influencers.

It’s difficult to find specific designs in big-box stores. Consider this: if a customer sees a pair of sunglasses that they want, they are more likely to purchase them than if they believe it would be difficult to locate that particular pair of sunglasses in a shop.

Health & Wellness Dropshipping Niches

Let’s switch gears and talk about the health and wellness sector, as well as some cheap dropshipping niches you can sell in this category in 2021.

Sound Bathing

I know it sounds strange, but I’ve seen it all over the place. According to a Harper’s Bazaar post, searches for sound bathing have increased by nearly 300 percent. Since this is a new AG phenomenon, one of the things you can do if you sell in this niche is creating content illustrating what it is and how people can use your goods to benefit from sound bathing’s healing benefits.

Singing bowls are a cheap product that I especially like for this. The best thing about these bowls is that they come with stunning YouTube videos that you can use to promote and illustrate what they do.


The next niche in the health and wellness category is one that I believe will burst, and dropshippers will have plenty of opportunities to get creative. People are spending more time thinking about improving their sleep, and major brands are pursuing this demand. Just because big brands dominate this market doesn’t mean you can’t carve out a cheap niche for yourself. Since several of these well-known brands sell textiles and mattresses.

In any case, you’re not going to dropship mattresses. What you want to do is zero in on this desire for a better night’s sleep and find out what accessories you can offer to help consumers overcome their nighttime tossing and turning.

Accessories can include everything from pillows like this one to anti-snoring devices.

In 2018, anti-snoring devices were extremely common. A system like that might certainly return, but I bring it up to demonstrate how serious a problem a bad night’s sleep is and how desperate consumers are to find a solution. There are money-making opportunities where consumers are desperate to solve a dilemma.

Kids & Babies Dropshipping Niches

Snack Accessories for Kids

If you want to market children’s or baby goods, keep in mind that you’re marketing to parents. So, think about what your parents are interested in. Parents are worried about their children’s healthy eating habits in the same way they are concerned about their own.

Parents are increasingly preparing their baby food or attempting to control what their children consume rather than depending on whatever snacks are available while out shopping, for example. That is why a product such as this is so beneficial. It assists parents in preparing snacks and meals for their children to ensure that they eat healthy during the day.

Content is a perfect marketing tool if you sell anything like this or break into the balanced children’s eating niche. Create delicious snack recipes or lists and share them on Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, or other innovative platforms.

The great thing about content marketing is that you’re not selling something. Sharing the content on platforms like Reddit and Facebook groups makes it easier to follow the guidelines.

Gender-neutral Nursery Décor

Under the group of children and babies, I also suggest nursery decor. But not just any nursery decor would do; gender-neutral nursery decor is what I prefer. Parents nowadays are much more aware of gender neutrality, which extends to the furniture and accessories they purchase for their children’s rooms.

You’ve decided to start dropshipping, but you don’t want to ship big, bulky objects. It is neither realistic nor profitable. Rather, opt for easy-to-wear accessories. These accessories appeal to me because they are simple and elegant.

You can drape them overcoat hooks or even nail them to the wall, as seen here. You can share your suggestions for gender-neutral ways for parents to use these accessories to warm up their nursery.

Another benefit of this cheap niche is that you’ll be approaching parents who enjoy spending money on their children. However, you are not requesting that they spend their money on something that could become a liability for you.

You’re not selling them car seats, for example, because parents trust your product to keep their children safe, and you’re not selling something that children might put in their mouths. So, if you want to sell to parents but want to be safe, this is an excellent category to sell in.

Home & Kitchen Dropshipping Niches

Kids Birthday Décor

Parents are under a lot of pressure to throw their children Pinterest-worthy birthday parties. What I like about this niche is that AliExpress has started to put together party packages where customers can purchase one affordable product or, in this case, sell one product that includes everything parents would need to host a party, such as a safari themed birthday party.

The only issue you’re dealing with is one of time: time and annoyance. Since parents are aware that they should go to the store and pick out all of the various elements, such as straws, cups, balloons, and other decorations, to put together a themed party, but this sounds like a major headache.

So what you’re doing here is allowing parents to throw a fun birthday party for their children. You’re not only saving them a ride to the big-box shop, but you’re also saving them time and providing them with plenty of ideas for a fun gathering.

Another appealing aspect of this affordable niche is the abundance of seasonal selling opportunities. So, if a parent is having a birthday party in the winter, you might have a different snow theme, and if it’s in the summer, you might have a beach theme, so you’ll have new and fresh items to sell that are seasonal and very relevant all year.

Luxury Dining Sets

Luxury dining sets are the second niche in the home and decor category that I recommend. Many home decor magazines are now forecasting that the luxury trend will continue and accelerate into 2021.

So now is the time to part with those gold-dipped forks and other sweet extras that make daily dining feel a little posher.

Women’s Fashion & Accessories Dropshipping Niches

Let’s stay on the topic of glamour and move on to women’s fashion and accessories, where a niche that I’m excited about for 2021 is face jewelry.

Face Jewelry

We’re not sure whether to name it face jewelry or face crystals. So, if we don’t have a name for it, you guys can come up with one; come up with a great name, buy the domain, and you can own this room.

If you want to sell these, consider focusing on fans of the show Euphoria. Euphoria features a character who wears a lot of these face crystals, and it’s inspired a lot of trending face crystals on Instagram, TikTok, and other social media platforms. When you sell a affordable product like this, I strongly suggest that you also have content that explains what kinds of patterns people might try out with these face crystals or jewelry.

Statement Jewelry

Statement jewelry is another subcategory of women’s wear and accessories. Shopping for statement jewelry on Aliexpress is fun because there is so much variety. Yes, I realize that jewelry is something that people can purchase at a big-box store, but when you’re talking about something as exclusive as statement jewelry, people will want to buy it right away.

When people see a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry, they think they won’t be able to find it somewhere else or, at the very least, they won’t bother finding out how to explain it so they can look for it elsewhere.

Phone Accessories Dropshipping Niches

Creator Tools

The next category we’ll discuss is phone accessories, and the creator tools subcategory inside phone accessories is one you should consider. Every month, TikTok grows in popularity. Many of you have inquired about how you can use TikTok to market your company. However, that may not be the right way to approach using this tool. Since many people want to make it big on TikTok, and many people want to consume TikTok’s content.

This is the demographic you’re targeting for your maker accessories campaign. What I mean by creator accessories are selfie lights and other gadgets that allow people to make high-quality videos with their phones.

If you wanted to promote this on TikTok, you could make before-and-after videos that show how a video looks before and after using your creator’s accessories.

Phone Holders and Stands

Another area that interests me is phone holders and stands. I know you see these all over, but new designs and phones are constantly being published. Many innovative new phones will be released in 2021, and when people get these new phones, they’ll want new accessories.

But it’s up to you to be astute and time product launches to coincide with new phone releases to capitalize on shoppers looking to upgrade their current phone with an attachment that makes it easier to use.

When looking for the next big trend in the cellphone accessories industry, affordable products like these are just what you want to keep an eye out for. Since this phone accessory category isn’t going anywhere. But it’s up to you to discover new goods and a market for them to make a lot of money.

Bonus Dropshipping Niches

The final three affordable dropshipping niches I suggest for 2021 are a bit of a gamble. They don’t quite fit into the same AliExpress group as the others.


Llamas or alpacas are the first niches I suggest. I believe either one is doing well, but according to Google Trends, llamas is the word that is being searched for the most. Llamas are the latest unicorns, according to OprahMag. This is an animal that is attracting a lot of interest.

Aliexpress has a plethora of llama-shaped accessories, ranging from stuffed animals to party decorations and more. This is one of those stores where knowing who your target customer is a piece of cake.

Setting up a Facebook page or an Instagram group dedicated to llama lovers is something I would consider selling in this affordable niche. Once you’ve done that, deliver content, not advertisements, that feeds that llama obsession. It could be memes, gifts, or something else that gets people talking.

When you’ve established the group, you can start offering affordable products that you know they’ll enjoy. This strategy takes a long time to execute, but it is completely free. So, if you’re on a tight budget and don’t have a lot of time to spare, consider this marketing strategy for this niche.


Finally, this spy gadgets market, which I believe will explode in 2021, is affordable niche that I believe will explode in 2021. That’s because a new James Bond film will be released next year. Build your store and stay away from everything that has been copied. However, include items that a James Bond fan will enjoy.

This involves selling items such as spy equipment or items bearing the Union Jack British flag. Anything that makes people think of the James Bond brand without being specific about it.

Final thoughts

Okay, that concludes our list of dropshipping niches in which you can begin dropshipping in 2021. If you intend to start selling in any of these niches, or if you’re already selling in these dropshipping niches, let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you, and I’ll let you know what I think.