Dropshipping Industry Statistics Detailed Report

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Dropshipping is a great way to get started in online business. Dropshipping is a great way to start an online business. You don’t need inventory and the entire world is your market.

This means that you can open your online store in just a few days and have a very low budget. If you do it right, you can make 6-figures in six years.

To get to this point, however, you will need to be familiar with statistics. This will help you identify what is wrong with your online business and what to do differently.

Continue reading if you want to learn these 17 statistics about dropshipping.

4.89 Trillion dollars by 2021’s End

Let’s begin with a statistic to show you how much potential there is. According to eMarketer there will be a staggering 4.89 trillion dollars in goods sold through eCommerce stores.

It’s quite crazy, right?

Imagine if you could have a small piece of this pie. Even 0.00001% would get you 4.89 Million USD.

But that’s not all. It is expected to continue growing 18.7% each year.

Average Sales Conversion Rate Is 1%-2%

We now have a better understanding of the huge opportunity that you have. Let’s discuss the most important statistic, the conversion rate.

This is your eCommerce website’s grade. The higher the percentage, you will have a better business.

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An eCommerce site’s conversion rate is usually between 1-2% and 2%. If you achieve a conversion rate of above 2%, your store will be great.

If it’s below or matches, then you need to identify your problem areas and begin solving them.

Your Funnel Conversion Rate will drop 50% at each step

Confused? Let me explain.

If I say that your conversion rate drops by 50%, it means that you can expect to lose half the people with each step.

Let’s suppose you have 100 visitors. This is how your sales channel should look with a great shop.

  • You can expect 50 percent of the 100 visitors to add a product or two to your cart.
  • Only 25 of them will make it to the check-out.
  • Only 12-13 of them will be your customers.

Keep this in mind when you look at your conversion. If you notice that 100 people visit your site but there are only ten add to-carts, this is a sign you need to know what to do.


Dropshipping stores rely heavily on advertisements for sales, so having a strong POAS is crucial!

What is it exactly?

It stands for Profit AH pend. This statistic shows how much profit you make for every dollar that you spend on advertising.

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This statistic is often confused with ROAS (also known Return ASpend). These are the main differences:

  • ROAS This metric will tell you how much revenue your business has generated. Your ROAS is 400% if you spend $20 on advertising and get $100 in sales.
  • POAS This metric shows how much profit you have made. It will take into account product costs, shipping and other expenses.

Facebook Ad Frequency

You should also know your Facebook Ad Frequency. This metric is very important but often overlooked. What are these statistics?

Statistics will show you how often someone has seen your advertisement. This will allow you to understand when you should stop running your ad campaign, so that you don’t waste money trying to reach people who aren’t interested.

Think about it. After seeing an advertisement a few times, you don’t stop to look at it. Instead, you scroll on through your feed and skip the ad.

How often should your Facebook ads be stopped? Your audience will determine this, but as a guideline, your metrics should be:

  • For colder audiences: Frequency of 22.5
  • Frequency: 5-7

You should double your conversions if you feel the need for it.

For closing a sale, urgency and scarcity are the best motivators. FOMO (also known by Fear of Missing Out) is the reason.

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Your potential customers will not be able to delay purchasing if you have an offer that lasts 24 hours or a limited quantity.

They’ll instead choose on the spot whether they’ll purchase or not if they find a great deal.

This effect should result in a doubled sales. Two things could happen if they don’t.

  • You might be tempted by your offer
  • Or your target market doesn’t like the product

Sephora, a well-known beauty brand, has mastered the art of creating urgency (“Selling Fast”) as well as scarcity (“limited edition”, “only at Sephora”).

Shop online for free delivery

Why do people shop online rather than going to their local mall? It’s not as easy as shopping online.

Free delivery is the main reason people shop online.

This means that you should always offer free delivery. This will ensure that people don’t abandon their carts.

66% Purchase from People with More Shipping Options

The majority of online shoppers shop because they receive free shipping, as we have seen in the statistics. This doesn’t mean you have to offer free shipping.

Dropship Life shows that 66% of customers buy from shops that offer multiple shipping options. It could also be beneficial to add a premium shipping option.

But, ensure that the price doesn’t go beyond $70.

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You Have Only 15 Seconds to Grab the Attention of Your Visitors

Unfortunately, attention spans are shorter than ever. It’s a good thing!

There are thousands of advertisements competing for your attention every day. It’s hard for anyone to focus on one thing at a time.

It is important to have a great online store. Let’s suppose your visitors arrive at a product page. These are some things you website should include:

  • Professional Design You need to appear professional if you want to sell. Make sure that the theme, colors, and fonts are appropriate for your niche.
  • Many Visuals It is essential to have visuals. These visuals will help your store look more authentic, and allow your customers to imagine buying your product. You can also make GIFs and videos.
  • High Readability Make sure your product description is easy to understand. Your customers will not read your pitch if it isn’t. To make sure, use Hemingway

For an example of simple, but eye-catching web design, visit The North Face’s site.

Customers trust product reviews more than product descriptions

This is the one statistic that I would like every dropshipper to be able to remember:

81% customers trust product reviews over your description.

This is because it makes it less likely that it’s a scam since others have purchased it and enjoyed them.

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Your first goal should be to get as many 5-star ratings on your store. It will then be easier to sell. This can be boosted by importing Aliexpress reviews using apps like AliReviews.

58% Of People Stop Buying Because Of Bad Customer Experience

eCommerce stores make the most money when customers return to them.

This is because they already like your products and don’t need to be sold hard.

It’s important to keep them satisfied. This is because 58% of customers will abandon you if they don’t have a great experience.

Your customer experience should be exceedingly satisfying.

Simple Way to Contact Building Trust

It is a great way to build trust by making it easy for people to get in touch with you. It can make you appear more professional and trustworthy as well as increase your sales.

Don’t hide your phone number and email addresses.

If you are able, add a chatbot to your messenger. You can reach them at any time, regardless of the problem.

Mamaearth, an Indian organic beauty brand, offers this example. You can easily contact them via live chat to answer any questions.

69.57% Shopping Carts are Abandoned

We already mentioned that the conversion rate drops 50% with each step. This statistic is a clear proof of this fact. However, this doesn’t mean that all shopping carts should be abandoned.

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It’s true that many were abandoned because shipping was too costly, but it’s not the only reason.

Your buyers might forget to send you an email because something may have happened. Instead of giving up, send your buyers an email to abandon their cart.

Oberlo statistics shows that these emails have an open rate of 40%. Send them!

45% Of US ECommerce Sales Are Made On Mobile

It’s not surprising that mobile is a major source of mobile sales. This figure is estimated at 45% according to Business Insider and will continue to rise over the next few decades.

This means that you must optimize your mobile user experience. Unfortunately, many beginners don’t know how to do this. They simply design Shopify stores and leave it on their computer until it looks great on their screen. Then they don’t bother to test it with their phone.

If you want to keep generating impressive sales, make sure your website looks great on mobile.

80% of consumers believe sustainability is important

IBM recently found that millennials are influenced by the sustainability of products.

This means that if your products are sustainable, you can include this benefit in your product description.

But please, don’t lie about this! This will only damage your reputation and make you look bad. Instead, talk to the supplier about the product’s sustainability.

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Make sure you mention eco-friendly items such as recyclable packaging if they mention them on your product page. There might be a slight increase of conversions.

58% of online consumers prefer localized languages

Multilingual pages are a great way to attract new clients. Shopify’s insights found that 58% of users prefer to shop on websites in their native language.

If possible, translate your website into multiple languages. This is both a benefit for SEO and sales. It will allow you to target less competitive keywords.

NB! It’s not a good idea to learn languages you don’t understand!

This is because potential clients will expect you to speak the language of these languages. Google Translate won’t help you!

Online stores with a social media presence have up to 32% more sales

Let’s lastly talk about the power and importance of having a social media presence to promote your dropshipping business. Bigcommerce discovered that social media channels can increase sales by 32%.

Not bad, huh?

When you start, make sure to have at least one social networking page. Let me tell you one thing before I go. Most likely, you won’t make any sales.

Social media is not a place where you can sell your products. This is why you need an online store!

Social media can be used to make acquaintances out of strangers. This could lead to a buyer.

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Focus on this by taking photos and videos of your product, and making it as attractive as possible.


These are the 17 facts that every dropshipper should know! This article was helpful. With the new knowledge you will be able to succeed.

Think about it. This knowledge will allow you to do many things.

  • Identify the issues with your ad campaign.
  • How to build trust.
  • The current market trends
  • Et cetera.

You’ll soon be flooded with sales if you act quickly.

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