How to Launch an eCommerce Dropshipping Product in Shopify?

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Last Updated on May 02, 2021

How to Execute an Outstanding Product Launch

If you’re launching a new company from scratch or bringing a new product to the lineup you already have, it’s essential to launch products. Effective product releases, mainly though you are already reasonably well known in your industry, will set you up for long-term success.

There’s a lot of riding on this, which means you need more than just a quick “it’s here!” email announcement. With a simple snapshot of everything, you’re rolling out.

It is projected that 70-90% of new goods “fail” anywhere, meaning they do not sell at the size and pace necessary to be successful. A couple of sales could happen, and that’s it.

In specific ways, the culprit for a product loss is a less-than-stellar product launch. Preparation is essential, and we will assist you in this post to ensure that you are as prepared as you can be to have a strong product launch that will propel you to success.

What Makes for a Great Product Launch?

In its research and selling, a lengthy and involved process, a grand product launch must be strategic; it is not necessarily necessary to only mention it online and make it available. While the brand can be useful in its own right, it is the campaign that contributes to it that can make or break the launch because they can’t afford it if no one knows how excellent your product is.

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The approach includes designing plans, then testing them, then strategizing again, and then testing, all while striving towards the goal of creating a lot of hype and exposure for your website when the product page goes live. It’s a process of learning embedded in how you’re going to meet your audience in a way that’s going to be effective, which is relevant both before and after launch.

The Step-by-Step Process of a Strong Product Launch

Launches of goods are not something which can be hurried. This suggests that the process has to start early, so let’s go step by step through the process.

Clearly Define the Product’s USP

A specific selling proposition (USP) is always something that refers to a brand as a whole, but it may also be described for particular goods. By defining what makes your product unique and desirable, USPs will illustrate that anyone should purchase your product over a rival. They’ll influence the marketing you use and how you sell the product, which will be essential to your strategic growth.

For instance, Rockin’ Green created a strong USP focusing on efficiently cleaning activewear washed but not cleaned with other items.

They use videos and photos of “clean” activewear of their product swimming in a pool and making the water nauseatingly grey or brown or black, showcasing what they can do that most cannot.

An excellent place to start is to understand a potential USP, and it should be established early in the implementation of the plan.

Conduct Market Research

This will still be at the top of it whenever you are building a product introduction checklist. You want to see what the rivals have out there, how they are being promoted, and how good they are doing.

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What kinds of ad campaigns do your rivals run? What characteristics are illustrated, and what kind of reception do the goods see? Identify your top opponents and recognize how you can stand out.

This can be used to improve or modify your USP, especially if you see new ways to present your product differently. You will also find that the goods of your rivals are listed as “great, but they are difficult to clean,” and if you can flatly clean yours in five seconds, that’s something to remember.

Roll Out a Small Pre-Launch Beta Test

Early testing is so valuable because it helps you try early ideas before spending severe cash to go all-in on one vision or plan that does not succeed.

In some instances, a smart call is to use small focus groups. In addition to their honest reviews, you will find interested members of your target demographic, including existing clients, and invite them to try the product for free.

For their latest in-development pillows, Buffy is doing this. They have recently sent out surveys to some clients to find prospective customers to give input for a very early test of their offering.

You may also use hyper-targeted Facebook Ads using close regional or preference constraints to find survey subjects or determine your new product’s response and interest.

Carefully track the exercises and then use the knowledge that you learn to adapt. Make sure you ask the customers about the products, how they used them, and what they felt about the ads.

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Creating the landing pages & listing items

It’s time to get any landing pages and product listings up and running after realizing how you want to sell your product. Get them ready to go to the site for acceptance and get some marketing campaigns submitted to the ad managers.

You don’t have to launch anything publicly yet. It will help if you plan your promotional campaigns to be accepted by the system but do not start until you are ready for them.

If you like, you can also make your product listing page unfindable, delete it from Google’s search console so that it is not searchable and keep it out of your current web navigation menu. However, you do want it ready to go, so do this early.

Have Your Launch Calendar Ready

It would help if you got your launch schedule set before you start launching your promotions. Know just what you plan to do for the big public release so that when the time is right, you can begin marketing it in advance and have stuff in order.

Make sure you have a clear beta test planned and clear timelines at this stage for when you need the data back. It’s also nice to have consistent internal timelines, so training and testing is often easy to meet. True perfection, though, is a myth, so remain responsible for the current calendar unless there is legitimate product protection or malfunctioning problems.

During this stage, go ahead and build a checklist for a product launch for any single thing you need to do from this stage on. Stuff can be unpredictable and change swiftly, but there is nothing you want to fall through the cracks.

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Roll Out a Beta-Testing Larger Platform

Next, you are going to do a beta-testing wider-release scheme. You should reach out to influencers and more clients, stressing that you want their truthful input and ratings. If required, be prepared to change the campaigns and plan because even if it’s a late game, it’s nice to do it before the goods are publicly launched if necessary.

Ideally, to raise FOMO and fuel early interest, aim to exploit exclusive beta-testing spots. If they are not approved for the beta tests, people should register on an email list to be updated until the software is available.

Ensure Everything Is Ready

Make sure everyone is primed before the rollout begins going out. For the first expected wave of revenue, do you have enough inventories? Are they open, and do you know how long it’s going to take to restock them?

Are the systems for shipping in order?

Is the latest product educating the sales staff and customer care and tech support, learning how it operates, helping consumers, and using it?

Dropshippers would also want to make sure that the supplier is prepared for a significant number of orders, mainly if you rely on the supplier to have adequate quantity in stock. Let them know what is to come and how many orders you receive.

Start Running Launch Announcements

Announce that you will be launching the latest product soon via email campaigns and social media, at least one week earlier.

As soon as the product opens, note that there might be limitations on the goods. It can take advantage of shortages and will help fuel early sales. Do this to build more awareness early on using social, email, and Facebook ad promotions.

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If some influencers are talking about your product, ask them to do so right at the launch so that individuals can quickly start buying. This decreases the possibility that they will press, see that it is not yet available, and write it off.

Have an Official Launch Event

It’s launch day for the product or launch week for the product! Having an official product launch celebration of any kind will help to kick things off correctly.

There are too many different ideas to remember for a successful new product launch, including the following:

  • Short Facebook Lives explaining how the commodity can be used
  • A product-related webinar you are launching
  • Social competitions that can create social facts when collecting lead data to raise excitement and social buzz; a giveaway of the new product can be used as the primary reward
  • If you have a brick and mortar shop with a few prizes or product demos, in-store activities

Make sure that as much excitement as you can is created, using each network to the fullest.

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