Shoes Factory Manufacturers in China and India Tips

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It is not easy to determine the quality of the products you want to sell. Even more difficult is the process of determining quality shoes.

This is something you should not do. Instead, you must learn how to research the best shoe factories and inspect shoes.

You aren’t going to inspect every shoe you sell. It’s not practical. Instead, do a ground check on factories you are interested in partnering with to determine if it’s worth the effort.

This means you will need to master two skills:

The first is how to research the best factories, and the second is how to inspect shoes for quality checks.

This article will teach you both. You can even find marketplaces that connect the top shoe factories around the globe.

How do you check the quality of a shoes?

To pick the right shoe from a shoe shop, you need to have the ability. The skill is easily learned. Let’s first look at the shoe inspection grades before we get into the checklist.

Definition of shoe inspection quality A,B, and C

i. Shoes of the A-Grade

Shoes of grade A are shoes that have no defects in functionality or cosmetics. They are high quality and have been made with the correct workmanship. These shoes look great and won’t cause any harm to their wearers. This type of shoe can be sold easily in your store.

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ii. B-grade shoes:

This is a shoe that has minimal cosmetic defects but no major defect in functionality. It is possible that they may have some workmanship issues and it might not be repairable. If you have such shoes in your shop, it is likely that you will face difficulties selling them. However, they can be sold to markets that are able to tolerate cosmetic defects. You might need to offer discounts to get them sold. Your customers will lose trust in you and you may end up with losses.

iii. C-grade shoes:

Shoes with significant defects in functionality or appearance are classified as C-grade. They are not needed in your store and can cause injury to the wearer. They may have problems with their workmanship, or the materials they were made from. They cannot be repaired and should be destroyed. Even if they are not obvious defects to your customers, you should not allow them to be sold in your store. It is not your intention to cause injury to your customers.

The next question is: How do you inspect shoes to classify them into these grades of quality?

How to check the quality of a shoe

i. Check the packaging of your product

The first step in evaluating the quality of a shoe is to evaluate its packaging. This checklist is for checking the packaging.

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Does it come in the standard packaging that is used for this model?

Are the contents of the packaging damaged? Is the security seal intact?

Is the shoe in the correct size box? Is it in a smaller package?

Does the product description on the packaging match the product?

And last but not least:

Are the hang tags identifying the product properly?

If you are unable to answer the questions, there are many reasons to doubt the authenticity and credibility of the shoe.

There you will find the following:

ii. Follow this checklist to open the package of your shoe.

Are the shoes the same size?

Are the shoes of the left and right equal in size and color?

Hold the shoes bottom-to-bottom to check the shoe’s length

iii. Check the shoe symmetry

This is done by holding the shoes bottom to bottom and checking that the sections are aligned perfectly. Then, turn the tops over. Verify the alignment of all the parts of your shoes. Verify that the same shoes have the same color and size.

Check the symmetry by holding the shoes on the heels with the toes facing inwards.

iv. The inside of the shoes should be inspected

This is the final step in the inspection.

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Is the shoe’s interior clean?

Are the wrinkles present in the lining?

Do you feel any bumps, lumps, or glue when you rub your hands on the shoe’s lining?

If there are any rough stitches, feel around the toe cap

Check the inside of your shoe for the following:

Sports shoes

Check if your footbed is straight.

Make sure it fits properly.

For leather shoes:

You should check to see if there are any nails or staples on the item that could cause damage.

How to make a conclusion after an inspection

It is a fact that if you plan to buy a lot of shoes, it will be difficult to check each one.

Let’s say you find some defects in the shoes you checked. Now what?

It seems safe to say that the problems you discovered (if any) cannot be reproduced in the rest stock. Or, if there is a problem with the stock, it is the same as the rest?

These are difficult questions to answer.

It is important to note that only one worker can work in a factory operation. There is a good chance that a particular section of the shoe will have defects. This is why you should not do business with the factory.

How to get into the High-Quality Shoe Factory

Conduct your research online

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The internet has all the information you require.

Globalization is becoming more common. The internet makes it easy to find out about all aspects of eCommerce without ever having to travel.

Google can help you locate shoe factories close to you, depending on where you live. Before you step foot in their warehouse, check to see if they make the shoes you want. You can also find the information on their site.

How can you narrow your selection among all the factories that are available in your search?

See the customer reviews

Customer reviews don’t lie. This is based on the actual comments of customers who have used their products. It is likely that the products they sell are high-quality and you will enjoy them.

However, if there are a lot of complaints, you should avoid the factory like you would avoid a rattlesnake.

Information gleaned from customer reviews is generally considered to be insider information. These reviews often reflect the actual factory.

Refer to the established market or B2B directories for recommendations.

You can also get recommendations from established Business to Business directories or marketplaces to help you find the best shoe factories.

Before listing factories or suppliers on these sites, they often verify their authenticity and credibility.

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Working with them will save you time and help you get information from different suppliers.

These sites include:


Another marketplace where you can find the best shoes factories based on your needs.

This marketplace has thousands of suppliers from every product niche that you can think of.

Made-in China has compiled a remarkable list of 219 150 factories, focusing on shoes factories and manufacturers. These factories are trustworthy. They care about maintaining their market reputation. They will not recommend any manufacturer that makes compromises on quality. This saves you the hassle of going to different factories, only to find out that you might end up in the wrong factory.


You can also trust The Hong Kong Trade Development Council for recommendation of shoe factories. It was founded in 1966 to facilitate international trade. There are up to 50 offices worldwide, with 13 located in China.

You can search for shoe factories on the HKTDC website. Many factories are available to do business with you. You can find the best manufacturer and supplier for shoes of any design if you’re looking to buy in bulk. The fact that all the suppliers are competing on one market will be a plus. They will be able to lower their prices and market their products to attract customers. This will allow you to find the suppliers who offer the best deals, and save you a lot.

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iii. IndiaMart

IndiaMart is a destination where you can do your research on high-quality shoes. This Indian marketplace screens and lists the top factories in India. If you’re looking for products other than shoes, the marketplace may be of assistance.

They will help you find the best factories for shoes. This is equivalent to them doing all the work. They first verify the credibility of the manufacturer before they recommend them to you. Instead of searching for factories in your area on Google, you can go to IndiaMart’s website and search.

You can conduct your research by going to the website and searching for shoes. Then filter the results according to business type. They’ll do the rest, and will recommend quite a few of them. You can then choose the deals that interest you.

iv. might be a good option for you if you are looking to find high-quality shoes factories around the globe. This marketplace is a huge success in China and around the globe. It’s easy to use their website and find a supplier near you. They only list factories that are highly skilled in their craft so there is no concern about the quality.

These factories are certified by a variety of internationally recognized certifications, including the ISO and BCI. They are sure to be a pleasure to work with.

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Last words

It’s natural to insist on the high quality of products you sell in your shop. Your success is directly related to the quality of products you select. This is the most important aspect of customer satisfaction. We recommend that you only choose suppliers from known marketplaces, especially those mentioned in this guide.