Why and How to Dropship Watches with Tending Products List

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Last Updated on September 23, 2020

Why dropship watches?

Watches have been around for thousands of years. But the watch industry is facing turmoil at the moment, triggered by emerging technology and eCommerce. It means it’s an excellent time for online entrepreneurs to start selling electronic watches and taking a slice of the $40bn market.

There are great things about watches, and it has a wide choice of styles and functions. There are conventional analogue watches, electric watches, smartwatches and more. There’s plenty of room for different price points, from expensive, high-end watches to cheaper, regular observations too. Watches are perfect for dropshipping since online sellers have so many entry points, and it’s a market that has stood the test of time.

How to dropship watches?

Next, you need to determine what types of watches you want to sell online. It’s a highly competitive market that is dominated by a lot of major brands, so it’s essential you zero-in on a specific niche. Maybe you want to sell wooden watches, or watches for people who are spending a lot of time outdoors, or fashion watches for women? There are so many different niches to choose from.

Also, what end of the market you want to be in-high-end / expensive, low-end/cheap, or somewhere between? You may be able to ride the wave of a new trend, given that watches are continually evolving. Follow these three steps to get your dropshipping journey underway once you know what niche you want to concentrate on

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Best Watches To Dropship

Leather Strap for Apple Watch

This could be targeted in the tech scene towards the male professional who is currently wearing an apple watch but who wants to retain a classic professional look.

Stainless Steel Strap for Apple Watch

The stainless steel bands, a kind of cousin to the leather watch belts, act as a modern alternative to the leather straps, probably providing an even more formal look or a more professional look in some industries.

Military-Style Nylon Strap for Apple Watch

The nylon watchbands in military-style will be more suited to tech-centered military or hunting styles. This customer has also probably bought other hunting or military-leisure wear, such as the bracelets that unravel into long string pieces. This product and design may be of most significant appeal to the demographic, young adult male.

Simple Everyday Watch

These watches can be worn in any environment or circumstance and are flexible. These are potentially most attractive to the younger adult male demographic who are looking to update their watches but are either newer to the watch world or are on a budget. Appeal for this client base by targeting ages 18-30

Sports Strap for Apple Watch

These sports bands are being sold at higher prices, similar to Milanese brands, so they would serve as cheaper alternatives for fitness enthusiasts. This could be sold as a bundle despite the lower price point, for those who wish to swap different colors to suit their outfits.

High fashion watches

The addition to high fashion is typically something that would be exclusive to middle-aged or older people. Younger women may also enjoy a similar look, with lower price points.

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Sparkly Watches

These watches are intended to stand out and feel like a younger one (less-luxury and more hip-hop). Most likely, this drug would cater to more adolescent females in high school or even university.

Women’s Luxury-Style Watches

This look at the watch is more for the young adult woman who goes out in the evening. The less extravagant watches might be supplements to work-wearing professional attire.

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