EPROLO VS Aliexpress Which is Better For Dropshipping?

AliExpress is a key player in dropshipping. It is almost impossible not to mention it. EPROLO is a platform that can source and import products from AliExpress. There are some differences. Which one is better for your dropshipping business? You might find the answer in this comparison between AliExpress and EPROLO.

EPROLO vs AliExpress Dropshipping Business Model

Before you can compare the websites, it is important to understand what dropshipping is. Drop shipping is an option that online shop owners use to fulfill orders. They can run an ecommerce store without having to keep inventory. They need an experienced business partner to help them manage their products and ship them to customers. There is no upfront cost. Dropshipping suppliers are contacted by online business owners when they receive their orders from stores. The supplier will then forward packing and shipping instructions to the suppliers. Dropshipping suppliers will handle order fulfillment. Dropshipping is a business model that involves suppliers and ecommerce store owners.

EPROLO and AliExpress both support dropshipping. There are differences, however, between the platforms, particularly in how they handle order fulfillment and finding products.

EPROLO Dropshipping

What is EPROLO’s dropshipping business model and how does it work?

EPROLO, a Chinese AliExpress Alternative, is a platform that’s primarily for those who run ecommerce shops. It acts as a wholesale marketplace that allows dropshippers to import products and start selling online. The platform also handles order management, payment, and fulfillment. It is free of upfront costs and fulfills all requirements for dropshipping.

EPROLO drop shipping can be described as a business model that storekeepers can use to provide a single-stop solution for their online businesses.

How do I find dropshipping products for EPROLO

Drop shippers are often faced with the challenge of finding products to sell online. EPROLO offers more than 300,000 products in 107 product categories. These include Fashion & Clothing and Jewelry & Accessories. They also cover Cars & Motocycles. Beauty & Health. Sports & Outdoors. Phones & Accessories. Home Improvement. To better serve dropshippers, the platform has hand-picked Top 100 dropship products. It also updates its trending products every week. Trending products can be used as inspiration. EPROLO offers great products that ship to the US. These items are faster to ship and have shorter delivery times.

What is EPROLO?

EPROLO Dropshipping services offer add products to stores, auto sync store orders and source products. They also include packing, shipping, tracking, branding, and packaging. It can be used on platforms such as Shopify and WordPress.

People can find various dropshipping products on the EPROLO dashboard. To import items, click the button Push to Shop. Orders placed in the online shop will automatically be synced with EPROLO for fulfillment. After confirming shipping information, storekeepers will be able to make payment. EPROLO will then pack the dropship items in its warehouses and send them to customers. Once the package has been shipped, a tracking number will be provided. Dropshipping shop owners can also track the status by clicking on the number.

EPROLO is a dropshipping agent. You can source it from AliExpress or other wholesale websites. These links allow users to import AliExpress products. They can also use the EPROLO Chrome extension. In the next step, ecommerce business owners will need to submit a request for sourcing. The platform team will then visit the product page and verify the item before quoting it. The order fulfillment process follows the same procedure as above.

For branding services, contact customer service to personalize gift cards, scotch tapes and packaging boxes. Shopify store owners can upload their logo to order custom packaging under Account > Custom. It is possible to sell your own products. EPROLO has launched a Print on Demand platform. There are many POD products available. You can also create your own designs. After the design is complete, you can export your own trending products to shops.

Dropshipping with AliExpress

What is AliExpress’ dropshipping business model and how does it work?

AliExpress is an online ecommerce site that sells over 100 million products. Its home page has thirteen main categories. It is one of the largest marketplaces in the world due to its large collection and numerous products. Dropshipping with AliExpress is a great idea because of this advantage. What is AliExpress dropshipping exactly? It’s an online business model where AliExpress suppliers fulfill AliExpress products.

How do I find dropshipping products for AliExpress

AliExpress sells the best-selling products in fashion, phones and offices, as well as jewelry, beauty, toys, and other accessories. AliExpress has compiled a list of top sellers. It has identified the top-selling items in several categories. It is helpful to view the sale volume.

Dropshipping is not possible for all products on AliExpress. AliExpress suppliers often require minimum quality. Drop shipping orders are not accepted by them. It can be difficult to find dropshipping products via AliExpress. As dropshipping business developed, the inconvenience becomes more and more protruding. The website launched a product research tool in order to better serve drop shipping businesses. This is AliExpress Dropshipping Center also known as AliExpress Booster Program. It is a great way to search for products without having to contact customer support to confirm if they are dropshipable.

What is AliExpress Dropshipping?

Dropshipping can be done with AliExpress for any type of store: WooCommerce, Shopify, and others. How can ecommerce store owners dropship with AliExpress? There are two options.

Dropshipping apps or extensions are available.

These people can assist with the import of AliExpress products to your store. EPROLO is one example. This extension allows for such a service. AliExpress allows users to import products. To view the product in EPROLO Import List, click the icon to the right of it. EPROLO makes it easy to pay for an order. The platform will then pack and ship your product. This means that you can order AliExpress products in EPROLO.

AliExpress Dropship Center

There is one thing that you should know before using it. AliExpress’ dropship center and AliExpress booster program are product research tools. Dropshipping products can be found from various AliExpress sellers. You can also view the sale volume. It is not possible to link it with your store, or pay directly. How do you use AliExpress Dropshipping Center

First, create an AliExpress account. Login to the AliExpress center to search for and add products to your store. You can search by image or hot selling products, as well as the sponsored products section. You can search for items using product categories, delivery times, ePacket, and free shipping in the section of hot selling products. You will also find the product price, order quantity, and rating. You can click the one that interests you, and it will take you to the product page. Search by image: Upload an image to search and find. The sponsored products section does not contain any information.

You will need to add the product you wish to order to your cart, and then pay using AliExpress.

EPROLO vs AliExpress Delivery

Ecommerce businesses must consider delivery. This section will compare the shipping options, delivery times, and tracking.

EPROLO Delivery

EPROLO has warehouses located in China and abroad. Dropship products are shipped from EPROLO’s warehouses. There are four main expresses offered by the platform: US Express, UK Express, CA Express and AU Express. Shipping options are numerous. You can ship products by DHL or USPS. You can choose one based on shipping costs and other factors.

EPROLO’s delivery times can vary depending on the shipping option and country. A package usually takes between 5 and 15 days to be delivered. The time it takes to deliver a package if shipped from a US warehouse can be reduced to between 2 and 6 days. EPROLO also offers a shipping guarantee to users in order to prevent any loss due to logistics.

The website makes it easy to track the status of your package. Once the product has been shipped, EPROLO will update your tracking number. EPROLO Orders allows users to view the tracking number. After clicking the button, it will jump to its status page.

AliExpress Delivery

AliExpress offers over twenty shipping options. It uses AliExpress Standard Shipping and ePacket. Express and UPS.

AliExpress shipping times range from 4 to 60 days. It all depends on the options used by the supplier. Dropshipping companies use many shipping methods to ship their products. AliExpress sellers offer free shipping to draw attention. They will consider shipping costs and destinations. AliExpress sellers may use slow shipping methods to lower shipping costs. It could take several months for the package to reach its destination. For example, ePacket shipping takes 18 to 40 business days. It is therefore important to find good AliExpress sellers. This can reduce the chance of delivery delays.

AliExpress offers two shipping tracking options. The first is to track it within orders. To see the status, people can go to My Orders > Track Orders. You can also use third-party platforms like Cainiao or 17track.

EPROLO vs AliExpress Affiliate Program

Affiliate programs are available on many e-commerce websites. This program aims to increase the number of people who sign up for the site. Participants will usually receive an exclusive link and the opportunity to earn commissions.

EPROLO Affiliate Program

EPROLO Affiliate Program can be joined for free. Register on the platform to get your affiliate link. Participants can then share the link with other people and earn commissions.

EPROLO offers 2% commissions for every order. This is how it works: Commission = Order Amount x 2. You can see the total commission and order amount in My Account > Affiliate. People can also receive additional invitation fees. Each Shopify store that is registered through the link will receive 200 E-Coins, which can be converted into $2.

EPROLO only supports PayPal to withdraw commissions

AliExpress Affiliate Program

Portals Affiliate Program is another name for AliExpress’s affiliate program. It is free to join. Participants can promote products, events and APIs.

Commission rates vary depending on the type of promotion and the product. You can earn product commissions on tens to millions of products. Participants need to log in to Portals Affiliate to view the Payment Center. The average site conversion rate is 3.5%, according to statistics. Reports can be used to view income.

AliExpress does not support withdrawal commissions. Instead, AliExpress supports international bank transfer. There is another thing you should be aware of. Participants should not withdraw if the balance is greater than $16. There is a $15 processing charge.

EPROLO vs AliExpress Review

EPROLO Reviews

EPROLO currently has 910 reviews and a 4.7 overall rating on Shopify App Store. EPROLO’s most prominent advantages include fast shipping, helpful customer service and ease of use. To see more comment details, please click here.

AliExpress Reviews

Dropshipping beginners may have a question: is it a good idea to start dropshipping with AliExpress? The pros and cons of AliExpress are essential to help you decide the right answer. It will help to read comments.

Oberlo and DSers are the dropshipping platforms that AliExpress uses to review dropshipping. The advantages often mentioned are the large product categories and quality. AliExpress’s high traffic and reliable refund policies are another advantage. The disadvantages are not to be overlooked. There are many complaints about slow shipping times and poor customer service. Shopify App Store has more reviews.