Fashion Jewelry Dropship Program Manufactures and Review

Fashion Jewelry Dropshipping

AlamodeOnline, located in California, is your one-stop online fashion jewelry wholesaler. At marketable wholesale prices, we sell a wide variety of fashionable fashion jewelry and accessories for women and men, including rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, hair accessories, cufflinks, money clips, and more. You can depend on our standard, and we are confident that working with us can provide you with the best online shopping experience possible!

Furthermore, assists beginners in starting businesses. Our low MOQ strategy is beneficial to small companies and ordering and importing customers, as it eliminates the risk of overstocking. You will be provided with excellent services, goods, and fundamental marketing and business expertise as a customer of ours. We’ll also help you market and sell your products as a retailer.

We also launch a new Drop Shipping Service feature to offer a unique service to those who sell on Facebook, social media, and other platforms.

Corporate Responsibility

Although we pledge to provide the highest-quality goods and services to our customers, Alamode is committed to upholding established standards in all areas of industry, including products, jobs, and the environment. This is why many of our clients have chosen us as their business partner for years, because we manufacture our goods ethically, provide a pleasant work atmosphere for our workers, and reduce environmental degradation.

Product Name:

We follow quality guidelines as well as legal product quality and safety criteria. In addition, we only work with ethical suppliers in their business practices and adhere to both normal and higher standards of human and labor rights, fair treatment, healthy working conditions, and environmental effects.

As a result, we need our suppliers to adhere to the same standards as we do. The Supplier Code of Conduct contains more detail about our supplier practices.


Our corporate culture is built on the principles of equality and sustainability. We work hard to ensure that our workers are happy and passionately engaged in a good, clean, respectful, supportive, optimistic, and diverse workplace. Alamode will not tolerate child labor, harassment, bullying, or any other unfair or unlawful treatment or action in our company, and we expect our business partners to follow these guidelines as well. We will ensure that workers are paid by industry rates, at the very least the legal minimum wage and that their daily working hours are by national legislation. At Alamode, we assist and support our employees in gaining the experience, skills, and abilities they need to succeed in the future.


We built this online wholesaling platform for our clients to search through items and place orders instead of providing paper catalogs, which is how most wholesalers do business. But, more importantly, we make certain that our manufacturers do not use hazardous chemicals or substances that could endanger the health of our workers, customers, or the environment.

Exclusive to Alamode

The range made entirely of TK316 stainless steel is the most popular of all Alamode product offerings. We first introduced the TUSK collection in 2011 and later expanded it to include TUSK for Men and TUSK Color. In 2017, a brand-new line named DAVAO was launched to all female customers seeking affordable, long-lasting, dainty, and timeless elegance. These TK316 family collections have been designed to meet the needs of a wide range of customers. For our goods, we use 316 stainless steel of the highest quality. The hypoallergenic jewelry is not only stunning, but it also has the following features that make it appealing:

  • Medical, surgical, kitchen, and even jewelry use heavy gauge welded components.
  • Because of the 2-3 percent, molybdenum material resists corrosion and is even more resistant to harsh corrosives.
  • It’s scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, dull-resistant, and deform-resistant.
  • Bright, gleaming, durable, and cost-effective
  • It’s very easy to clean and maintain.
  • Manufacturing method that is helpful to the environment
  • The nickel release test was successful.
  • Vacuum/ion plating is an environmentally friendly finishing process.

The Basics of Drop Shipping

Create a platform for your goods.

You can import product details in Excel format from our inventory list (which is updated hourly). This data can be used to import items to your website or marketplace and save no-watermark product photos and descriptions for advertising purposes.

Place items in your shopping cart

If you enter your customer’s address as the “send to” address, your item will be shipped “blind” with your store name but no branding or invoices. The best part? There are no extra handling costs! The price listed on our website is the price you will be charged.

Add your logo to the packaging (Optional)

You can customize each item we drop ship with your logo for just $8.99 a month, and each order will be shipped using our premium packaging materials. To learn more about our White Labeling Service, click here.

Maintain the profit

Customers place orders and pay the retail price, and you keep the benefit from the difference between the retail and wholesale prices.

We ship directly to you.

We pack and ship your orders to your customers in the United States for you, with no Alamode branding or pricing details so that you can concentrate on the important stuff! Dropshipping Review

What Is the Meaning of Jewelry Candles?

There are a plethora of ways to make extra money today. I’d never heard of Jewelry Candles before recently… and yet, here’s another business that pays commissions for product recommendations. What exactly are Jewelry Candles? So, in this analysis, I’ll tell you who they are, what they do, and whether or not this is the make money opportunity you’ve been searching for.

Jewelry Candles is a non-multilevel marketing (MLM) direct sales company (multi-level marketing). Instead of operating like a pyramid scheme, Jewelry Candles operates more of an affiliate marketing company.

In a second, I’ll go into affiliate marketing (and what it is), but first, let’s take a closer look at Jewelry Candles.

I should clarify that Jewelry Candles are not the same as Jewelry in Candles.

Jewelry In Candles is a very different business, and I’m not sure if it’s still operating. Their social media accounts haven’t been changed in a while, and the domain is reportedly parked… as if they’ve taken down their website.

Jewelry Candles (no “In”), on the other hand, is still going strong… However, there is a lack of presence that makes you wonder if they are having difficulty.

Jewelry Candles started on Facebook in 2012, inspired by Willy Wonka. They now sell a range of items on their website and through their network of distributors (mostly candles with jewels, as you would expect).

Their candles are hand-poured in Louisville, Kentucky, and delivered all over the world.

Jewelry Candle Reviews

Jewelry Candles, in my view, has the potential to grow into a fantastic business. The product and the market potential have piqued people’s attention. In addition, with their Cash Candles and slimes, they’ve shown their inventiveness.

However, when you dig deeper into Jewelry Candles, you’ll notice a distinct lack of presence.

They seem to be interested online, as shown by their use of social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. However, based on the fact that they never respond to customer questions and complaints, I believe they either outsource this job or use automation tools.

They also don’t seem to have much personality. That is to say; they do not attempt to present themselves on their website. On Instagram, you can find the odd image, but you have no idea who created the business, who runs it, or who comes up with new ideas…

All seems to be a little empty if you know what I mean.

However, failing to respond to consumer complaints and concerns is unquestionably a major problem. Although, of course, Jewelry Candles has its supporters… not all reviews are negative.

Jewelry Dropshippers Manufacturers

prjewel is a leading sterling silver jewelry dropshipper and jewelry dropshipping supplier headquartered in Hong Kong. We should be at the top of your list if you want to gain a steady income from 100% genuine solid silver jewelry dropshipping in the long run.

This post will go over how silver jewelry dropshipping works and what you can expect from dropshipping companies like PRJewel.

Dropshipping is a new way of making money online that many online sellers have found to be very effective. Dropshipping is “a retail delivery process where a store does not hold the items it sells in stock,” according to this Shopify step-by-step guide. Instead, when a store sells a product, it buys it from a third party and directly ships it to the customer. As a consequence, the merchant is never exposed to or in contact with the product.”

Let’s pretend you want to make money by dropshipping silver jewelry. You’ll need to start by contacting a silver jewelry dropshippers company like PRJewel. We are a silver jewelry manufacturer and registered wholesale dealer who will directly ship any single item orders placed through your store to your customers.

As the retailer, we will provide you with all of the marketing materials you need for your shop, including details, images, and specifications. Of course, you are free to use this on your website as you see fit.

This product details will be dependent on the silver jewelry’s market value, so you’ll be buying it from us at wholesale prices and pocketing the difference. As a result, when you receive an order and call or email us with the customer’s order details, we will ship the product directly to your customers.

Dropshipping can be traced back to Toyota’s Just-In-Time production scheme, which was first implemented in Japan and is now used worldwide. Since you don’t have to bring any inventory as a retailer, it’s a perfect way to save money and – danger.

Using to drop ship silver jewelry, you can save money on labor, inventory, packing, and shipping. The majority of your time and money can then be focused on promoting and growing your company while we handle the information.

Dropship Crystal Jewelry

Mineral Kingdoms

Minerals Kingdoms is a drop shipper based in France that sells natural stone jewelry, raw and polished artefacts, and natural minerals. On request, we can create custom jewelry that is ideally suited to your needs.

Minerals Kingdoms is a white-label dropshipping provider that manages the logistics from order to delivery without requiring you to interact with the end customer. Our goods are designed for merchants, e-retailers, occult shops, and bookstores who want to increase their revenue without spending a dime!

As a distributor or reseller, dropshipping with Minerals Kingdoms helps you to market our goods, jewelry, and natural stones without having to invest in inventory and ensure delivery to your customers.

The pricing strategy for Mineral Kingdoms’ dropshipping scheme is as follows:

  • The prices of the reseller or dealer must be at least equal to those of the website
  • The reseller is free to charge a higher price for the items.
  • We don’t want any unfair competition among our resellers, so we prefer complete transparency for your customers!

Dropshipping is a method of delivering goods.


Items purchased from the Minerals Kingdoms store by your customers add them to your shopping cart.


At the bottom of your ‘basket’ list, you’ll find your discount. The discount of 30% is applied automatically.


So that you can ship and distribute your white label order.


As soon as you’ve finished adding your customer’s items to the shopping cart, place your order.

As a drop shipping wholesaler of semi-precious stones, Minerals Kingdoms also offers professionally personalized jewelry to its resellers. Is there anything unique your client wants? Whether it’s for women, men, or children, we’ll do our best to meet it through our dropshipping program. Our bracelets and necklaces are all handcrafted in France and can be made to order. So apply for drop shipping today and start selling our goods on your website.

Dropshipping Jewelry Shopify

The response can be summed up in three words among jewelry professionals:

Self-purchase by women. Female self-purchase refers to the rising trend of women buying jewelry for themselves in increasingly large quantities. In addition, women are much more likely than men to use the internet. That means we have a burgeoning target market for jewelry, in an industry worth roughly $70 billion and rising at a rate of about 3% per year.

Dropshipping is ideal for attracting female jewelry shoppers who choose to shop online. Here are three explanations for this:

  • Shipping: Jewelry is a perfect commodity to dropship because it doesn’t take up a lot of packaging space and is lightweight. Your shipping costs would be relatively low due to the small packaging.
  • Sizing: One of the benefits of selling jewelry online is the ability to size it. Unlike clothes, most consumers do not need to put on any piece of jewelry to see how it fits—this aids in the attraction of impulse purchases.
  • Variety: There is a huge selection of beautiful and unique jewelry available on Oberlo for a wide range of prices. You can quickly add new or different pieces to your shop, allowing you to provide more jewelry options to your customers if you see a lucrative new market opportunity.

We’ll begin with three basic pointers.

Vet Your Supplier

It is said that buying jewelry is an emotional purchase. Consumers purchase jewelry to celebrate special events, as gifts, or simply because it is attractive and makes them feel good.

Presentation is Key

The following point is about presentation. When it comes to choosing whether or not to sell jewelry online, first impressions are crucial.

Beautiful Product Photos

After your company is up and running, go ahead and take some stunning product photos. When shopping for jewelry, people like to have an emotional reaction to the piece.

Jewelry Dropship Program

With AV Diamonds’ dropship software, you can optimize your market, time, and benefit. By selling fine diamond jewelry online, AV Diamonds hope to assist companies like yours in increasing annual sales and income. For authorized participants, we make it simple: you list our items, make the sale, submit your order to us, and we’ll take care of the rest. This allows you to concentrate on what matters most to your company: customer service and sales development.

AV Diamonds provides over 5,000 diamond jewelry items for retailers and online stores to dropship. We provide high-resolution photos, documentation, complete support, and direct shipping to customers so that our members can concentrate on selling.

Several Points to Consider

  • To position orders and receive assistance, work with an appointed account representative.
  • It doesn’t matter whether you sell one or a million pieces. There are no minimum order requirements.
  • You must pay your way. Request for free exchange credit or use a debit/credit card.


Submit your orders to your personal account manager. We’ll take care of everything else!


Most orders made before 3 p.m. CDT are shipped the same day. There are certain restrictions.


All items ordered through our Drop Ship program will arrive in regular packaging that is not unique to the product. These are high-quality jewelry boxes that can significantly increase the value of your customers’ purchases. Depending on our supplier’s availability, our packaging can change.

Is Dropshipping for You?

Yes, if you’re looking for a low-cost way to expand your online business. This is also a versatile choice if you already have an online jewelry store and want to sell more models than you can stock! For more information, see our program details.

What Do We Have to Give You?

  • AV Diamonds manufactures over 5,000 exclusive items.
  • All of our product photos are available to you.
  • API can be used to integrate your website or e-commerce platform.
  • In the majority of instances, full product names and comprehensive item details with keyworded descriptions are given.
  • Orders received by 3:00 p.m. CDT will be sent the same day or the next business day. (Some restrictions apply)
  • The items are wrapped in a fashionable gift box and transported safely.
  • A manufacturer’s assessment certificate is available as an option.
  • Conflict-free gemstones and diamonds are available.
  • Guaranteed for life (conditions apply)
  • Return policy: 7-day swap or full refund (conditions apply)