How to start your Shopify Dropshipping store with zero money ?

In this article, we will discuss various thoughts in which you can at present become your Dropshipping store regardless of whether you don’t have cash or on a tight budget. People often come up with queries like how to start Dropshipping without any money or they often say that they don’t have any money for Dropshipping. We will talk about many ideas about starting your Dropshipping business when you are on an extremely tight budget. This article will be very helpful for you if you want to start your business with very less money.

1 – Make proper use of basic means like mobile and computer

On the off chance that you have these means of innovation that just makes you a piece of social construct. If you think that you still cannot start your business just because you don’t have money then you are lying to yourself and everyone out there. And on the off chance that regardless you make excuses about not having cash, you are deceiving yourself. If you are reading this article we already assume that you are keenly interested in starting and developing your own Dropshipping business with the use of Shopify.

A lot of Dropshippers suggest that the minimum budget that is required to start a Dropshipping business is $779. When we break down this budget, most of the money from this amount includes Facebook ads (You can assume that $500 goes for Facebook ads) the other $200 is for order fulfillment. If you genuinely want to get started and scrap Facebook ads you only need $79 dollars. Yes, we mean it. We will cover how you need $79 in this article further. If you are wondering from where will you get this $79 or even $779 then we are here for you. We will talk about this concern too.

We have a more important thing to discuss before getting on any further and the thing is the mindset.

2 – Use your Minimum budget

As we have already indicated the minimum budget to begin a Dropshipping business is seven hundred seventy-nine dollars. You can use five hundred dollars for your Facebook advertisements and two hundred dollars for requests satisfaction.

In any case, in the event that you consider accomplishing something imaginative you can really begin your store with seventy-nine dollars.

3 – Set your mindset

Mindset is the most important thing when it comes to starting any kind of business. if you are unable to pull yourself out of underconfidence, self-doubt, and risk aversion, then even $779 won’t help you in your business and you won’t be able to do anything.  You have to dispose of you under certainty, hazard avoidance and sold questions. Regardless of whether you have seven hundred seventy-nine dollars and have all the above weaknesses, you cannot develop your business. You should be prepared for a wide range of difficulties before beginning your business.

Back in the early 2000s, when the e-commerce business didn’t see any boom, it was hard to start a Dropshipping business. Things were relatively tougher than today. There was no start-up culture or Flipkart or not even Dropshipping gurus. People who forced their mind face all kinds of challenges have become successful Dropshippers. These people became successful because they never gave up due to any setback.

4 – Make use of step by step systems and strategies

In today’s scenario when the internet is loaded up with step by step directs. You should simply to pursue the free information accessible on online forums and YouTube.

There are so many successful Dropshippers today who started their business just with the help of a dial-up connection. There was no 4G speed internet. People have to do browsing and searching for hours for getting to know small things. But these people who are successful Dropshippers today never gave up.

There are also people who started their business with $0. So, you need to be very persistent in your steps. Don’t give up.

5 – Arrange funds

On the off chance that your budget is extremely tight and you have time you can work for some freelancing work to earn some great measure of cash. There are heaps of independent ventures that are offered on the web in the present situation. Continue fabricating your abilities and work on an ever-increasing number of activities. Each and every dollar is important for saving some funds four business. So, don’t let go of any opportunity of earning even a small amount of money.

Always remember that you should keep building your knowledge. You can work on even more projects with the help of that knowledge and skills so that you can get more income. You can then invest that earning into other businesses like affiliate marketing and digital products. You must invest all that you earn through freelancing into Dropshipping.

Things are very much easy as today’s scenario is the golden age of digital marketing. So, it’s not very hard for you to start up your business. You have to do is to set up your mindset and give your best.

Marketplaces like Fiverr, upward, Facebook groups and Craigslist have a group of people who are willing to pay you to get their jobs done. You need literally zero money to join these groups and work for these individuals. Everything depends upon how much time and money you are ready to invest, what kinds of skills you have and what kinds of projects you are interested to do.

You basically have to sell your skills. You don’t have any lack of opportunities for jobs. You can easily avail jobs like excel entries, research, becoming VS, editing videos, designing logos, social media management, content writing etc. you can just go on a search for the best job that suits you.

You can also start working with someone who is already running a Shopify Dropshipping store and help them and get a good amount of payment. You are very much able to get these things done. So, stop making excuses.

6 – Work in groups

Form a group with five of your friends and do some good research about different businesses online. Now that you have ideas from five different people, it will be easy for you to run one store. You can them divide the budget of your store within five people. This will not put much burden on you when you have four other people to share the store budget, and obviously, the profit will also be divided into all five people.

Isn’t it an amazing idea to start your Dropshipping business when you genuinely want to do it? Also, when five people are working on one project, you have a lot of benefits like faster research, you can add products faster, you can test products in less time, and basically you can do every task in relatively less time than working alone.

There are many ways apart from just Facebook ads and Instagram influences in which you can sell your products. Once you start your Shopify store select the product that you want to sell, post it on Facebook groups with the permission of the group admin, offer them commission if they ask for one. You can also post about your products on Facebook pages related to your niche.

Make sure these pages have thirty thousand to forty thousand likes as more the audience the page has, the more sales you have. Be active in forums, contact Snapchat influencers, and pitch your products. All these tasks will cost you zero dollars and all the sales that you get will give you a huge profit. However, we highly suggest you to do everything very ethically. You must not spam these places with your product ads. This will really maintain the name of your brand.

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