5 Simple Steps: How To Start A Dropshipping Business On Ebay ?

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Last Updated on September 14, 2020

How to start an eBay Dropshipping Company

Starting the eBay Dropshipping Company was one of the best things I’ve ever done with online work during my career. I was initially skeptical about eBay, but it was one of my most successful Internet companies ever. Ebay is great for companies that want to start making money online through a low-risk system with a good return.

The eBay market is very large and continues to grow daily. They continue to grow their customer base and sellers are increasingly making full-time revenue on the platform. If you learn how to do it correctly, you can also start eBay and earn a full-time income over the period. This isn’t too difficult, but to succeed on the platform you need to know a few things.

Let me explain what eBay Dropshipping is before I get into the details of what you need to do if you want to be successful in eBay Drop Shipping. EBay Dropshipping is a business model where salespersons’ list products on the eBay market without seeing, storing or touching the product. All you need is to find an item to sell from a trusted provider, list the product for profit on eBay and start selling. The business model is very simple, but it works. A simple video that explain dropshipping in eBay .

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Now I’m going to take you through a few simple steps to set your benchmark on starting an eBay Dropshipping business.

Finding Your Niche:

You first have to decide which type of product you are going to sell before you actually start your eBay business. Will you sell in one, two or three or different categories? Are you interested in the products you sell on request? Is it possible for you to participate in the competition for this product? As you can see, you first need to answer a number of questions. If all these questions cannot be answered right now, you may need to do some research in advance.

You can do your research in several ways, either using the eBay marketplace itself, or using tools and software designed to do so. ZIK Analytics is among the most popular. But if you can say yes to all the above questions, we can move on to step two.

Create Your eBay and PayPal accounts

You’ll need an eBay account and a PayPal account to sell products on eBay. These can be installed freely and the process is very simple and easy. You will need to enter your business information such as your credit card details and your eBay and PayPal addresses. One important thing is that when you start eBay you have a certain sales limitation on your account.

  1. The amount of items you can sell in your first month on eBay will be limited. If you’re a good seller, this will increase every month.
  2. You won’t have immediate access to it when you sell your funds. Usually, a few days after your items have been received by a buyer, eBay releases your funds.
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These are temporary limits. Ebay protects its customers against fraudulent sellers. Thus, vendors on the eBay platform need to build a reputation.

Suppliers & Sourcing:

You’ve done your research now and you’re clear about the kinds of products you’re going to sell. Next, you have to figure out where those products will come from. Hundreds of providers are available to you and this is very dependent on your niche as different suppliers offer different types. Amazon, Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Sears, Doba, Salehoo are among the most popular eBay suppliers. These are just a few examples of where you can access the products from the source when you start an eBay drinks company.

Most of the above suppliers are bigger ecommerce giant, meaning you don’t need their authorization or before you’ve approved them to use them as suppliers. But starting to use suppliers like Doba, Salehoo and similar wholesale websites as dropshippers is a much more tedious task. You wish to contact this supplier using wholesale suppliers, negotiate and confirm minimum quantities, prices and payment methods. You are ready to start listing your items when all of this is finalized and agreed.

List Your Selling Products:

The listing of your items for sale does not differ greatly from the organization of the brick and the mortar shop on the right shelves. This is your opportunity to impress your visitors and help persuade them to shop. The quality of your listing is a crucial factor in the amount of sales you make. The eBay list creations have four main elements and are:

  1. Complete title optimization
  2. A Quality image
  3. Product description in detail
  4. Best price in market
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Complete Title Optimization

Shoppers are looking for keywords; please give great titles to your products. This determines how many visitors you are visiting. A free tool to help you build a good title called the DSM tool.

High Quality Images

Quite often the images of your supplier will be good enough to show your eBay store on their website to show them. However, in some cases, images may be too small based on the eBay specifications, so a photo editing tool may be required to increase image sizes and possibly increase brightness, etc. Please note that the pictures are your product and you want to talk about the high quality as you see a potential customer.

Product Description

Make sure you have a detailed product description written in readable format. Give no more than 250 words and no less than 200 words of information you can about the product. Use paragraphs and bullet points to make it easy to consume. Take your product description as your sales pitch and use it to share the benefits of the product you are trying to sell. This will increase your sales substantially. DSM Tool has really nice description templates.

Best Price in Market

Don’t pay too much for your items. You want your products to be priced at a time when you profit after paying Paypal and eBay fees, but you don’t want to be priced off the market. Look at the competition and try to align as much as possible with it. But in a price war, don’t enter the competition. Fix and stick to the desired profit that you want to make on your items. Pro tip: 10 percent net profit is considered to be ideal.

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Managing Your Business:

As you can see, starting an eBay Dropshipping business is not that difficult. However, there are a few key things you need to know about and do if you want to make long-term money for your business. Even if you’re easy to do things, you may lose your business faster than you actually started if you’re not doing things right.

E-commerce markets like Amazon and eBay are brutal when it comes to sellers operating on their platforms. They have strict customer experience policies, meaning you must always offer the best customer experience. If you don’t, your sales account will strike and your business will suffer a single strike.

Some of the things you need to take into account when running your eBay store is that your stock levels and price changes need to be continually updated to remove order cancelation from your seller account. To have too many cancelations is the easiest way to remove your selling privileges. But managing these adjustments manually is almost impossible. The fact that many newbies try to do this manually is the majority of the failing eBay dropshipping companies. However, all this can be solved by using a tool called Dropship Management Tool or, shortly, DSM Tool, which eliminates manual processes from your company. This tool automatically drops shipping for you up to 95 percent of your business in eBay.

Another very important thing for you to know and understand in running your eBay business is the importance of good customer service. Their feedback system is one of eBay’s main customer service factors. Good service can help you boost your eBay company during and after sales in a short time. EBay also allows you buyers to receive feedback as a seller whenever you make a sale. Make sure you use the opportunity to leave your feedback because it can encourage the buyer to return a feedback. Feedback helps you build trust with buyers and definitely helps you sell more on eBay. The more positive you get, the more you promote the eBay algorithm in your store.

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So you’ve got it there. These are the steps you need to take when starting an eBay dropshipping company.

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