7 Certified and Approved eBay Dropshipping Suppliers

Do you have a hard time to discover drop shipping providers to partner with?

If you are a seller, we may too see some ebay authorized dropshippers as follows.

Here we will suggest finest ebay wholesale dropshippers which are authorized by sellers for your ecommerce company. Here we go!

These are drop shipping business that eBay have evidence their work is excellent and with them you are ensured that your bundle remains in safe hands and will be gotten in good condition. Here are ebay dropshippers list.


Seeking for a drop shipping directory where you can list down suppliers and manufacturers, then SaleHoo will serve the purpose. It is based in New Zealand that came into living in the year 2005. 

When asked from the team of SaleHoo as for why it is distinctive from other drop shipping companies, then here is the answer – 

On this site, we propose all our customers with an extensive range of goods with immense variations with around 75 categories. Not only this, but each and every products that you will find here are also gone through quality check from the experts and are certified for authenticity. 

The product category holds 1.6 million products along with more than 8000 suppliers with no end to the categories. The site provides categories like electronics, fashion, furniture, cell phones, etc. Though there are continuous categories, it won’t be troublesome to help you in cutting down your required products. In addition, many tools are also obtainable to make the selection of any amount of order. 

In this stage, you might be willing to apprehend whether your selected product niche be able to perform in the market like eBay, Amazon, etc.? For this, product analysis tools, market research labs, product discovery tools etc. are brought in purpose. 

Coming over the legitimacy, in this website, you will get a prospect to enjoy a certified product with the guarantee of not getting involved in scams or defect. Seeing from the broad scale, very few companies are only giving such options. 

To begin the work with SaleHoo, you will have to open up your pocket to pay 67$ USD for a year. But if you are unsatisfied with the service, then 60 days money-back option is open. As well as, 27$ monthly additional online store is also available. 

For assistance, the website offers 24-hour chat service, email support in order to boost the know-how about the services, and so on. 


Looking for a seamless platform to learn drop shipping, then Alibaba will fulfil your dream. Where it has countless product categories, the site might be harsh for the new businessmen too. The listings are willingly made by the sellers and manufacturers who do not own their own site and have restrictions with the use of language. Also, the mode of payment is mostly wire transfer. Plus, it is complicated to say that the order will be fulfilled as expected either. 

Dropping to AliExpress or the site of Alibaba 

If you have ever used Amazon, then there won’t be any kind of difference. AliExpress is a Chinese form of Amazon but offers every product at cheapest rates that will reach the customers within 2-3 weeks. 

Unlike Alibaba, here you will be benefited with credit card transfer along with review and ratings, making the orders more trustworthy and organised. When it comes to deciding the product, you need to rely on the reviews, and your gut feeling as no search engine will come into prospects. 

The eye-catchy features of AliExpress are 

  • It will not cost you with any single penny and is free for all
  • The contact support service of this site is impressive as it works the whole day and night without any disruption.
  • If a customer faces any problem, the team of AliExpress solves it immediately without giving any false commitments. 
  • It can be used along with Oberlo and Shopify store to automate the process of sales. It will automatically decline the manual process. 

Are there any drawbacks of using AliExpress; well, there are a few – like the delivery time might get extended to a month or so. The reason behind this involves at least two weeks for the products to reach in the United States. The slow delivery process can cause declination in sales, and the driven traffic might run away where Amazon has come up with one-two day’s delivery. 

Plus, if multiple products are being blended from different sellers, then it won’t be possible to club them together. Therefore, the customer might get one package in a week, and the other might take a month. This activity could annoy the customer as well.

If we see from the wholesome aspect, AliExpress offers a great deal for all the drop shippers who are just starting with their business. With no membership charges, complete buyer protection, easy to begin with rusted suppliers, no communication barrier, it is effortless to bang on in any niche. 

Worldwide Brands 

Came in the year 1999, Worldwide Brands is acknowledged as “grandfather” of all the wholesale supplier’s directories. It was created by Powerseller Chris Malta of eBay.

It has its own procedure of bringing the list of directories with 8000 plus suppliers. The website performs trade shows, reaching the factories, investigating the products through the eyes of experts to gain legitimacy. The only obstacle that you will face with this site is its lifetime membership fee of 299$. This range of price will inevitably stop many of the drop shippers from entering the site. When compared with other sites like Doba and Salehoo, the price is high. 

When you connect with WWB, it will designate with you a list of directories to distinguish the products. Together with the information required for the name of the company, website, address, number, payment mode etc. will be affixed before any order is made. 

The problem with WWB is related with the profit-making – suppose you want to keep a profit margin, then there is a need to make a high number of purchases or else, it won’t meet the purpose. On eBay and Amazon, the proximity of discounts will be low. Now, one of the irritating parts of using WWB is a partnership with other sites like Quickbooks, SellNiches, where the leading site will gain a commission when any purchase is made. Therefore, it tries to sell other related services too. 

It also concedes affiliate sales by offering an upfront fee of 300$ to access a considerable marketing strategy.

The site has enough information for the drop shippers on the subject of starting with which niche, how to sale products etc., which are likely to check out from other areas of the internet too.  

This site is not suitable for the beginners as it might confuse them; it is better to gain info from other websites and then try here. 

Dropship Direct 

Are you serious in making the drop-ship business then, this site has more than 900 suppliers and 100,000 products covering a healthy list of directories at large. 

In the initial days, it is perplexing to choose any one, as the selection process is full-bodied and vibrant. Along with this, here it has translucent and flawless back end feed management program. On the section of pricing, it proffers clear cut access, giving liberty to all its users about asking Minimum Advertised Price considering any product. It starts with the approval of the account. With this, you will get the idea about every product price and profit-making ratio.

It enables the drop shippers to connect with the market of Amazon, Shopify, eBay etc. with Pushlist data feed technology. With the feed, one will get information on the list, photos, specs, description etc. To get this link, you will have to invest 37$ monthly for products more than 1000 in numbers. 

It comes with “white labelling”, means the ordered product will not connect with any kind of promotional matters. The customer will enjoy the product in the name of the drop shipper only. To give the personal feel, the drop shippers are allowed to add their own business or brand label. 

It has a flat pricing policy where all the logistics will be handled by drop shipping at a flat or base rate for 20000 products. If you are a premium member, then benefits will be high with functional automation, limited product line, analysis, and so on. 

To join the site, you don’t have to pay anything, but the application will take some days to get accepted. Once it is done, you will be surprised to ensure an extensive database, tutorials and much more. 

The support time of Dropship direct initiate services that commence from 10: 30 am to 4: 00 PST. They can be connected through emails or phones too. 

For beginners, this site will act as a best friend with giving support with product selection, ease of support, back-end etc. 


Those who are hunting from drop-shippers in the United Kingdom must give a look at TheWholesaler.co.uk because; it is among the largest directories for wholesale products. To curtail down the plethora of categories, it is further divided into sub-categories. As we have just shared, it is for wholesale companies; the site has limited its functionalities. It is why you will not see individual products. Well, if you need such services, the site will let you know about the address and other information of the seller under one tab only.

The site is listed with the wholesalers from the UK only, and you will get to access products from companies such as Disney in terms of licensed products as well. So, if you are starting your drop shipping business in the UK and staying here itself, then don’t miss on this site. Those who are not from the UK can look for other options. 


This site has its eyes only on large amount orders means wholesale, and the site belongs from China. Therefore, you will not get to see any minimum order options here. 

Consequently, if drop shippers are looking for large orders with private labels, then this site is the suitable one. 


Toptenwholesale can be recognised as a connecting podium where wholesale suppliers, importers, distributors, resellers from any genre can meet with a view to connect with buyers. Also, it has marked its name as a trustworthy whole trade podium worldwide. 

There are a surplus of products and suppliers listing but is deficient in the purification of the categories and navigation. Moreover, all the products have to be purchased from the site only through bulk options. Consequently, if you are beginning with drop shipping and have less of industrial know-how, then it will be confusing at first. 

Toptenwholesale has a verification process as well for the drop shippers who need legitimate products only. Besides, it works along with many US-based suppliers too. 


All the buyers who are observing it hard to validate genuine suppliers can reach WholesaleCentral; one of the oldest directories offering cost-free search and limitless contact options. 

This site is a subsidiary company of Summer Communication, Inc, which is a trade magazine known to makes money through selling listing to other companies. 

You will not be asked to create a registration account from this site and will be given access to the database. If you do this, “Product Locator Service” will get open with reliable suppliers too.

With this site, you can check around many suppliers who turn out to helpful for you when met directly. Hereby, it can be taken as an opportunity. 

Can you identify bogus or fake wholesale drop shippers?

Discovering a fraud drop shipper is intricate as the web is filled with many of such kind. Therefore, if you are associated with directories, it would be easy to list down the trusted one. Don’t get amazed if you get bumped into the clutches of fake ones who are after your money. Hence take every step meticulously. 

How should I pick and choose an excellent wholesale supplier?

If you are relying on the directories to find suppliers does not mean, your business is in safe hands. A lot needs to be done because coming with a shortlist of suppliers is performing the half work and that’s all. You are supposed to validate every bit of the task. 

The verdict 

Drop shipping is gaining remembrance all across the planet, but it is also clubbed with two principal difficulties and it is finding genuine products and genuine suppliers. 

With the aid of drop shipping directory, you can master the task of establishing your drop shipping business. Also, this process is admired among the most trusted one to hold the suppliers. 

The list shared above, which includes leading 8 supplier directories, will propose you a helping hand, but the decision belongs to you.