How To Start eBay Dropshipping? Easy Instructions

What is eBay Dropshipping?

Merchants usually keep a stock of the products they use and then purchase these items wholesale from manufacturers at a wholesale rate. Dropshipping removes the need for stock, and allows sellers to buy wholesale items from the manufacturer at a wholesale price before selling them online.

Dropshipping in eBay: What does it mean?

While eBay sells many items you might not know that eBay sellers sometimes do not deal with stock or maintain it.

They source their products from an online seller at wholesale prices and then list the sourced products in their own eBay shop. Dropshippers will often provide exact images, descriptions and titles for many sellers.

Once a sale has been made, dropshippers will fulfill your order. The dropshipper will ship the product directly to the customer via their dropship company.

Dropshipping allows you to ship the goods directly to your customers. You act as a middleman between the customer’s and the provider.

Dropshipping via eBay is permitted provided that the seller guarantees shipment within a month of the listing being completed. All shipping costs and quality are the responsibility of eBay locations.

Anyone can dropship from eBay. You will need to choose the items that you wish to sell and then source them from a wholesaler.

Dropshipping won’t bring you much if you only sell one product. Volume is the key to dropshipping success. Dropshippers make only a few dollars per sale.

Dropshipping is affected by timing and logistics, pricing, marketing, timing and logistics.

Dropshipping can be a great way for you to sell your products without actually owning them.

Once you have chosen a reliable order fulfillment provider, you can create your eBay listings. You have the option to choose when, how and where to market your listings.

After you have placed your products on eBay, and begun selling them, it is time to establish and maintain a great relationship with your customers. This involves fulfilling their orders quickly and handling any problems that may occur.

Dropshipping on eBay: Benefits and drawbacks

Dropshipping via eBay is a more cost-effective option than setting up an ecommerce shop.


It’s Easy. Dropshipping on eBay is simple. You only need to create an account and begin your first listing. It doesn’t take much to set up an online shop, blog, or website.

Marketing is easier with less effort. Your eBay listings will be visible to many online buyers. This will save you time and money on paid traffic and SEO.

More traffic means less work. You will be able to sell more products quickly and get the best price by having a larger audience.


Be aware of the costs. eBay charges a small listing fee (the first 50 listings are completely free) and 10% of the total price (called a “last cost”. Due to dropshipping’s low earnings margins, these charges can quickly add-up. Dropshipping is a great way of making money. Volume is key.

You can make fewer changes. You can modify less items on eBay. However, this can make it difficult to distinguish yourself from other sellers.

It is important to keep track of all your listings. You must keep track of all your listings if you want to ensure that you have the necessary volume to make a profit from eBay sales. You can use online tools to make the process of re-listing easier.

You decide where to focus your efforts when selling wholesale products online. Dropshipping via eBay is a great way to make income for many sellers.

These are our top tips to set up a dropshipping business on eBay.

How to start an eBay Dropshipping Company

The eBay Dropshipping Company was one of the best things I did online. Although I was initially skeptical about eBay, it is now one of my most successful Internet businesses. Ebay is an excellent option for companies who want to make money online, with low risk and high returns.

The eBay market is vast and growing every day. The number of customers they have continues to grow, and eBay sellers are making more. If you have the right skills, you can make your eBay business a full-time job. It is possible to start eBay and make a living from it, but you need to know how to maximize the benefits of the platform.

Let me first briefly explain what eBay Dropshipping is. EBay Dropshipping is a way for salespeople to list products directly on the ebay marketplace without ever touching, storing, or seeing them. Simply search for the item you wish to sell, then find a reliable seller and post it on eBay. It’s easy, but it works. This video will explain dropshipping on eBay.

Let me now show you some steps that will help set your standards when you start an ebay Dropshipping business.

Finding Your Niche:

Before you can start an eBay company, you need to decide which product you want. Are you looking to sell in one, three or more categories? Are you interested in selling the products you offer? Would you be interested in taking part in the product contest? You will be asked several questions. If you’re unable to answer all questions, it may be necessary to do some research beforehand.

You have many options for conducting your research. ZIK Analytics is the most popular. Step 2 can be started if you answered yes to the questions above.

Create an eBay and PayPal account

You will need both an eBay and a PayPal account to sell on eBay. These accounts are simple to set up and can be used at any time. You will need to enter your business information. This includes your credit card details and your eBay or PayPal addresses. Enter your business information such as your credit card details, and your eBay or PayPal addresses.

  1. In your first month on eBay, you will not be able sell more than one item per day. If you’re a successful seller, this will change.
  2. You won’t have access to your funds immediately if you sell them. eBay typically releases funds within a few business days after receiving the items from a buyer.

These limitations are temporary. Ebay offers protection to its customers against fraudulent sellers. Ebay sellers need to have a good reputation.

Suppliers & Sourcing:

After you’ve done your research , you know what products you want to sell. Next, you need to determine where these products are coming from. There are many suppliers, but it all depends on the niche. Different suppliers offer different products. Some of the most popular eBay suppliers are Amazon, Walmart, and Target. When you start an eBay drink business, these are just some of the places where you can purchase the products directly from the source.

These suppliers are often larger ecommerce businesses so you don’t need to ask permission. Dropshipping with suppliers like Salehoo and Doba is more complicated. This supplier can be reached via wholesale suppliers. Confirm minimum quantities, prices and payment methods and negotiate. After all of this is done and agreed upon, it’s time to start listing your items.

List Your Selling Products:

The listing of items for sale is no different than that of brick and mortar stores on the right shelves. This is your chance impress your customers and convince them to buy. The quality of your listing is key to how many sales you make. You need to consider these four factors when creating an eBay listing.

  1. Optimize your title completely
  2. Images of high quality
  3. Product description in detail
  4. The best price available

Title Optimization

Keywords are what shoppers search so make sure to include descriptive titles for your products. This will tell you how many people have visited your site. You can create great titles with the DSM tool, which is a free tool.

High Quality Images

Many times, images from your supplier will be good enough for display on your eBay store. Some images may be too small to display according to eBay’s specifications. You may need a photo editing tool to adjust the image size, brightness, etc. You are selling your product and should speak about its quality to potential customers.

Product Description

The product description should be clear and easily readable. The maximum length of the description should be 250 words. You shouldn’t give more than 200 words about your product. Bullet points and paragraphs make it easier for people to understand. To create a sales pitch, use your product description. This will increase your sales. DSM Tool has some great descriptions templates.

The best price on the Market

Your products shouldn’t be too expensive. You should price your products so that you can make a profit after paying eBay and Paypal fees. But you don’t want your products to be too costly. Look at the competition and try to align yourself with them as much as possible. Do not get into a price war. Your profit goals for products should be kept in mind. Tip: It is ideal to make 10% in net profits.

Tips for eBay Dropshipping

Reduce your work

High sales volumes are essential to gain a competitive edge, and earn income via eBay Dropshipping. High volumes are important because the margins for earnings are often very low, and can sometimes only be a few dollars per sale. Online sellers want to be able to offer the best value in a quick time. Each listing will require you to process it individually. This means that there is more work involved.

This will make the process easier and less time-consuming. You can then make the listing as you wish. If necessary, you can handle fulfillment and return handling. You can avoid having to relist by setting these eBay listings for a longer period.

Rates Authority

eBay is a popular online marketplace where buyers can find the lowest prices on products. Dropshippers might have to address this issue, as the final price of the products may be different. However, there is an upfront charge.

eBay listing fees can reach 10% of the listed price. This could reduce your earnings margins.

There are many ways you can maintain your revenue. Dropshipping allows you to select to use your product at an agreed price. This will help you to make the income you want.

Another benefit of the Purchase it Now option is that injection costs can often be repaired at a lower cost, regardless if you have a private or multiple-item list.

If you wish to allow eBay buyers to bid for your items, you can set a reserve price. This will help you increase your revenue potential. This is the lowest rate an auction seller will accept.

Reserve rates can lead to insertion and final worth cost differences so make sure you adjust your reserve price accordingly. This function can help ensure higher earnings but it can be annoying for online buyers as the client won’t see the reserve cost.

The best way to manage your margins is to have a high starting price. This will ensure that your repair costs will be covered. You should consider the cost of your provider (including shipping and taxes) and eBay’s listing fees.

This calculator will help you estimate the cost of your eBay listing.

Accessibility Guarantee

Dropshipping is a great way of making money. It can be challenging because you don’t have to keep stock. Dropshippers make the biggest errors when they fail to ensure that products they list on eBay are still in stock.

This can lead to costly errors that can prove frustrating for online customers. This will make it difficult to attract repeat customers.

Avoid selling out-of stock or discontinued products by inspecting the stocks of your provider regularly to see what is in stock. Also, you can determine what is moving fast due to low quantities.

Your providers can provide daily reports that will help you keep your clients happy.

To be able to differentiate yourself from your competitors, your service must be trustworthy. Customers who are unhappy with your service could put your shop in serious danger.

Guarantee Fulfillment

You have made sure that your products were available. Now it is time for you to delight your customers and fulfill all orders efficiently and quickly. eBay is a marketplace that many sellers use to sell their products every day. Credibility is therefore important.

Fulfillment can be difficult as it is possible to lose the order. Although it is possible to ship orders from clients to your provider, this all depends on them following through.

If your current provider isn’t reliable, it’s time to look for another supplier.

Trustworthy suppliers will ensure that your products arrive quickly and keep you informed about any changes. This will enable you to notify your clients about any delays or concerns.

There will always be concerns. However, if you keep in touch with your consumers and providers, negative feedback will be kept to a minimum.

Look out for unreliable providers

While there are many dropshippers online, many dropshippers stop working to properly assess and inspect the products they select before selling on eBay. This can lead to problems, such as delayed shipments and poor-quality products.

The client may not go to you to get the product they need, but they do want you to deliver the product in the time they require.

Even if the provider is negligent with an order, the customer can still see you and respond negatively to your evaluations. Online directories are great for saving time and providing lists of providers that have been thoroughly screened for quality and reliability.

Establish strong relationships

Dropshipping can be more profitable when you have repeat customers. It is essential to establish and maintain strong relationships with your customers in order to encourage them to return for future orders.

You can start building a solid track record by taking the steps discussed now: making sure the products are available, working with honest and trustworthy providers, and ensuring fulfillment is always at the top of your priorities.

Respond quickly and expertly to any issues that may arise. Avoid severe reactions or psychological reactions, even if the customer is insane.

Although tensions may ease, the negative reviews will not. If you provide the best experience possible for your clients, you will quickly establish a loyal customer base.

Time Your Listings

Timing is everything. A significant influence on the success of an auction is the day and time of the week.

Peak traffic hours seem to be the best time for your eBay listing. Higher traffic volumes can result in a quicker sale and higher revenue margins.

Listings during peak times may also be more competitive. Slow website speeds can make it difficult for potential buyers to bid on your listing.

This is especially true when the auction is closing. It’s hard to make money if your customers can’t reach your listing within the deadline.

Balance is the key to timing eBay auctions. Balance is key when it comes to placing your items in an auction.

It is important that you consider your target market. Who is most likely to be interested in your product and why? When do they shop online most often?

Traffic to eBay, for example, is concentrated between 4-7 p.m. PST on Saturdays or Sundays. For a better bid, clients with more technical knowledge may opt to avoid these times.

Consider who could buy your item and what their schedules might look like.

Look at the eBay listing history to determine the best time for you to place future products. The traffic patterns can help you determine when your products are most in demand.

It is vital to track your movements

It is usually easy to track your plan with eBay customers. Simply share your UPS, FedEx and USPS tracking numbers with them. If you need to ship an Amazon Order directly to a client with Amazon Logistics, this is where things get tricky.

Amazon Logistics orders are fulfilled by Amazon, not UPS, FedEx, or FedEx. They typically have a tracking number that begins with TBA and is followed up by 12 numbers.

These shipments can be problematic as you will need to log into your Amazon account to track them. You cannot track the delivery of your eBay clients.
Furthermore, Amazon’s TBA tracking number is not considered legitimate by eBay. It will be impossible to prove that a product was shipped during a conflict between eBay buyers. This is because neither eBay nor the purchasers have any way to track Amazon Logistics delivery.

To ensure your delivery tracking is feasible, it is better to work directly to providers. This is far better than buying items on Amazon or any other site that might have similar issues. SaleHoo is an online directory that can help you locate reliable providers.

Amazon can also be used to dropship. You must ensure that your Amazon Logistics TBA tracking numbers have been converted into eBay-approved numbers.