7+ Best Online Course Platforms for Students

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You’re here if you are looking to make your online courses more popular. You will need one of these top online courses platforms in 2022.

Be careful. Let’s not forget what these top online courses are for and what you should look for when choosing your perfect one.

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Our research shows that Teachable has the best platform for you if you are looking for all-in-one features and a pricing structure where everyone can find what they need. Thinkific offers a functional free plan which allows you to offer access to your online courses.

These are the best online courses platforms

We must first ask why you need an online platform for courses. You don’t need to sell your courses via WooCommerce.

The simple answer to this question is yes. Your business can function without an online course platform. You might be able even to do it, but that would be making things more difficult for yourself.

There are some benefits that online courses platforms with the best reputation bring to the table.

  • These tools will give you the ability to create your online course quickly and easily. You don’t need to be a web designer or coder.
  • They handle the technical aspects of the setup such as web hosting, user access rights control, basic security (for client/student data), and so on.
  • These allow you to directly sell access to your courses through the platform without having to deal with complicated payment gateway setups manually.
  • You can build your courses on many of the top online platforms, and you also have a marketplace to list them. This basically gives you an audience.
  • Some of the following best online course platforms are specialized to serve specific types of courses/students/niches. You can find a platform that feels tailor-made to your business.
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What should you look for in these top online courses platforms?

There are many benefits to using the best online courses platforms. But let’s now talk about what you should look out for when choosing the platform that’s right for you.

  • If possible, look for an online course platform that is specialized. Some of the most popular online courses platforms will be better suited for specific niches or types of courses than others. A course on plant care might be better suited for a platform like Teachable. Udemy may be a better choice for a course in web design and development.
  • Consider your needs first. You will find the right tools and platforms to help you build your courses on the top online learning platforms. But maybe you require more. Do you want to be able to access a large user base who can search for your course through the platform? Skillshare may be right for you. Are you looking to create a website that you can market freely? LearnDash will work best for this.
  • Are you interested in having the platform manage the payment processing? It is not easy to get users onboard and pay for your courses. You can manage your enrollment, payments online, taxation, and taxes by choosing an all-in one platform.
  • Consider the content your course will be composed of. Video courses are all the rage this year. But maybe your course’s topic is more text-based advice or lessons. You should ensure that your online course platform is optimized for your preferred content.
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The best online course platform that offers all-in-one learning

Types of courses: Text, video, with questions and surveys

Monetization model: You set the price for your online courses and there may be a transaction fee depending on which Teachable plan is selected

All types of courses are ideal for teaching

Teachable is similar to Kajabi in principle. It’s the all-in-one tool that allows you to create, host, and market online courses.

Drag and drop course builders are easy to use, and extremely functional, especially for those who have never built online courses before.

Teachable’s reporting modules, sales tools and any other tools you may find useful (such as student surveys or chats for feedback) are all strong.

Teachable offers many courses and categories, including arts, business, health, academics and business.


Teachable offers a very attractive pricing structure, which could make it an ideal solution for any course company.

First, the plan is free with no strings attached. The only thing that’s different is that there’s a $1 charge + 10% per transaction.

The plans at the higher tiers are:

$29/mo: 5% per transaction

$99 / mo: no transaction fees,

$249/month: No transaction fees and a range of advanced features.

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All plans allow you to enroll unlimited students and offer unlimited courses.

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Teachable will handle all tax implications for you selling courses in the US and EU.


Teachable is free.

The higher-tier plans are priced reasonably.

We handle EU VAT for our clients.

You don’t need any coding or design skills.


There is no marketplace for users that can help you get your course off of the ground.

This transaction fee of 5% is in addition to what your payment gateway will charge.

This is who this is the best for

It is a great tool to help you start a business in education. Teachable offers easy-to-use tools as well as a flexible pricing model that will suit everyone.


The best online platform to sell courses without any fees

Course types: text, video content

Monetization model: You set the price for your online courses

All types of courses are ideal for teaching

Many users consider Thinkific to be one of the top online courses platforms. This platform allows you to create and market your courses efficiently.

Thinkific has a wide range of website templates that look great and cover every niche. Your course website can be customized to suit your product and needs.

You get all the basics, such as student enrollment, course builder, online payments, student enrollment and progress tracking. There are also certificates, student communities, marketing automation and assessments.

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Thinkific’s pricing is perhaps the best feature.

The best part is that you can set up one course, then make money by selling access to it.

You can upgrade to a paid plan when you are ready for the next stage.

$39/month: Unlimited courses, students, and one admin account. Plus, additional features.

$79/month: Two admin accounts, priority service, private and hidden course, subscriptions, lessons, and much more

$599/month: Five admin accounts, groups and white labelling. API access is available.


You can sell your course for free with no additional fees.

It is a functional, easy-to-use tool.

You can customize beautiful website templates (even at the code level, if you wish).


There is no live chat support for the free plan.

Only the most expensive plan can have white labelling.

This is who this is the best for

If you are looking for a better alternative to Teachable or Kajabi or Podia, Thinkific is the perfect solution. It’s an all-in-one solution that is easy to use and provides access to stunning website templates. You can even sell your online course access with the functional free plan.


Easy to use online courses platform

Course types: text, video, audio, downloadable content

Monetization model: You set the price for your online courses. No transaction fees

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All types of courses are ideal for teaching

Podia is a top choice for online courses. It is easy to use and provides all the features that you need to create and market your course. The price for all of this is also affordable.

All plans include “unlimited everything,” which is pretty much what you would expect.

They are also available to host any type or content-based course. Podia can host any type of course, whether you prefer audio, written content or videos.

Podia will also be a great tool if you plan to offer online courses as well as other digital products such digital downloads, memberships and coaching sessions.

They also offer free migrations for students who are coming from other online courses platforms.


Podia costs $39 per month. This price includes unlimited courses, unlimited enrollments, unlimited students and unlimited membership sales.

Transaction fees are not charged by your payment processor. You can also add additional team accounts for $20 per month.

You can upgrade to the $179/mo or $79/mo plans if you require additional features such as certificates, affiliate marketing modules, white labelling or dedicated support agents.


Great user interface.

It is very simple to use the website/page and course builders tools.

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All plans include “unlimited everything”.

Module for integrated affiliate marketing


Many Podia course websites use similar designs.

This is who this is the best for

Podia is another great option to Thinkific and Teachable. It is affordable, offers all the features you may need, and has the best interface and course/website building tools.


A WordPress LMS plugin which turns your website into an e-learning platform

Course types can include all types of content, including text, video and audio.

Monetization model: You have complete control over how your courses make money

All types of courses are ideal for teaching

LearnDash is an entirely different entry in this list of top online courses platforms. It’s technically a WordPress plugin. WordPress is the most used website engine on the internet.

This means that you will need to first launch a WordPress site, then install the LearnDash plugin to make it an e-learning website.

You get complete control over your product and the freedom to do almost anything with it.

WordPress is well-known for its thousands of themes, plugins and other integrations. These can be used to extend the functionality of your website and make it more powerful and useful.

LearnDash is simple to use and provides all the features that you need to create your course. It’s comparable to other online learning platforms.

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Here is where things get a little more complicated than on the other courses offered by our top online learning platforms.

You will first need to pay for the WordPress core website. This website will be under your e-learning platform (LMS) or learning management system. You’ll need to pay $2.75-$10 per month for web hosting, and $0-$15 each year for a custom domain.

(Note: We recommend Bluehost for this section as you get the $2.75 per month hosting price and a free domain name.

LearnDash costs money. Prices start at $159. You get one license that allows you to create unlimited courses and enroll unlimited students on the site. You will also receive one year of support, updates, and assistance.

This is the best part about LearnDash. Your site will still work after you have stopped paying. Support and updates will cease for you.

You have a lot of options when it comes to charging students for access to your courses. LearnDash offers a variety of payment options, including subscriptions, memberships and bundles, as well as one-time payments.


You have complete control over your website and courses.

You have complete freedom in determining how much you charge for your courses, and what billing model you follow.

Advanced features include assignments, grade books and prerequisites, drip content, focus mode, and more.

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It is a bit more complicated than the other entries in this list of top online courses platforms.

It won’t assist you in marketing your courses as well as other platforms.

This is who this is the best for

LearnDash will be a great option for anyone who wants full control of their website and all the courses they offer. There are many options for pricing courses.

Academy of Mine

Best online training platform for enterprises

Course types: text, video, audio

Monetization model: You set the price for your online courses. No transaction fees

All types of courses are ideal for teaching

Academy of Mine describes themselves as an e-learning platform that can be customized. This means that they are simply more expensive than any other on the list. Let’s not forget that they are more expensive than any other item on this list.

Academy of Mine offers you all the tools you need to create a serious online education site.

The platform’s purpose is to allow you to customize your setup to meet your unique requirements. It’s not an online course platform that can be purchased off the shelf, but rather a tool that allows you to customize your setup to meet your specific needs.

Academy of Mine may still be able to help you if your market has strict regulations and certain laws require that your courses are conducted in a particular way.

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It still has an enterprise-like feel.


Academy of Mine’s entry-level plan is $599/month. The next? That’s $899 / mo.

Once you are onboard, you can create your online courses in any way you like and charge whatever you want.

Academy of Mine places a premium on how many unique monthly users you can have. There are 250 spots in the entry-level plan. It will cost $899 to increase that number to 1,000.


We are ready to meet the specific needs of each course creator.

Many enterprise-level features are included.


It is very expensive to start.

Despite the price tag, you can still receive up to 250 users per month.

This is who this is the best for

There are many options available to help enterprises set up online courses. Academy of Mine’s pricing is prohibitive for most fledgling educational companies.


Fastest online course platform

Types of courses: Text, video, audio and slide presentations

Monetization model: You set the price for your online courses. No transaction fees

All types of courses are ideal for teaching

Teachery is a new player in the online learning market. Their primary selling point is their ability to be a learning platform for beginners.

They provide a tool that is easy to use and simplifies certain interface elements or visible functionality, making it even easier to use.

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Teachery offers excellent tutorials on setting up courses, configuring payments, and tracking course performance.

You can also offer memberships, bundles of courses, and feature-free courses if you wish.


Teachery only offers one tier, with two pricing options: $49/month or $470/year.

Both plans are basically the same, with only two pricing options depending upon which one you prefer.

You can create unlimited courses and enroll in unlimited students for that price.

There are no transaction fees, which is more than what your payment gateway charges. You also get an analytics module, upsells, bundles, as well as recurring payments for your courses, either monthly or yearly.

All features are included in one price.


It is very easy to use.

Excellent analytics module.

There are no transaction fees


There are only two online course templates. This is a benefit because it reduces confusion and makes it easier to get started. However, it’s still quite restrictive overall.

Only email support is available to customers

This is who this is the best for

If you are looking for an easy way to start your career and don’t want to be overwhelmed by the approaches offered by other options, teachery might be the right choice.

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