How To Dropship on eBay? Step By Step Easy Instructions

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What is eBay Dropshipping?

Typically, merchants keep a stock of the items they use on hand, typically acquiring these items wholesale at a wholesale rate from a maker. Dropshipping removes the action of keeping stock, rather allowing the seller to buy wholesale items separately and after that offer these for a revenue online.

Ecommerce sites such as eBay and Amazon enable sellers to position their listings in front of a big audience with very little processing charges.

How Does Dropshipping on eBay Function?

There are countless items on eBay, however did you understand that lots of sellers who are on eBay never ever really deal with or keep stock of the products they offer online?

Rather, they source their items from a different online seller, frequently at a wholesale cost, and list the sourced products in their own eBay shop. Numerous sellers will utilize the precise images, item titles, and descriptions offered by their dropship providers.

As soon as a sale has actually been made, the dropshipper will satisfy the order through their dropship business, which will provide and ship the product to the consumer.

Since the goods are delivered straight to your consumers, you as the dropshipper just functions as a sort of intermediary in between the provider and the customer, sourcing items wholesale and offering them at a great list price on eBay.

Dropshipping is permitted on eBay, offered the seller warranties shipment within one month of completion of the listing. Although the shipping time and product quality are not straight in the seller’s control, eBay locations complete duty in their hands.

Anybody with an eBay seller account can begin dropshipping on eBay! You’ll wish to start by selecting what items to offer, and after that sourcing those items from a wholesaler or other provider that can ensure fast and trusted shipping.

You will not see a big return with simply a couple of sales; the secret to effective dropshipping is volume. Many dropshippers just net a couple of dollars per sale.

Aspects such as prices, marketing efforts, and timing can make or break a dropshipping method.

The greatest advantage of having a dropship shop is that you do not need to remain in ownership of the items you’re offering prior to you note them.

When you have actually sourced a dependable provider to utilize for order fulfillment, merely develop your eBay listings and choose when to publish, how to market, and what cost point you believe will get you a high volume of sales and make a revenue.

As soon as you have actually noted your items on eBay and the sales begin can be found in, your next concern is to construct and keep an amazing credibility with your clients by satisfying their orders and without delay handling any problems that might develop.

Dropshipping on eBay: Benefits and drawbacks

There are benefits and drawbacks to dropshipping on eBay instead of developing an ecommerce shop:


It’s Easy. Dropshipping on eBay is as simple as making an account and establishing your very first listing. There’s no requirement to deal with the inconvenience and expenses of establishing your own online shop or ecommerce blog site.

Less Required for Marketing. Your eBay listings will be put in front of countless online purchasers, conserving you money and time on marketing, SEO, and paid traffic.

More Traffic for Less Effort. The much bigger audience guarantees you make sales more quickly and get the very best rates for your items.


Noting Costs. eBay charges a little charge per listing (the very first 50 listings are complimentary) along with approximately 10 percent of your overall price (called a “last worth cost”). With the already-slim earnings margins through dropshipping, these charges can rapidly accumulate. Bear in mind that the secret to earning money by dropshipping is volume.

Less Modification. Offering items on eBay is a fantastic method to begin an online company, however less modification alternatives for your store and listings can make it harder to differ from your rivals.

Regular Tracking Required. You’ll require to remain on top of your listings if you wish to keep the volume required to generate income through eBay sales. There are online tools readily available that can assist you simplify the re-listing procedure.

Eventually, it depends on you to choose where you wish to position the bulk of your effort and time when offering wholesale items online, but for lots of sellers, dropshipping on eBay is a basic and efficient method to generate income.

Here are our leading ideas for how to establish a dropship company on ebay.

How to start an eBay Dropshipping Company

Starting the eBay Dropshipping Company was one of the best things I’ve ever done with online work during my career. I was initially skeptical about eBay, but it was one of my most successful Internet companies ever. Ebay is great for companies that want to start making money online through a low-risk system with a good return.

The eBay market is very large and continues to grow daily. They continue to grow their customer base and sellers are increasingly making full-time revenue on the platform. If you learn how to do it correctly, you can also start eBay and earn a full-time income over the period. This isn’t too difficult, but to succeed on the platform you need to know a few things.

Let me explain what eBay Dropshipping is before I get into the details of what you need to do if you want to be successful in eBay Drop Shipping. EBay Dropshipping is a business model where salespersons’ list products on the eBay market without seeing, storing or touching the product. All you need is to find an item to sell from a trusted provider, list the product for profit on eBay and start selling. The business model is very simple, but it works. A simple video that explain dropshipping in eBay .

Now I’m going to take you through a few simple steps to set your benchmark on starting an eBay Dropshipping business.

Finding Your Niche:

You first have to decide which type of product you are going to sell before you actually start your eBay business. Will you sell in one, two or three or different categories? Are you interested in the products you sell on request? Is it possible for you to participate in the competition for this product? As you can see, you first need to answer a number of questions. If all these questions cannot be answered right now, you may need to do some research in advance.

You can do your research in several ways, either using the eBay marketplace itself, or using tools and software designed to do so. ZIK Analytics is among the most popular. But if you can say yes to all the above questions, we can move on to step two.

Create Your eBay and PayPal accounts

You’ll need an eBay account and a PayPal account to sell products on eBay. These can be installed freely and the process is very simple and easy. You will need to enter your business information such as your credit card details and your eBay and PayPal addresses. One important thing is that when you start eBay you have a certain sales limitation on your account.

  1. The amount of items you can sell in your first month on eBay will be limited. If you’re a good seller, this will increase every month.
  2. You won’t have immediate access to it when you sell your funds. Usually, a few days after your items have been received by a buyer, eBay releases your funds.

These are temporary limits. Ebay protects its customers against fraudulent sellers. Thus, vendors on the eBay platform need to build a reputation.

Suppliers & Sourcing:

You’ve done your research now and you’re clear about the kinds of products you’re going to sell. Next, you have to figure out where those products will come from. Hundreds of providers are available to you and this is very dependent on your niche as different suppliers offer different types. Amazon, Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Sears, Doba, Salehoo are among the most popular eBay suppliers. These are just a few examples of where you can access the products from the source when you start an eBay drinks company.

Most of the above suppliers are bigger ecommerce giant, meaning you don’t need their authorization or before you’ve approved them to use them as suppliers. But starting to use suppliers like Doba, Salehoo and similar wholesale websites as dropshippers is a much more tedious task. You wish to contact this supplier using wholesale suppliers, negotiate and confirm minimum quantities, prices and payment methods. You are ready to start listing your items when all of this is finalized and agreed.

List Your Selling Products:

The listing of your items for sale does not differ greatly from the organization of the brick and the mortar shop on the right shelves. This is your opportunity to impress your visitors and help persuade them to shop. The quality of your listing is a crucial factor in the amount of sales you make. The eBay list creations have four main elements and are:

  1. Complete title optimization
  2. A Quality image
  3. Product description in detail
  4. Best price in market

Complete Title Optimization

Shoppers are looking for keywords; please give great titles to your products. This determines how many visitors you are visiting. A free tool to help you build a good title called the DSM tool.

High Quality Images

Quite often the images of your supplier will be good enough to show your eBay store on their website to show them. However, in some cases, images may be too small based on the eBay specifications, so a photo editing tool may be required to increase image sizes and possibly increase brightness, etc. Please note that the pictures are your product and you want to talk about the high quality as you see a potential customer.

Product Description

Make sure you have a detailed product description written in readable format. Give no more than 250 words and no less than 200 words of information you can about the product. Use paragraphs and bullet points to make it easy to consume. Take your product description as your sales pitch and use it to share the benefits of the product you are trying to sell. This will increase your sales substantially. DSM Tool has really nice description templates.

Best Price in Market

Don’t pay too much for your items. You want your products to be priced at a time when you profit after paying Paypal and eBay fees, but you don’t want to be priced off the market. Look at the competition and try to align as much as possible with it. But in a price war, don’t enter the competition. Fix and stick to the desired profit that you want to make on your items. Pro tip: 10 percent net profit is considered to be ideal.

Tips on eBay Dropshipping

Reduce Your Work

High volume is the essential to getting a competitive advantage and generating income with eBay dropshipping, as earnings margins tend to be extremely little, typically just a few dollars per sale. Online sellers attempt to offer as much as they can in a brief quantity of time. High volume implies more work, as you should process and satisfy every listing separately.

To simplify this procedure and decrease your work, discover items that can be published as multiple-item listings. In this manner, you’ll just need to make the listing when, leaving you totally free to look after fulfillment and deal with returns when required. Make certain to set a longer period for these eBay listings to prevent the requirement to re-list.

Keep Authority of Rates

The factor countless online purchasers flock to eBay daily is the pledge of getting the very best cost for the products they purchase. This can be a difficulty for dropshippers, due to the fact that while the last list price might vary, the provider charges a set expense no matter what.

In addition, eBay listings need a listing charge plus a portion of the last list price (as much as 10 percent), which can cut into your weak earnings margins.

Luckily, there are numerous methods to keep your revenues. When dropshipping for eBay, you have the choice to set a Purchase it Now noting, which uses your product at a fixed price, indicating you can guarantee you draw in your preferred earnings.

Another benefit to utilizing the Purchase it Now choice is the insertion costs are repaired, typically for a lower cost, no matter if you produce a private- or multiple-item eBay listing.

If you still wish to enable your eBay purchasers to bid for your items, bring the capacity for a greater revenue, you can attempt setting a reserve rate. This is a minimum rate that the seller wants to accept for an auction product.

With reserve rates, insertion and last worth costs will differ, so make certain to change your reserve cost appropriately. This function guarantees much better earnings, however can be annoying to online purchasers, as the reserve cost will not show up to the client.

The very best method to manage your revenue margins is to set a high beginning quote that guarantees you will cover your repaired expenses. Make certain to consider expenses from your provider (consisting of shipping, taxes, and so on) along with eBay’s listing and last worth charges.

You can compute prospective costs for your eBay listing by inspecting its charge calculator.

Guarantee Accessibility

Thousands are earning money through dropshipping on eBay since it removes the requirement to keep a stock, however this can result in some obstacles. Among the greatest errors dropshippers can make is not making sure that the products they note on eBay are still readily available.

This error ends up being aggravating for online purchasers, repeling prospective repeat consumers and developing monetary difficulties for you.

Prevent the risks of offering ceased or out-of-stock products by inspecting your providers’ stocks often to see what remains in stock and what will be leaving their shops quickly because of low amounts.

Gathering day-to-day reports from your providers will assist you keep a credibility of fast and dependable fulfillment with your clients.

Keep in mind, your service requires its credibility to stand apart from the competitors, and dissatisfied customers can rapidly put your shop at risk of being completely closed down by eBay.

Guarantee Fulfillment

You have actually made certain your noted products are offered; now it’s time to keep your consumers delighted by satisfying all orders rapidly and effectively. Credibility is whatever on eBay, where countless online sellers are completing for sales every day, so make certain to remain on track with fulfillment.

The most significant obstacle with fulfillment is that eventually, it runs out your hands. You can send your clients’ orders to your provider, however it depends on them to follow through.

If your provider is undependable, it’s time to proceed and discover another item source.

A trustworthy provider will not just remain on top of shipping the products rapidly, they will likewise keep you approximately date on the status of your orders, letting you understand of possible hold-ups or concerns so you can pass on the details to your clients.

Concerns will undoubtedly emerge from time to time, however keeping in contact with both your providers and your consumers will keep any possible unfavorable feedback to a minimum.

Keep an eye out for Undependable Providers

There are many providers to be discovered online, however lots of dropshippers stop working to effectively evaluate or examine the ones they select prior to trying to make sales on eBay. This error can rapidly backfire in the form of late shipments and poor-quality drop delivered products.

Keep in mind, the client isn’t going to your provider for what they desire– they’re seeking to you to supply them with the products they spent for in a prompt way and in the quality they anticipate.

Even if the provider is at fault with an order, the consumer just sees you and will respond appropriately with unfavorable evaluations or problems to eBay. Solutions such as online directory sites can conserve you time by providing lists of providers that are pre-screened for quality and dependability.

Develop Excellent Relationships

Acquiring repeat consumers is a fantastic method to make sure high earnings margins for dropshipping. The secret to getting your online purchasers to go back to you for future purchases is to construct and preserve excellent relationships with your clients.

Constructing a strong track record starts with actions currently discussed: guaranteeing the accessibility of the products you list, working just with trusted, truthful providers, and remaining on top of fulfillment.

If problems turn up, react to your consumers quickly and expertly. Prevent severe or psychological reactions, even if an upset consumer is snapping.

Tensions will fade, however those scathing evaluations will remain. Aim to offer each of your consumers the most favorable experience possible and you’ll rapidly construct a faithful base of repeat clients.

Time Your Listings

Just like all else in life, timing is whatever. When establishing an auction, the day of the week and time of day can have a considerable influence on your sales.

Timing your eBay noting around peak traffic hours appears to be the most apparent service. High traffic implies more possible audiences, which can cause making a sale quicker and with a much better revenue margin.

Nevertheless, listing throughout peak times likewise indicates more competitors, along with the opportunity that your possible purchasers may not have a possibility to bid on your listing at all because of sluggish website speeds.

This is especially destructive when an auction will close. It’s tough to earn money when your consumers can’t even get to your listing in time!

Balance is the crucial to timing your eBay auctions. Think about the ideal times to note your items and for the auctions to end.

One essential element to think about is your target market: Who would be most thinking about your item? When do these consumers normally do their online shopping?

For instance, Saturdays and Sundays in between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. PST normally see the greatest durations of traffic on eBay, however more tech-savvy clients might pick to prevent those times to guarantee a more effective auction quote.

Consider who may buy your item and what their schedules resemble.

Take note of the history of each eBay listing to figure out the very best timing for future items. Take a look at when your products experience a peak in traffic and determine the patterns.

Make sure Trackability

The majority of the time, ensuring your eBay consumers can track the plan is simple. Simply share your UPS, FedEx, or USPS tracking numbers with them. Where this gets harder is when you ship an Amazon order to a client which order is being provided with Amazon Logistics.

Amazon Logistics deliveries are those that are in fact satisfied by Amazon instead of UPS, FedEx, and so on, and normally have a tracking number that begins with TBA that is followed by 12 numbers.

The issue with these shipments is that, since you require to visit to your Amazon account to track them, your eBay clients can’t track their delivery.
Not just that, however eBay does not think about Amazon’s TBA tracking numbers legitimate. If you require to show that a product was provided throughout an eBay purchaser conflict, you will not have the ability to due to the fact that there is no other way for eBay or the purchaser to track the Amazon Logistics delivery.

The very best method to make sure that your deliveries are trackable is to work straight with providers instead of sourcing your items from locations like Amazon that have these type of problems. Online directory sites like SaleHoo can assist with this by offering you with lists of dependable providers.

Nevertheless, if you do want to utilize Amazon as a source for your eBay dropshipping, make certain you transform the Amazon Logistics TBA tracking numbers into ones that eBay thinks about legitimate.

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