Detailed Guide About Jewellery Dropshipping Benefits and Profits

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Dropshipping Jewellery

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Ahhh, jewellery. If buyers purchase an ensemble for themselves, as an investment item, or buy it as a present for a particular event such as birthdays or Christmas, jewellery for retailers has always been lucrative. So much, within the next 15 years, the worldwide demand for designer jewelry is expected to nearly triple in value. And that’s all high-end quality jewelry, pieces made by premium metal makers and precious gems such as diamonds and rubies.

Fashion jewellery, less expensive pieces made from materials of lower quality, has always been popular, and we expect sales to continue to grow. If you love jewellery, but you’re not one of the lucky ones with the opportunity to do so, then selling it might be a sensible option, whether you want to make a career out of your company or just want to sell on the side.

Why is jewellery outstanding for DropShipping?

We do not blame you if the jewellery is on your radar for your DropShipping business. There are many reasons why jewellery is ideal for DropShipping, but before we get into how to get started, let’s take a look at some of those reasons.

Jewellery items are small

Small products are easy to ship and cheap. Your gross margins are not affected as much as they could be for larger items because you don’t have to pay much on postage. Not just that, they can usually be sent by letterboxes because parcels containing jewellery are thin. Which ensures fewer difficulties with customer care for you to contend with, such as whether a shipment has not been sent, and you can get more occasional reports and questions about receiving parcels from the Post Office.

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Low cost = increased margins

One of DropShipping’s main problems is the fact that profit margins can be razor-thin, with fractions of pennies on each item in some instances. Thanks to the smaller amount of storage space needed and the lower postage costs required, many vendors charge comparatively low jewellery rates, especially fashion jewellery pieces, but those low prices mean that you have the opportunity to market each piece for a little more, raising the total potential income.

Easy to update and capitalise on fashion trends

Did you find a new pattern you did not expect? You don’t have to lose out, since the source is going to manufacture or purchase those products as soon as you see them. It can be effortless to update your range every season if you’re using a DropShipping programme that helps you to collaborate with many suppliers. Creating a wide selection and continually adding new lines can keep the clients involved in coming back for more.

No risk of dead stock

You are not at risk of having to discount products to free up space or funds, because you do not have to purchase stock from your supplier. You are only just getting sales. The dealer takes care of dead stock for you. That means you stop listing certain things when a pattern stops being profitable, and begin recording what will earn you money in the next season. No clearance products and no sales section needed on your website, unless you wish to be there.

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You’re not left with a broken stock

The issue with jewellery is that it can be too fragile, particularly fashion jewellery. That implies that it is essential to deal with twisted necklaces, torn clasps and missing gems. If they are not repairable, or since the cost of the repair is more than the price of another item, it is not worth fixing them, so damaged goods become dead stock. Deadstock is certainly not ideal, as we described above, but it is not a challenge for DropShipping vendors, as the supplier deals with such issues for you.

Your supplier takes care of hygiene issues.

When it comes to products like jewellery for piercings, this is a big bonus. Although washing earrings and so on before wearing them is advisable, many people do not, leaving clients at risk of possible infection. In specific, products need to be appropriately wrapped for intimate piercings, with stickers to indicate that the box has not been opened, for example, to reduce this risk. Fortunately for you, you do not need to think about this problem while you are DropShipping these goods, as manufacturers will take care of this for you.

It is a perfect alternative to other shops.

If you’re already a proud owner of a DropShipping business, maybe selling gift items or apparel, it’s a perfect way to expand your offer to add jewellery to your articles. You should cross-promote jewellery pieces on your website that help to complete an ensemble or use your social media to speak about how buyers can get high-end looks for cheaper, especially with fashion retailers, adding jewellery and other accessories make sense.

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Step 1: Identify Jewellery items to sell

When dreaming about jewellery, the first items that come to mind are always chains, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. They are not the only choices, though! In addition to body jewellery for piercings, chokers, collars, brooches and anklets of various types are in demand.

In addition to conventional women’s jewellery, there is a growing demand for men’s jewellery and even children’s quality jewellery. In particular, if you can find a void in either the domestic market or in another country, you can look at DropShipping jewellery goods from various countries and cultures.

Jewellery groups

If you are already dreaming about selling it, you’re presumably already aware of the distinction between fine jewellery and fashion jewellery. It’s certainly something to be mindful of, especially if you want to sell on markets like Amazon, where category rules are tight. If you sell fashion jewellery in the category of fine jewellery, you can notice your listings being deleted, or your vendor account may be terminated (in the worst-case scenario). Aside from the laws of the industry, if you sell fashion jewellery and have used ‘fine jewellery’ on your website, you are unable to get the right traffic on your website, which means fewer sales opportunities. Let’s quickly take a look at the disparity.

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Fine Jewellery

Strong gold, sterling silver, platinum or other precious metals are usually made from fine jewellery. It is much better than fashion jewellery, which also contains gemstones like diamonds, rubies and sapphires that are natural (not human-made).

Although the prestige indicated making a company selling fine jewellery may be enticing, you might not be able to make the kind of sales you would want using the model of DropShipping. Research shows that most consumers are likely to purchase more costly jewellery goods at conventional retail stores because before making their choice, customers want to touch and feel the consistency of the pieces. While you might be able to buy fine jewellery at a reasonable price, if you sell items in this segment too cheaply, buyers are likely to be suspicious. They think you are selling off cubic zirconia as diamonds.

Fashion jewellery

Fashion jewellery items also referred to as costume jewellery, are made from inexpensive materials such as copper, copper or aluminium-metals that can easily bend and tarnish. They’re mostly plastic or simulated stones, whether stones are used in fashion jewellery pieces. Swarovski crystals often fall under this category, so whether you are DropShipping Swarovski crystals or fashion jewellery marketed by mid-range designers, you could put a class on your website called semi-fine jewellery.

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The demand for fashion jewellery is predicted to rise by 10-15 per cent in 2020, and some analysis indicates that by the end of 2025, the market could hit as much as $52.4 billion, so now is a perfect time to hop in and start DropShipping fashion jewellery.

Semi-fine jewellery

Semi-fine jewellery is not a term that would tend to be used by professionals or authenticators, but it may be helpful to help clients appreciate the style of jewellery you sell. Gold-filled or gold vermeil, and more inexpensive gemstones such as morganite or opals, is also classified as semi-fine jewellery. Cheaper gems that have been treated with heat or chemicals to make them appear more transparent or to change the colour could be used for some enhanced stones.

Some retailers use this concept to fashion jewellery that is of higher quality but is ultimately still fashion jewellery. For mid- to high-fashion brands such as Ted Baker and Michael Kors, that might apply.

What to remember about finding DropShip jewellery

Once you know what kind of jewellery you want from DropShip, you’ll have to start sourcing those pieces. We’re going to have a look at some of those things here, but you might have other things you need to worry about, so use this page as a starting point. There are more things you’ll need to remember.

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shopify dropshipping store set up
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Avoid Fakes

Aside from copyright problems and so on, they are more likely to be made from cheaper products if you are DropShipping fake pieces. If a person who is allergic to nickel ends up wearing an item they believe is made of solid silver or gold, for example, that opens you up to possible concerns.

However, they aren’t the only issues you could get with fakes and clones. You are sure to end up with complaints on social media of how the goods are inferior if you have purchased an identical replica of a designer brand, and it doesn’t take enough uses of the word ‘fake’ to discourage consumers from buying from you.

Take our advice: bogus things are not worth playing with.


While fashion jewellery will almost definitely be anything as trends come and go,’ slow fashion’ and sustainable fashion are becoming more popular with consumers with a greater understanding of the need for sustainability. Customers are searching for things that they will wear and that are ethically made for years to come. We’re talking about tracing materials back to their origins, ensuring that diamonds and Fairtrade materials are used free of dispute, and maybe even recycled materials are used. That may be something you plan to work on, and if you do, make sure you make it evident on your webpage that you’re excited about this. Many consumers want to know that people who earn decent pay and work under acceptable environments, without using methods that pollute the environment, have made their new piece of jewellery.

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Use of plastic

It’s worth taking a moment to speak with your provider on their use of plastic, with an emphasis on recycling being a more significant problem internationally. Customers are always aware of this, whether the plastic is in their jewellery materials or they send in plastic, so ask the manufacturers to minimise their use of plastic if they can. If jewellery can be sent inside a small recycled and recyclable box in a fabric bag, customers are more likely to look at it favourably and make additional purchases from you.

Quality of the products

When you’re DropShipping something, checking your goods is a smart idea. Testing is much more critical when it comes to marketing jewellery. We’re not suggesting you ought to buy one of all your vendors and test it all, but it’s a wise idea to order a few products because you know the quality you can expect from your customers. We recommend buying at least one low-priced item and one mid-range item if you can get so that you feel optimistic about selling the goods of that supplier, and so that you are less likely to face concerns and returns.

Using several vendors

If you’re curating a particular aesthetic or looking for your brand, it might not be enough to work with just one supplier to fill your store. Using several vendors will encourage you to fill your store even more efficiently, and you will be able to continue to trade by selling goods from other suppliers if you find a problem with one supplier. Using a DropShipping programme such as Avasam, which helps you to deal with as many vendors as you want, is the best way to do this, and you won’t even have to pay up-front for many!

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Add-on products

Dream of what else your buyers could be on the market for after you’ve discovered the kind of jewellery items you’re looking for. Jewellery is always offered as a present, so it was nice to make extra sales of other gift ideas such as jewellery storage boxes and travel cases. With various themes, colours, sizes and styles, you can even sell a full selection of these kinds of pieces. Just make sure you include a lot of information in your listings, such as how many earrings they carry, tray depths, and so on.

Although jewellery cleaning products are already popular on the market, consider introducing cleaning solutions, trays and machines to the products you sell. On those things, you might not make heaps of profits, but every sale counts!

Step 2: Find what is trending.

To companies that are DropShipping jewellery, keeping current with trends is crucial. They have a lot of options open to buyers, and they are always looking for the lowest price on the new fashions. You will figure out what the recent trends and styles are in jewellery in many a few ways, so here are some handy ideas to get you started.

Google Trends

Over time and in various areas, Google Patterns will help you recognise the popularity of search words. Mark just took an in-depth look at how Google Trends can help the company, and so we’re not going to go over all that information here. We’ll just assume for now that Google Trends is a pretty useful way to assess whether or not the search word is going up or down.

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Blogs and social media

Following influencers will provide you with insights into emerging developments that clients will want to easily imitate. A great place to start is this collection of top fashion influencers from Who What Wear if you’re looking at mainstream fashion jewellery for your brand. Of course, in virtually every niche, including men’s fashions, there are influencers, so find the influencers you’d love to see rock your DropShipped jewellery and add them on Instagram.

Look for fine jewellers and fashion houses.

While you will be able to identify products that suit your company without looking at them, by having an eye on big labels, you will be able to focus on trends. Track the latest ranges introduced by fine jewellery brands such as Tiffany and Co, Cartier and Bvlgari, as they would undoubtedly lead lower-priced jewellery designs.

Don’t just look at what jewellers do, though. Brands in high fashion and couture may use various kinds of fashion jewellery or come up with a different way to wear an item that sparks a new style. If you are either selling products that suit the trend your supplier has parts that fit the movement, then adding them to your shop will keep the sales going high alongside fantastic social media photos. Know, if you’re using a forum for DropShipping, it could just take a couple of clicks!

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A word of caution, however, don’t be tempted to market knock-offs while you’re looking at goods from high fashion, well-known brands. Things inspired by these labels are great, but there are no out and out copies. Since you are selling an identical replica of a Cartier Love bracelet in a red box and a client complains to them, you don’t need the bother of a copyright lawsuit.

Step 3: Find jewellery suppliers.

If you’re DropShipping, your organization needs to locate reputable vendors. You don’t want to experience bad feedback, but when you’re just starting out, it’s much more essential to stop them. Your popularity depends on them. You can DropShip on markets like AliExpress from sellers (we’re talking about that in a moment), but you’re never guaranteed quality or service. That’s why it’s a smart step for any DropShipper to develop a business relationship with a reputable supplier (or a variety of them) that will offer outstanding customer support. Still, it’s particularly necessary for jewellery sellers.

Platforms for DropShipping

All the time, we chat about DropShipping sites. After all, it’s our business. Since too many Avasam vendors tell us how DropShipping has made it much easier to use our platform, using a platform is undoubtedly a trend for DropShipping in 2020 and beyond. They grant you access to so many other vendors, plus you’ll have the assurance that you would not be left out of luck if there is a dispute with a supplier.

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Suppose you are using vendors on a DropShipping platform. In that case, because supplier stock levels are frequently changed, you won’t have to track whether your products are in stock or not, which ensures no chance of overselling, orders or appeals being cancelled. You can collaborate with different vendors too so that you can curate the right collections for your clients.


Remember our post about AliExpress DropShipping? In that article, we spoke about how sellers and vendors in China can use AliExpress and other markets for DropShip. For example, if you see an excellent item on Wish, you might list it on your website and only purchase it from the vendor as your buyer places their order. Most of the advice often extends to other markets. However, if you are going to do so, you would need to be vigilant to ensure that the item does not go out of stock and that your client is mindful of the length of time it is expected to take to ship.

There are quite a few reasons why DropShipping from market sellers can be troublesome, as we spoke about in the article. You don’t buy from suppliers, because there’s no guarantee that your consumer orders will be goods of high quality, and your customers will have to wait a lot longer for their products to be shipped. Those service and distribution time problems can mean that you end up giving refunds that would leave you out of pocket. Not just that, if you face issues with an order and you need to get a replacement, if you are DropShipping from overseas (as many sellers are on AliExpress), then it might be difficult for you to interact with those sellers, especially when you consider variations in time zone and language barriers. Using domestic vendors is much better, and you’re less likely to face any of these problems.

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Trade shows

If you’re still in the DropShipping market, you may have already begun attending trade shows. If you are considering DropShipping jewellery and want to know the nature of the goods offered by your intended retailer, trade shows are a fantastic place to see stock samples. The Spring Fair and Autumn Fair are outstanding examples of annual trade fairs, and if you visit the Spring Fair in February 2020, you will be able to see our CEO, Tejas, learning about DropShipping. Say hey, if you’re there and see him!

Step 4: Sell jewellery on marketplaces

There are quite a few things to remember when you are DropShipping jewellery in the markets. In our article on how to select your distribution platforms, we speak about what are the main things to remember when you launch your company and choose where to sell. This article addresses everything you may like to hear about selecting distribution platforms, including the benefits and drawbacks you can find when marketing on any of the largest markets. We’re not going to put all that detail here again on all the various forms of marketplaces-we’re just going to do a short rundown, then go back to that article if you need more information.

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You will need to remember the sort of goods you are offering when selecting your markets, and you will certainly need to go back to your target client profiles. Your target consumer analysis and data would be helpful to you here, because if your target customer is not willing to buy in a specific marketplace, then you don’t have to spend time or resources trying to do business there.

Without discussing eBay and Amazon, we can’t talk about selling online-they are the two markets that most vendors consider first, but they might not be the best platforms for you to sell. Don’t be scared of losing out. As your company expands and demand evolves, your choice of customers will be versatile. The approach of your marketplace is unique to your business, and there is no right or wrong places to sell. What works for another organisation cannot work for you, but for trial and error, add in time.

Ultimately, however, for your DropShipping performance, we suggest not depending on a single marketplace. Multichannel DropShipping is a relatively recent concept, but on several channels, it blends well with what is a good strategy for your business: DropShipping. Your company would not come to a stop if you find an issue with your account on one of your distribution sites; you will manage to make sales on other markets.

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Sell on eBay

When they’re shopping for all sorts of things, not just jewellery, consumers head for eBay. Just before Christmas, we took a look at DropShipping on eBay on the site, so if you regard eBay as one of your sales platforms, then certainly go for more details there. It’s quick to start selling on eBay, though, and there are millions of users globally. You can deal with relative ease on foreign eBay markets-at the moment there are 23 of them-.

Depending on where you are in your company and what you are trying to do, eBay may not be right for your business. EBay may not be suitable for you if you are trying new items, as they charge a listing price per item as well as a commission for each item sold. It’s also worth noting that eBay doesn’t allow the shop to be personalised as well as they used to. This means that when consumers tell friends or relatives where they bought their stuff, they’ll say they got it from eBay rather than from you because you can’t use eBay to build brand recognition.

Sell on Amazon

You can sell nearly anything on Amazon (almost!) and so it is fair that on Amazon there will still be lots of customers shopping for jewellery. But when it comes to DropShipping on Amazon, there are many obstacles, not least the overwhelming amount of competition you’re going to be up against. We discuss the challenges and rewards of selling on this post on Amazon, so before signing up for your Amazon seller account, we suggest being thoroughly armed with the information in that post.

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Sale in bargain markets

The most significant returns not are produced by markets where bargains are pursued, such as Wish, Groupon and Fyndiq. You are up against retailers and manufacturers on those markets, which have small margins on those sites. That means they’re more likely to do as we all do, and purchase from the cheapest unless you have a particular excuse that they should buy from you rather than from the most reasonable seller. Marketplaces marketing discount items can end up leaving you out of pocket with that in mind; especially if they charge you a listing fee per piece, so make sure you do thorough researches before you get started.

That said, for DropShipping jewellery firms, the Tophatter marketplace may be an exciting and potentially lucrative prospect. Tophatter is run as a super-fast auction platform, which ensures that consumers have several chances to make impulsive buys. And those purchasing instincts give you plenty of opportunities to make money for you.

Evaluate worldwide markets

Foreign markets may be profitable, mainly because postage is free, even abroad, and consumers may be looking for something new from what is trendy in their culture at the moment. Selling on foreign markets is not without its problems, not least because language differences may exist, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t look into them. DropShipping sites such as Avasam offer you instant access to international marketplace transactions, and specific markets will do your translations for you if your provider uses barcodes. Don’t miss the deals out there!

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Step 6: Consider your pricing strategy carefully.

Consider your pricing strategy carefully.

It can be tough to find the correct pricing strategy, particularly if you’re DropShipping and you need to preserve your profit margins. Customers are still searching for the highest deal they can get, and before they stick to their orders, they browse around. When we’re shopping online, we all do it, even though we’re just looking at one market.

We’ll take a brief look below at some of the pricing techniques that you might apply to your company. Not all of these would suit your business, and so you should carefully consider each choice. You will be marked out as a discounter with too much free + delivery, or loss leader products, and your clients will only choose to order from you at these rock-bottom rates. Before, beginning to use both of these techniques, think about your target client and your brand. And yes, if you plan not to use any of these at all, it’s perfectly OK. We’re just giving you options.

‘Free + delivery’

We see this kind of promotion on Wish all the time, and consumers who don’t want anything for free are desirable? Use this technique carefully, however. On the listing tab, be specific about the cost of shipping; please do not make it too costly. If you say the item is free, but the delivery is £ 10 for a small thing like a bell, so consumers know what you’re doing, and they’re likely to get irritated and quit your listing. Using this tactic has the power to ridicule the company, and it seems like you’re pedaling a fraud. Do not let them leave believing that you are a fraudster if that customer has made it to your website!

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However, if done correctly, this technique can work well, mainly if you sell other fashion jewelry goods reasonably cheaply. To lure your social media followers to your website and cross-promote other products that could compliment your free + shipping items on the listing tab, you can also use the free + shipping strategy as a special deal.

Anchor prices

If your vendors have negotiated a stellar deal and you are willing to sell goods at the recommended retail price (RRP) below, then inform your buyers! They want to see how big of a lot they offer, which is why discount stores such as TK Maxx are doing so well. You inform consumers how much of a steal your stuff is by attaching the RRP to your ads, and how much it would cost them from another seller. That means that instead of trying to shop around, they are more likely to add and check out directly to the basket.

You should extend this approach to both your marketplace and your website listings, but as always, you will need to review your margins when it comes to DropShipping. Some consumers will be satisfied with only a 5 per cent discount and like they have a lot, so try to see what fits better for the business.

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Bundle rates on markets such as eBay and Groupon are prevalent. You probably know what a package is already, but only, for a reasonable price, it is a crucial commodity, sold with additional products. In the case of jewellery, you could market a necklace as a promotion, with a bracelet and a ring, plus a ‘free’ roll case. You’ll have taken into account the price of all these things, of course, and you’ll only make a profit. However, your client feels they have a great price.

It’s worth bundling products from the same source by using this technique for DropShipping, so the buyer does not end up calling you when they get half of their package. And, as always, make sure that your kit is not priced too cheap, or you will find yourself out of pocket.

Dynamic pricing

This is a bit of a no-brainer because you’re almost definitely going to be intuitively doing this. Dynamic pricing is basically in step with demand, setting the rates. For fashion jewellery, anytime one of the big fashion houses sends models down the catwalk wearing a particular piece, you might raise prices, or you could price according to the time of the year. In the summer months, casual jewellery pieces with seashells and natural materials are usually more in demand, while trendy items with a lot of sparkles ramp up from the end of October in anticipation for the summer months.

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However, when you’re setting rates this way, remember about your overseas clients. In the southern hemisphere, if you have clients, don’t forget that their seasons are flipped. You do not assume that this relates widely to jewellery at first, so make sure that you do your homework so that you are less likely to lose out.

Loss leaders

In conventional stores, we hear about these products all the time: retailers selling something extremely inexpensive with the reasoning that they can buy more products when the buyer is there. The merchandise of the loss leader makes little or no profit at all, and it is the other items purchased by the buyer that the shop makes a profit from.

It’s a technique that firms employ because they have goods that need clients to re-engage with their brand. Let’s use the razors’ example. Companies such as Gillette and Wilkinson Sword market their razor handles reasonably cheaply because they know that they will need replacement blades before long until the user has the handle. The consistent purchasing of the edges is where they make their money, and they are more likely to purchase extras such as shaving cream, aftershave balms, moisturizer and so on until the customer begins to recognize their razor as part of their routine.

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Loss leaders, especially in markets, are not likely to work for DropShippers. With this approach, you might make lots of sales, but unless you’re trying to make fractions of pennies for each sale, it’s probably not best. However, you might use it as a way to introduce your social media followers to your website. So, as an example, on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, you could promote an inexpensive, but attractive bracelet to your fans, and then cross-promote your other products on the landing page. Once the customer is on your website and can see different things they would like, they may add additional items to their cart, allowing extra sales for you.

The Takeaway

Sales of jewellery are unlikely to decline any time soon, which means that launching a new DropShipping company is a perfect choice. When it comes to new firms when you start up a DropShipping jewellery company, there is a lot to worry about. While there may be parallels between individual companies, there are so many factors between each business owner and their objectives that it is not realistic to provide a definite roadmap to the exact steps to be taken. Using our platform here, though, is an excellent place to start.

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